Who’s your coach?

I am Anita Pukšič (hear my name).

I love a combination of life & business coaching, because I believe deeply, that when people do what they love and are appreciated for it, they enjoy their life more, and they are way more pleasant to be around. And I know that when you have hobbies, fun and meaningful relationships outside your work, you bring higher quality to your work as well.

I believe that coaching is one of the things that can contribute to a lot more peace, fun and even sustainability on the planet, because people who are satisfied with their work and relationships are able to make more conscious choices, as they are not constantly trying to fill the void.

Besides my work, I love drinking tea, reading books, painting, learning to play guitar, watching series and having naps with my hairy child Piki. (There is a high chance he will occasionally interrupt our sessions begging me for cookies, but most of the time he is sleeping next to me.).

In this interview, I share:
⇾ What clients are work with have in common, whether they are seasoned entrepreneurs, fresh entrepreneurs or artists or content creators
⇾ Why it is important to have a support system as a grown up person, especially if you are an entrepreneur or leader (it can feel lonely)
⇾ What I love about coaching
⇾ How I started coaching
⇾ My burnout story, cPTSD, ACOA and how it all serves me now
⇾ What we focus on in coaching, besides your business

My story

I can tell my life story from many different angles, in different tones, I can put on different filters and still be speaking a truth.

I could also say I had a traumatic childhood, living in a family where there was alcoholism, emotional and verbal abuse, drama on a daily basis, pretending we are fine to the outside world (we went to the church every Sunday after all), avoiding deeper conversations by work work work and using lack of money and unfairness of life as the cause of our misery.

And it would be a truth. 

I wanted to find solutions for our family. There were so many things I loved about my family members. And there were so many things I just couldn’t understand, that were so confusing. I think this is what made me deeply passionate about human nature.

I want to understand humans. I research human beings through being one myself. I research psychology through seeing actual WTF things in my own psyche and wanting to explain them.

I didn’t find solutions for my primary family.

But I understand now that we can only save ourselves.

And we can live a deeply fulfilling life, no matter where we come from, if we choose ourselves.

I see my work as an extension of my soul.
Coaching is for me a sacred act of co-creating a wonderful life with someone.
Writing keeps me sane. (My blog)
Making videos is me getting out of my comfort zone. (My Youtube channel)
Other creative things I engage in make my life fun and meaningful.

I see life as precious, worth living, and I am deeply honoured when I can witness my clients falling even more in love with their lives. And themselves.

I am happy, that you are here.

You can look at this website as a buffet, take on your plate what is useful for you.

You are the main authority in your own life.

A few numbers and facts describing me:


The year I was born.

Some horoscopes say I am a Taurus, some say I am Gemini. (I found a picture that represents both at the same time)

But I am definitely HD 6/2 projector.


almost 14.

Age, when I decided to become a vegetarian. Still sticking to it, no problem.

And yes, tomatoes in all possible ways.


The year when I started blogging. In 2009 I started posting outfit of the day pictures and had some fun opportunities thanks to it.

You can dig into archives here.


years in a committed relationship with my partner. It keeps getting better and better ❤️


Age when I started my first business, making ecofriendly accessories.

I had the coolest customers, tons of fun and life&business lessons.

Some of my best sellers are again available via


A year that was amazing 3/4 of the time. And then I burned out and dark nights of my soul begun.

I started facing my shadows and they kept on coming.


My favourite number and my age when I fell in love with my life again.

Also the year when I cut my long hair.


Best year so far in the making.

Expanding my capacity for joy, pleasure and fun.