When I have a terrible need of – shall I say the word – religion. Then I go out and paint the stars. – Vincent Van Gogh

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Lately, when people ask me what do I study, my answer is “Life”. It’s my favourite subject. It contains everything. There’s so much to research. And to EXPERIENCE. Damn, I love this thing called life. Living it, exploring it, researching it, thinking about it, manipulating it, relaxin’ in it, sometimes pushing it a bit and going with the flow the next second.

It’s amazing, how short is sometimes route from a hunger and a headache to full stomach and relaxed down to the earth and close to heaven vibe.

It’s amazing, what people show up in your life. Yep, that’s the reason I don’t write so much lately. People, work, researching, meditating. So, more reasons. But here and there I think of you, my dear readers, and I send some blessings your way.

So, about people. Since I started working in my studio in town, I opened up to way more people. It’s kinda like when you switch from primary school to highschool. So much people! And I perceived myself as quite of a loner for most of my life. Or an outsider. Well, for the last few years, when I was mostly working from home, I was both. Still having social interactions, of course, but sometimes I spent lots of time hiding in the depths of myself. I filled in a questionary once and it told me, that I’m 51 of introvert and 49 of extrovert. So, I think I really have to have some balance here. Between being with people and being alone, so that I don’t loose myself.

However, with more people comes sometimes more crap too. But sooner or later I see their crap is often my crap and also their joys are my joys. Like mirrors everywhere. Some situations are pointing out my old hurts. And then I think it through and feel it through and accept it and the next day or even the same one, people shower me with love again, surprise me in such beautiful ways (and then I’m talking behind their backs how awesome they are) and I am shining my sun so bright in all directions, that whole worlds falls back into its place, everything is perfect, and everything is going to the right direction.

Oh, there are some new pieces of my soul (don’t worry I cannot run out of it) in my shop, so check them out, buy yourself something if you deserve it or not 😛

And what about your life? What’s going on for you lately?


I wore this back in May or April. Secondhand sunglasses and leggings; vintage Mura jeans jacket, striped shirt was a gift and sneakers are from Deichmann.

With Love,

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By Anita Puksic

Full time human being. With whole heart and brain devoted life coach for artists, entrepreneurs and visionaries, that are ready to release their heavy baggage and start living as they always believed deep inside IT IS POSSIBLE, especially for them. anita@anitapuksic.com


  1. hihi, zabaven je ta nov študijski predmet, mislim da bi ga morali uvest v šolah 😀 Ti samo uživaj, čeprav včasih pogrešam tvoje zapise, je pomembno samo da ti je lepo. In na sliki s fantom, sta tako lepa, naravno nasmejana, žarita 😀 <3

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