My Story

I grew up on a small farm in a small village next to a small town in a small country. I can tell my life story from many different angles, in different tones, I can put on different filters and still be speaking a truth.

I could say that I had an idyllic childhood, playing a lot in nature, running around barefoot, eating seasonal healthy homegrown food, being loved, and taken care of by parents, grandparents, fellow villagers and mother Nature. And it would be a truth.

I could also say I had a traumatic childhood, living in a family where there was alcoholism, emotional and verbal abuse, drama on a daily basis, pretending we are fine to the outside world (we went to the church every Sunday after all), avoiding deeper conversations by work work work and using lack of money and unfairness of life as the cause of our misery. And it would be a truth. 

I could continue telling my story in the typic hero’s journey pattern that you see playing out in most of the movies, stories that inspire you to change something and of course in most of the marketing messages that inspire you to buy something. A story of protagonist living a fairly comfortable life, even if it is miserable, then after some special event realising there is something more, heading on to the quest to find out what more is there, questioning their worth, after bunch of challenges transforming themselves, realising the bigger-wider-deeper inner truth, getting the prize and returning back home as a winner, willing to teach everyone who is willing to listen about secrets of success and this way changing many lives for the better. 

I could tell you a story like that, but my story is still unfolding. Some chapters in my story follow that pattern. Some chapters focus more on the patterns in which stories are told than on the story itself. I do not have final answers. I am still in search of the truth, occasionally getting glimpses of it. I get frequently turned on by questions and I love every quest those questions put me on. 

So, to answer the questions that are secretly lingering in your mind while you are reading this –> Is this person worthy of my time? Do I want to keep reading this page? Do I want to head on the blog and sign up for the newsletter? Does this person has anything of value to say that is actually beneficial to me? 

My misty background that is a mix of idyllic and traumatic, highly confusing while clear and obvious at the same time, totally unique and so by-the-book, with characters that are colourful even in their shades of grey and deep even in their shallowness, that background propelled me to become deeply passionate about human nature. I research human beings through being a human. I research psychology through seeing actual WTF things in my own psyche and wanting to explain them. Despite being a vegetarian, what matters to me is that my words have meat. And that through them we meet. That we understand each other or at least try to while we respect each other simply for being one of beings on this interesting Planet. 

I will share with you how I make my life meaningful. What are the quests I am currently on. Series I am currently consuming. Exercises and practices that help me remember who I am when I lose myself. Challenges I am going through. My healing progresses. My wins and also my failures. Books I am reading. Even some food recipes (I love healthy delicious fast prepared meals). Relationship advice. Business. Money. Health. Meditation. God knows what else. 

In my stories you will see reflections of your own story. 

And here and there you will be invited to go on a journey with me through your own inner and outer landscapes. Through coaching, courses, self-coaching exercises, and meditations. It is always your choice how you will respond to the invitation. You are the main authority in your own life and you decide what you see as worthy of your time.

You can look at this website as an buffet, you take in your plate what is useful for you, knowing there are also things that may not be beneficial for you, but someone else will love them.

I am happy, that you are here.


The space where I (over)share and admit more insecurities than it is professional.
I am a human and I sweat, bleed, shit, cry, laugh, love and write.