Hi, welcome!

I am Anita Pukšič Koren (hear my name).

I’m here to help you remove everything from your to-do list (and your mental worry-list) that drains your energy and is beyond your control, so that you have time, space and focus for what you truly desire.

I love a combination of life & business coaching, because I believe deeply, that when people do what they love and are appreciated for it, they enjoy their life more (and they are waaaay more pleasant to be around 🎉).

I know that when you have hobbies, fun and meaningful relationships outside your work, you bring higher quality to your work as well. 🌞💃👩🏻‍💻

I believe that coaching is one of the things that can contribute to a lot more peace, fun and sustainability on the planet, because people who are satisfied with their work and relationships are able to make more conscious choices, as they are not constantly trying to fill the void with unnecessary things. They are able to use their inner creative genius and make long term win-win-win decisions. 💚🌍🌎🌏✨

You are at the right place if you know what you really want, you have a dream, yet SO FAR you have been stopping yourself from fully going for it.


Even if you live 100+ years, life is too short to waste doing things that suck the soul out of you.

You have been through the ups and downs of life, weathered some storms, and come through stronger and wiser. You will not allow some thoughts in your head to stop you anymore.

You, like me, wholeheartedly believe that when people do what they love, everyone benefits from it.

You know that the world doesn’t need more people who suffer their way through life, but more people who love and appreciate life.

People who love life don’t start wars.
People who love life aren’t constantly struggling to fill the void inside with unnecessary things and over-consumption.

People who love life take better care of the planet.
People who love life appreciate the people around them, and their presence is a blessing.
People who love life have more blissful experiences, and they radiate joy.
People who love life inspire others to improve their lives with their own example.

But it takes courage to be boldly in love with life when so many people suffer.

You may ask yourself, “Who am I to have it so good?” and “What if other people hate me if I have it easier than them?”

So far, this has held you back. But today, you are breaking the cycle of self-sabotage.

Because when YOU do what YOU LOVE, there is at least one less suffering person in the world: YOU. And YOU COUNT.

If others envy you for having it easier than them, that is better than them pitying you for having it so damn hard all the time and feeling guilty themselves because they have it easier than you. It’s obvious math which case there are more people suffering. It’s obvious math in which case we have more people on this planet who are in their true power.

I know you are a strong person, and if you choose to pursue your dreams, you will achieve them. Even on your own if necessary. Because sooner or later, you always find a solution.

But I also know that you understand the value of having at least one person:

→ who supports you completely

→ who believes in you and your ability to achieve your dreams

→ who searches for solutions together with you

→ who sees your successes and progress, even when you don’t notice them yourself, and celebrates the heck out of you

→ whom you can trust during bad days or weeks, when you face failure or fear, and won’t take it as proof that your dreams are unattainable, but simply as one step on your journey

→ who sees how everything in your life is coming together into a beautiful masterpiece, even when you only see a mess

I would be honored to be your life and business coach, if our visions align. I want to hear all about your dreams and fears. I want to help you become your own best friend and biggest cheerleader. And I want to advocate for your dreams and remind you of all the reasons why you are the right person to make them a reality when you have moments of doubt and second-guessing.

We will work together on finally putting yourself first and creating a healthy sense of SELFishness, so that you can have a life where you are doing the work that feels meaningful and inspiring to you & have supportive personal and work relationships and more inner peace and fun than ever before.

What great 🌟 and not so great 🤦‍♀️ characteristics do my clients have in common?

+ They are unique individuals who stand out a bit from the crowd. Usually they are creative and highly ambitious.

– Downside to this is that they quite often feel like they don’t fit in and sometimes try to squeeze themselves in the boxes that are too small for them in their quest for belonging.

+ They are responsible (But hey, that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to have fun!). When they are facing the challenge, they ask What is my responsibility here? What can I do?

– They can be over responsible. They can take on the responsibilities that are not theirs in an attempt to help others or be accepted by them. Usually, one area of their life is suffering as a consequence of misguided attention.

+ They are solution focused and have a growth mindset. If they have a problem, they will find a solution, sooner or later. They will learn what they need to learn and develop the skills they need, to prevent the issue in the future. And they jump out of joy when they see their progress.

– They can feel overwhelmed by the long to-do, to-learn & to-master lists, not knowing what is the best thing to do next. Sometimes they feel like they are constantly improving themselves and solving problems, instead of just enjoying the present moment.

+ They are willing to face the truth and to admit things that make them feel uncomfortable, as they know the truth sets you free. They can laugh at themselves.

– They sometimes wear their heart on the sleeve and trust people who do not have their best interest at heart.

+ They are aware they are part of a collective of (human) beings on this planet. They see themselves as a cell in a big body. They are willing to do what it takes to be as healthy and loving as possible towards themselves and others. They know that the whole body is less healthy if they don’t love themselves and take care of themselves. (But sometimes they need a reminder.)

– They can be sometimes too idealistic and feel disappointed when others don’t get their vision. They can feel rejected, isolated and confused, as they know they want the best for everyone.