Anita’s Life Update #8 (Part 1)

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Anita’s Life Update #8 (Part 1)

Omg, it’s more than a year since the last “Life Update”.

So, what has been going on during the last year for me?

1. I completed my coaching certification!

I’ve been attending a 10 months long program called Sacred Depths (by Joanna Lindenbaum) and I am proud to say I successfully completed all the tasks that were necessary for certification!

Anita’s Life Update #8 (Part 1)

The school itself was an amazing experience. I was often quite emotional. I knew we are going to go deep, but I was still surprised how deep we went. And all of that in a safe container. The energetics were really on point.

I got so much out of it for myself and my personal relationships, and I know I also became a better coach through this. It might seem contradictory, but, thanks to this school I became a better coach through allowing myself to be me, listen to a client, be honest and not focus so much on being good as a coach. I mean, usually I was already in flow during sessions, being me, but was then sometimes second guessing myself, if I really deliver value this way. I went through a bunch of coaching trainings, some offline, most online during the years, but this one was the longest and also most personalized, with enough space to speak up and 1:1 attention. So, there was enough time and support to work through my insecurities. Plus, my classmates were amazing, super honest and vulnerable, and they were perfect mirrors, that helped me see my insecurities as normal and myself as a good coach despite all the doubts that might show up.

We also got coaching partners – we were assigned a classmate with whom we work together through the material, basically putting in action what we learn through coaching each other on a weekly basis. And me and my coaching partner really go along so well! So much so that we still continue with weekly meetings, coaching each other, because we became such a great partners in growth.

2. I was also attending drawing lessons since October 2022 till April this year.

And then we continued drawing unofficially at home of one classmate.

I am really happy I signed up for drawing for more reasons.

1. I love meeting new people through organised activities, through common interests. I am more on the introverted spectrum and I occasionally like to party, but if you would ask me if I rather party or watch series, I choose series. And meeting new people through organised activities feels like I am watching a series, where I get to know the characters more and more each week, but I am also actually going out meeting new people, so it also feels to me like a party, without loud music and alcohol. Win-win.

2. The new teacher helped me heal my trauma around drawing. Back in design school my teacher once said to me that drawing was never really my strong point. When I was drawing on tote bags for living, I was feeling as an imposter, waiting for the day someone will call me out for my obvious lack of talent. And my new drawing teacher said once that is obvious, that I have talent, that everyone can see that. It meant so much to me, it gave me so much positive motivation. I mean, I still clearly see when I paint something and it is obviously amateurish, but I feel good about there being some spark I can build on.

3. The teacher always passionately shared his views on art, mixed with his personal philosophy while we were drawing, and I got some beautiful lessons out of it. One of them being that something we see as our mistake, gives our personal signature to our painting. I always felt that the way I draw the line totally shows how unsure I am of myself, how I doubt all the time. But this teacher and my classmates saw it as gentleness. Another lesson was about fighting and suffering. How we suffer as we cannot draw something as we see it, how we have to correct mistakes when we got the composition wrong, and we fight inside, knowing that we already spend all that time drawing, and now we have to erase it. And as he spoke, I could see the beauty in this sweet struggle of self-mastery. And also permission, to destroy what you’ve done so far, and try again.

I felt at times as though higher wisdom is speaking through him to deliver me the lessons for my life.

To be continued…

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With Love,

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