“Overwhelmingly busy is a much better state to be in than overwhelmingly bored.” – father of Leandra Medine (from Portrait of a #GirlBoss)

So, I’m having such busy months it’s crazy in a good way. Sometimes in a bad way, but sooner or later from bad comes good and even better than it was before. So many things happened, so many biz and personal successes, that I don’t even know where to start. But on the other hand, I focus on what’s yet to come. And these things are even more amazing (hope so!).

I don’t know, if I had a writer’s block in the last few months or it was just all the things that were happening and I couldn’t just pick something to write about, because then I would had to leave other, equally important things out… And also, on the other hand I was a bit scared and under pressure. I realised that people are actually reading my blog and they find themselves in my words, so I felt that if I’m going to write I should write something of value to readers. And than I didn’t feel that my shit is good enough to be of value to somebody. + lack of time, and there we are… The thing I love so much, writing and sharing it, doesn’t get much attention from me. And this blog, that gave me so freaking much in terms of people and opportunities, looks abandoned.

Am I gonna change that, will I place it on the top of my priorities or will I just make a good resolution and then leave it hanging in the air for few months again?

Will see. I give myself a right to change my mind.

snapchat anitapuksic
In the morning. Btw, follow me on the snapchat and instagram, if you feel like it – anitapuksic is my username.

However. Currently, for a few weeks, I’m working for Art Stays Festival in Ptuj, Slovenia. It’s a festival of contemporary art and it’s pretty huge thing to be in such a small town. I really like to work there, even though I’m constantly running around and my feet hurt, but I gain so much experience and I learn so much and I meet new people everyday… So it’s worth it. And the team is really great, I like all the people I work with, and it’s nice when organisers acknowledge the effort of the team and each member. + we are doing it for the art!

I also made designs for the festival tote bags this year. And I print them as well. I’m really happy, that they are selling well, that people feel them. Sorry, I couldn’t manage to take a picture of them yet, shame on me. As soon as I stop writing I should go to screen printing, to make more bags, yeeha.

And another thing I have to do today is prepare facebook event for art/secondhand market we are organising in Fürstova hiša this Saturday. And go put the posters on, give out flyers and share the thing on facebook, write to people to share it…

And then my dear brand, 3 Ptice. Gotta get my focus back on them. Get back to regular updates, make some new stuff, decide to which art markets/festivals I’m going in August…

A picture from the exhibition of my bags in Kavarna Bodi, Ptuj, Slovenia.

There’s gonna be so much work and I’m trying my best to get myself fucking organised. I’ve done so much in this area in the past few years, I’m getting better and better at it, yet still is there so much room for the improvement… Because I also need time for myself, for my guy, for friends and family.

It’s funny how it all blends together… When I paint the bags I also have time for myself at the same time, to listen to some podcasts or meditations, affirmations and so on. Books that I read, they are not just to relax, I get lessons for business out of them. Or I get to love myself again when I feel understood by the fictional character and then I go about my day with a fresh new energy, which brings wonderful people my way, new connections, more business… I cannot draw the real line between people I work with on the projects and friends and family. Sometimes those people feel like a family, because besides working together, we also share how we feel and we are there for each other when needed. Work is getting mixed with emotions I feel about myself, about people, about world, there are all this words in my head, I’m making up philosophies and destroying them, wanting to cry because of the pressure and after few hours feeling like I’m the luckiest person alive, because I do spend my time, which means my life, on the things I believe in.

People who don’t really get my type of work, sometimes ask me, if it’s worth it financially… And sometimes I ask myself the same… when those bills are waiting to get paid, when I need new tyres for my car, when I still don’t live on my own (this is my dream for as long as I can remember)… Yet I made such progress here as well. I have all the materials I need (almost), when I buy the material, I can buy more of it at the same time, I have everything I need to make money, there is enough opportunities and people out there… I paid of so much of my debt… I get in a fucking action way faster. Back in the times I could be rolling in a self pity for a whole day and get maybe one thing done… Now I get shitloads done and here and there roll in a self pity a little, to see the other side of a stick again – how fucking blessed I am to be me. To live in this miraculous body in the most beautiful planet, working and connecting with people I appreciate and seeing sky full of stars when the night comes.


But I also wants some holidays. I think the first thing is gonna be one festival… which is actually gonna be part work, part vacation.. Then my boyfriend has a final exam and I think after this is a perfect time to go to the seaside… And I also want some mountains with waterfalls and I wanna go to Florence…

Okay, hustle time!

tote bag entrepreneur
Get it on 3ptice.etsy.com or 3ptice.com (SLO).




Intention Sunday #4

I had such a great week. One long time dream came true. I was happy a freaking lot. I felt really abundant. So my intention for the next week is keep working towards my dreams while feeling happy & abundant.

Few details of my week: murakami I fineshed a new book from Murakami. bath Treated myself with a bubble bath. after massage Went for a massage. I got a very useful advice that I will share in a few weeks as I have to try it on my own first 😉 fabric prints3 Ptice pouches3Ptice pouches I made a bunch of new multiporpuse and coin pouches from fabric scraps and clothes. Will upload them next week to my Etsy shop.stellasport jump rope I found StellaSport jump rope in the mail. Love the colors! dinnerbreakfast I ate a lot of fruit. selfie Tried a new hairdo.

And even wrote two blogpost that I’m really happy with. One is about how to live your dream life (it’s easier than you think) and the second one is what to do when your sales aren’t going so well. Read them! And follow me on instagram for daily updates 😉

Artists/Designers/Entrepreneurs: What to do when your sales aren’t going so well

3 Ptice red drawstring backpack flower of life

1. Write a post where you are showing off your work and add some useful tip. (just like the post you are reading :D)

nahrbtnik na vrvico cvetlicen 3 Ptice (Large)

2. You already know your stuff is good, people are loving it and you sometimes have really good months in terms of sales. But then again comes a month, when nothing seems to happen’. No “notification of payment received” in your gmail… Remember, you are not the only one. Even your local drugdealer doesn’t sell the same amount of weed every month. It happens to almost all of us. Nothing is wrong with you.

moder nahrbtnik na vrvico 3 Ptice majhen nahrbtnik (1) (Large)

3. Feel good. I know it’s sometimes really hard to maintain this, when you need cash and there’s no sign of it. Act like you are your own best friend / super supportive business coach. Pat yourself on the shoulder for every little thing you put out there. Instagram post, facebook post, pinning your Etsy items to pinterest? Daaaam, you are doing it well, go girl! You make yourself and your work visible. That’s not a waste of time on social media. It’s a real work.

3 Ptice leaves drawstring backapc

4. Meditation. This is my favourite tip for all kinds of problems. It makes you feel good and when you feel good, you usually feel like doing something. If I compare my slow months without meditation and slow months now that I meditate regulary, it’s a huge difference! I used to smoke lots of cigarettes and drink lots of coffee, feeling that I’m not doing the right thing and not getting a shit done. Now I get some shit done, promote myself a little, read a book (and feeling good while reading it, not thinking that I should be working), make some plans etc.

crn nahrbtnik z rozicami 3 Ptice (Large)

5. Do something new, damn it. You know how you feel when you have a lot of orders, all the time, like “please slow down a bit, I want to work on new products”. Now is the time to work on new products.

6. Know that money will come again. Haha, I’m sometimes like this: I have a month when I sell things all the time. And then comes five days when I don’t sell a thing and I’m like “Will I ever get another order? What if I got lost on the internet and no search engine will ever find my things again? Maybe they’re right, I should get a job.” But sooner or later there’s another order. Don’t worry, believe me.

3 Ptice backpack drawstring blue violet flower of life (2)

7. Laugh. Loose the tension. Say fuck it. Elizabeth Gilbert talks about shit sandwiches here (12:35). No stable income, slow months… Well, that’s a shit sandwich you gotta eat, if you want to be your own boss. Eat it and go forward.

crn nahrbtnik 3 Ptice nor art print (Large)

P.S.: If you have a friend who runs their own little creative biz, share this with them (‘cuz we creative outsiders tend to feel alone sometimes). And check out my shop. Will also be very happy, if you share it with your friend 😉

How to live a dream life

lifestylefun anita puksic I did a visualisation of my dream life today. Of my perfect lifestyle. How would I feel, if I had what I wanted, how would I act… Happy, at peace with myself, aware of the moment and confident. It made me realise, how many things I have now in my life, that I once thought would make me feel like this. The life I’m living now was my dream once. So I kinda already leave my dream life! After that I was working in my studio. Having a place to work outside of my home, where can I be more productive, that was my dream once! Driving back home in my own car… Having my own car was a dream years ago! Making myself a delicious tomato soup (with ingredients I prepared during a year – tomato souce and dried tomatoes, all homegrown and wild garlic pesto) for a dinner… Then drinking green tea and reading Murakami. This is a dream life! Writing a post on a blog that people still read… Wow! Feeling happy, at peace with myself, aware of the moment and confident for a whole day already! That was a dream of mine back in the times when I had constant mood swings. And when I post this I will make myself a hot bath. What a dream!rain boots with flowers

Having cute rain boots was also dream of mine before it came to reality!

fog in wineyards

I’m wearing: secondhand hat and pants; vintage top and cardigan; H&M trench coat I bought in middle school; Boulevard boots

vintage top details

Slovenska Bistrica castel, Slovenia

We went to Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia

Anita Pukšič

Tonight I wear big woolen socks in front of the computer, drink tea and wonder about the autumn. I’m making plans, thinking about buying yet another planner (it looks almost perfect!). Feeling like watching TV series again… The sky is getting more and more beautiful, sunsets lately are pure joy….

I’ve seen more of Slovenia this year than usual. Well, it’s a tiny country, but there’s much to see. Unless you are of those people who always complain… Then you probably don’t see much beauty, no matter where you go.

So, my man and I went to Slovenska Bistrica last Saturday.

I was there quite a few times but wasn’t at the castle yet. So I forced my poor hungry man there and then to park (OMG those trees, they are magical!) and made him take tons of pictures of me, wearing my classic summer outfit in no more so summerish weather.

Can you believe that I wear these dope vintage shorts for years now, but only this year they got the attention they deserved? Finally happy, them pants. That was probably the last day this year that I wore them.

DSC05582rožespet jaziiiiiii, kak luštno!!!grad slovenska bistrica cafetabla pred kafičemringlšpilpark slovenska bistrica3 Ptice drawstring backpack
(3 Ptice drawstring backpack; vintage shorts and top; random shoes)
dreampajčevinepod drevesom grad slovenska bistrica

Trip to Zagreb, Croatia

How we went to Zagreb, Croatia


Going back to regular blogging is harder than I thought. I was not a lot on the internet during this summer.  And I really liked it!  Now I’m kinda scared of settling back into old habits when you plan on being productive and then you find yourself scrolling Facebook feed for more than one hour… Okay, now let’s go to Zagreb.  That’s where this summer of mine became interesting. I went there with my friend Tjaša Čuš. There was an exhibition of national European flags through eyes of the artists. And she made the dopest flag. I found some other flags really interesting or good looking as well, but her was so outstanding!

DSC05034 slovenska zastava by tjaša čuš

Well, about the trip 😀 The opening of the exhibition was at 7. We drove from Ptuj at the exact perfect time to arrive there at 7. But on the border we realised that Tjaša has no ID or passport with her. We drove back. Haha. Then we got a bit lost on the highway. But we find the way. Tjaša parked the car in one street in Zagreb and we went by the foot to tram stop. I was excited, my first time on the tram! But we figured out we forgot Kuna’s (Croation currency) in the car. And we couldn’t pay for the tickets for the tram. That’s why we didn’t, haha 😀 We just went on the tram and that was it. Even more exciting 😀 We came to gallery probably an hour late. But we did it. As we were walking there, I was a tiny bit afraid. What if her friends are gone already? She lived and studied art in Zagreb for a year and she came there after a very long time now.

galerija pm zagrebinternationart zagreb galerija pm

But then we got there and folks were still there and they were so excited to see her! I enjoyed watching these moments so much. I so much love watching those hugs, smiles, happy eyes, all this love when people are happy to see each other. Have you watched movie Love, Actually? The movie starts at the airport when people come from the planes and see their friends and family. All that hugging! I cry like a baby at the beginning of the movie. It’s so much love!!!

tjaša čuš zagrebTjaša Čuš paintergalerija pm zagreb stroptjaša čuš slovenian flag internationartzagreb pm art gallerytjaša čuš academic painter exhibition zagrebgallery pm zagreb

After the exhibition, we were chilling on the stairs of the gallery, drinking beer with artists from Zagreb, sharing stories from our artistic lives and views on art. It was nice. I got that exciting feeling in my chest on those stairs, that things will start to shift in my life… And they did!

nikolina pikaatelier

Another illegal drive with tram, some food and then a little party in the atelier of one painter. I really loved that Zagreb experience. The people are really nice. And good looking! I’m so happy that Tjaša took me with her. Thank you, Tjaša, I love you!

Anita Puksic 3 Ptice Ptuj Slovenia

“Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today.” – Mark Twain

Anita Puksic Ptuj

People, oh my dear people. I just want to let you know, that I’m planning to go back to writing for you as soon as possible (1st of September sounds good to me). Now I write just for my diary/planner in time of coffee breaks…

I’m having the time of my life, this summer is the best one so far. Lots of work, lots of party, lots of good company, lots of joy, lots of gratitude. I love my life so much. I hope you also have the best summer!

naj sosedova krava živi

Anita Puksic 3 Ptice
I’m wearing: random shoes from supermarket; secondhand pants; secondhand sunglasses; vintage top; 3 Ptice tote bag.
new shoes

New shoes. Cute, cute.

srečko molk wooden artist ring

Wooden ring by Srečko Molk
Life.Style.Funjure koren
Ma man.

making pelatti, drying tomatoes (1) making pelatti, drying tomatoes (2) making pelatti, drying tomatoes
And that’s what I’ve been doing today (also sleeping and cleaning my studio a bit). Making pelati and drying tomatoes. I’m so thankful to the Nature and my mum and grandma for taking care for the vegetables.

i love books and deep shit conversations book lover tote bag

Cool people wearing 3 Ptice: Eva, Maša, Dominika, Sanja & Lara

I don’t know. Maybe just every artist/crafter/designer thinks, that their customers are the best ones. I’m no exception here. I love those girls (mostly girls), who buy from me so freakin’ much. Can you imagine how amazing it is, when you make something you like, something you feel deeply and then you share this with people wondering “Will anyone get it?”. And then people pop up, people who feel the message as their own, who say “This is so me, I’ll take this!”. And they pay for my work and my ideas and they spread the message further. Just like the birds. I couldn’t made up a better name for my brand (it means 3 Birds). Always when I think about how lucky I am, my heart becomes bigger and bigger and I clap my hands happily. The girls you see bellow? They are all from this beatiful little town called Ptuj. They have in common big hearts and artistic skills. I’m so happy I know them! Eva Voda z 3 Ptice I love books & deep shit conversations

Photo from Eva

Eva took her 3 Ptice tote bag I love books & deep shit conversations to the Italian seaside. Eva believes in people and knows how to see the beauty in the world around her. And she has a great style. That’s the first thing I noticed about her, before I knew her personally. Follow her on Instagram.

Maša Hvalec s 3 Ptice Beware of Artists totico Maša Hvalec s 3 Ptice Beware of Artists totico (1)

Photos from Maša

Maša took her tote bag to the Prague! An artist took the tote about artist to one of the most artistic cities! The tote says “Beware of artists. They mix with all classes of society and are therefore the most dangerous.” Maša is exploring different techniques for her self-expression. From painting to sewing to photography… You cannot see her face here, but she has that “diva” kind of beauty. Follow her on instagram.

Dominika Veršič s 3 Ptice This aint no time to sit around crying like a bunch of pussies 3 Ptice This ain't no time to sit around cryin' like a bunch of pussies tote bag on Dominika Veršič First two pictures taken by me, other two by Dominika

Dominika says that 3 Ptice tote is the only bag she wears since she bought it 😀 It says “This ain’t no time to sit around cryin’ like a bunch of pussies”. And if I chech Dominika’s instagram, she really looks like she don’t have time to cry, because she’s enjoying her life, culture and the little things. And I love her photos!

Sanja Selinšek s 3 Ptice vrečko

Picture taken by me


Sanja also works in culture. Writing, translating, public speaking…(More on her webpage). And she’s now having her first baby! This girl has such a story to tell! Just in case you may sometimes forget, I want to remember you, that behind every person is a whole spectrum of stories. And some of them are totally surprising. Sanja is a superwoman, literally.

3 Ptice Svet je svet foto Lara Skok  3 Ptice Svet je svet foto Lara Skok na osebi 3 Ptice Svet je svet v Muziku foto Lara skok  Pictures by Lara Skok

And this is Lara. She is one of those super talented young people. She wears 3 Ptice bag that says “Svet je svet.” It’s a little game with words in slovene. It was my first idea for what should be written on a bag, but I needed a few years to make it reality. I kinda felt like people won’t get it… Well it means “The world is sacred” Back to Lara. This girl has such a feeling for photography, omg. Her instagram is pure joy. Must follow. I am always so happy, when this happens – when somebody enjos my work and I enjoy theirs.

So, what about you? Do you have any pictures with 3 Ptice eco friendly accessories? Send them to me, baby! anita.puksic@gmail.com.

secondhand vintage style blogger

When I have a terrible need of – shall I say the word – religion. Then I go out and paint the stars. – Vincent Van Gogh

Lately, when people ask me what do I study, my answer is “Life”. It’s my favourite subject. It contains everything. There’s so much to research. And to EXPERIENCE. Damn, I love this thing called life. Living it, exploring it, researching it, thinking about it, manipulating it, relaxin’ in it, sometimes pushing it a bit and going with the flow the next second.

It’s amazing, how short is sometimes route from a hunger and a headache to full stomach and relaxed down to the earth and close to heaven vibe.

It’s amazing, what people show up in your life. Yep, that’s the reason I don’t write so much lately. People, work, researching, meditating. So, more reasons. But here and there I think of you, my dear readers, and I send some blessings your way.

So, about people. Since I started working in my studio in town, I opened up to way more people. It’s kinda like when you switch from primary school to highschool. So much people! And I perceived myself as quite of a loner for most of my life. Or an outsider. Well, for the last few years, when I was mostly working from home, I was both. Still having social interactions, of course, but sometimes I spent lots of time hiding in the depths of myself. I filled in a questionary once and it told me, that I’m 51 of introvert and 49 of extrovert. So, I think I really have to have some balance here. Between being with people and being alone, so that I don’t loose myself.

However, with more people comes sometimes more crap too. But sooner or later I see their crap is often my crap and also their joys are my joys. Like mirrors everywhere. Some situations are pointing out my old hurts. And then I think it through and feel it through and accept it and the next day or even the same one, people shower me with love again, surprise me in such beautiful ways (and then I’m talking behind their backs how awesome they are) and I am shining my sun so bright in all directions, that whole worlds falls back into its place, everything is perfect, and everything is going to the right direction.

Oh, there are some new pieces of my soul (don’t worry I cannot run out of it) in my shop, so check them out, buy yourself something if you deserve it or not 😛

And what about your life? What’s going on for you lately?


I wore this back in May or April. Secondhand sunglasses and leggings; vintage Mura jeans jacket, striped shirt was a gift and sneakers are from Deichmann.

My favourite artist: Tjaša Čuš

(foto: Srdan Mohorič)

. Akademska slikarka. Oseba, ki mi je trenutno tako zelo blizu. Ne samo,
da se vsak dan skozi v njen atelje sprehodim do moje delavnice, skozi njene
besede se sprehajam po njeni in obenem svoji podzavesti. Skozi besede, ki jih
delim z njo, učim sebe. In obratno. Če bi me vprašali, v koga zadnje čase
najbolj verjamem, komu najbolj privoščim uspeh, od koga uspeh bi me razveselil
tako kot moj sam, bi rekla Tjaša Čuš. In vem, da samo še malo manjka pa bo
totalen BUM, in naenkrat bodo Tjaša in njena dela povsod. (Namig: Dajte jo
kontaktirat z naročili, dokler še ni prezasedena!)

Tjaša Čuš. Academic painter. She’s so close to me. I walk not
only through her atelier to my workshop everyday, but I also walk through her
words to her subconscious and mine with it. Through words I share with her I
teach myself. And so does she. If you ask me, who is the person, that I most
believe in, whose success would make me as happy as it was my own, I would say
Tjaša Čuš. I will let you know when she opens a shop on Etsy. That will be a

Kolaži ukradeni na Tjašinem facebooku.