Loving, smart, ambitious leaders, artists and entrepreneurs must learn how to become
if they want to bring their best to the world without burning out.

Becoming the main authority in your own life is the key, if you want to do what you love, have fulfilling relationships, and a life that is actually fun to live.

I help entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders move to their next level without burning out.

We work together on finally putting yourself first and creating a healthy sense of SELFishness, so that you can have a life where you are doing the work that feels meaningful and inspiring to you & have supportive personal and work relationships and more inner peace and fun than ever before.

What great 🌟 and not so great 🤦‍♀️ characteristics do my clients have in common?

+ They are unique individuals who stand out a bit from the crowd. Usually they are creative and highly ambitious.

– Downside to this is that they quite often feel like they don’t fit in and sometimes try to squeeze themselves in the boxes that are too small for them in their quest for belonging.

+ They are responsible (But hey, that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to have fun!). When they are facing the challenge, they ask What is my responsibility here? What can I do?

– They can be over responsible. They can take on the responsibilities that are not theirs in an attempt to help others or be accepted by them. Usually, one area of their life is suffering as a consequence of misguided attention.

+ They are solution focused and have a growth mindset. If they have a problem, they will find a solution, sooner or later. They will learn what they need to learn and develop the skills they need, to prevent the issue in the future. And they jump out of joy when they see their progress.

– They can feel overwhelmed by the long to-do, to-learn & to-master lists, not knowing what is the best thing to do next. Sometimes they feel like they are constantly improving themselves and solving problems, instead of just enjoying the present moment.

+ They are willing to face the truth and to admit things that make them feel uncomfortable, as they know the truth sets you free. They can laugh at themselves.

– They sometimes wear their heart on the sleeve and trust people who do not have their best interest at heart.

+ They are aware they are part of a collective of (human) beings on this planet. They see themselves as a cell in a big body. They are willing to do what it takes to be as healthy and loving as possible towards themselves and others. They know that the whole body is less healthy if they don’t love themselves and take care of themselves. (But sometimes they need a reminder.)

– They can be sometimes too idealistic and feel disappointed when others don’t get their vision. They can feel rejected, isolated and confused, as they know they want the best for everyone.

Coaching Packages

Be your own coach:

My favourite tool for self-coaching

The Mental Fog Remover is top shit tool for self-coaching with which you will:

⇾ remove brain fog that is clouding you due to overwhelm with all the million worries you have

⇾ make space in your life for relaxation, fun and doing all the things you actually want to do (as opposed to just ones you think you should)

Foundations of working with Anita: 

Our coaching relationship consists of two equal grown-ups. There is no master-student or guru-follower dynamic. Of course, I guide you through different processes that will help you to become more aware of yourself, but you always have a choice how a far you are willing to go, what you are willing to share with me and what you want to keep to yourself. Things I share with you are like an open buffet. You take what you feel is right and good for you. You are the main authority in your life.

Your coach is just a fellow human, who despite all techniques and knowledge she has sometimes make mistakes, forgets her own rules or has a bad day. And evolution stops for no one, the process of growth keeps on going.

There is no outer authority you have to follow to magically live in peace. Nobody outside you knows better than you how are you supposed to live. An oak isn’t smart-assing to a beech tree how to grow its leaves. With my questions and sub-questions, you will find the answers within.

Each session will give you a lot. Miracles, if you define them as shifts in perceptions, are almost a rule. But still, you need to practice compassion with yourself so that you do not stop, if after two sessions you are not living in a fairy tale just yet. A baby doesn’t start walking around in a week. Some of our patterns are so deeply ingrained in us, that we need time, compassion, love and grit to change them.

I hold a safe space for you, full of compassion, love and connection. I see a human being in you that is 100% worthy of Love, no matter what was in your past, no matter what wounds and traumas you have. There is no thing in you that you are not capable of loving. Sometimes you might get caught up in your stories and in those times I will remind you that you are so much more than your story.

There will come moments when we will laugh out loud at your problems. And at all the complications and drama us humans so much love to create.

Sometimes I will not understand why you see something as a problem. This could be the key to the solution. Maybe that thing doesn’t have to be a problem. Sometimes I will play with your thinking. Sometimes I will not believe the first thing you say to me, because I will sense there is something deeper. Sometimes I will see the possibilities you don’t see yet.

Is this support? Compassion? Do you need me to remind you of your qualities and accomplishments? What else do you need?

When we will come to your troubles and fears, we will always look at situation from different practical and energetic points of view. Sometimes you just need the right information and action to move forward. But sometimes you require first change in a point of view, change of perception, energy shift, so that you are then able to take action. I don’t believe in laziness. If you don’t do the things that are good for you despite being capable of doing them, there is always a reason why you are not taking action.

You taking good care of yourself and loving yourself is good for everyone around you. Sacrifice is not necessary. No healthy person wants to hear from you that you sacrificed your own well-being for theirs. Nobody wants to have you on their consciousness, feeling guilty because you don’t live your own life because of them. And you don’t want that for others.

For the highest good of all.

When it comes to healing, shifts in perceptions, miraculous manifestations etc., it is always because of your willingness to accept something new, to accept Love. You can own the results of your work and be proud of yourself.

Yet to be honest, I as a coach hope you will recognise how working with me contributed to your results.