Anita’s Life Update #5

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Anita’s Life Update #5
  1. I started growing wheatgrass on the window for my dog. As many dogs, he loves to chew on grass. He cannot get his portion of grass on the walks yet, so I decided to bring it to him. And this inspired a whole new hobby for me.

    It is so satisfying to see things grow every day. So now I am also growing cress (I usually eat it on top of a rice waffle with homemade bean spread), basil and experimenting with sprouts.
    Today I will probably eat radish sprouts with the salad. Can’t wait to see how they taste!
    I am also sprouting mustard seeds, flaxseeds, mungo bean and chickpea.
    I read that chickpea is cooked way faster when sprouted (20 min) and the texture of hummus you made out of it is way nicer, so I am looking forward to trying it soon.
    Next in line for sprouting are chia seeds, lentils and sesame. :happydance:

    (In case you wonder, I use plastic containers (those from Chinese restaurants) and glasses with lids for sprouting, no professional equipment. And clay pot for flaxseeds.)

    On pictures below: Basil, cress, flax seed starting to sprout, radish sprouts.

2. How is Piki and his slipped disk recovery?
He can stand up on his own and make some steps now. Then he falls and gets back up again. He improved quite a lot since the beginning of February. He even took a shit a few days back without falling into it, holding himself on the hind legs, almost like a healthy dog. I was so happy. About two weeks ago I was dreaming about this during the night, how he is pooping normally and when I woke up I was thinking how funny it is, that I consider a dream where I watch my dog pooping as a beautiful dream.
I cannot wait for those dreams where he is walking normally to come true too. It’s 4 months and half now since the operation.


3. I am on a 30 days Netflix break currently. It’s the day 4. I am going to finish Inventing Anna and Bad Vegan next month. The only exceptions is: I can watch food documentaries if I want. The Game Changers was amazing, I watched it last week, before my Netflix break. Did you watch it?

4. After I watched a masterclass from Mindvalley about Wildfit, I started geeking on nutrition. That’s why I am allowed to watch food documentaries. But the most important part is of course putting knowledge into action. So I eat 3 pieces of fruit on an empty stomach now (after exercise) and on top of that what wildfitters call alkagizer mild. A green smoothie with apples, celery, cucumber, spinach and avocado. I substitute avocado for banana. I love avocado, but I feel like it is a lottery to get a good one, it is pricey and also, too good to throw into a smoothie. When I buy it, I want to enjoy its taste, not blend it with celery.

I like that I am doing this little experiment, because despite being a vegetarian, it often happened that the only fruit I ate in a day was banana. Now I am eating apples like it is my job. And raw spinach, celery and cucumber make me feel like I am nurturing my body with the nutrients.

I am on day 3 now, and I am looking forward to seeing the results of this experiment. I am hoping for shiny skin, better focus and less bloating.


5. I am continuing with my workout. One day half an hour yoga, next day half an hour pilates. Plus, I added 8 min abs workout 5 times per week now. It was one of my top three goals for this year to become a person who exercises daily, and I actually made it. In the morning, I first empty Piki’s bladder, then he has a training (range of motion movements for hind legs etc.), I prepare him breakfast, then I change into my nice workout clothes, and I am on the mat. In the evening, before I fall asleep, I am already looking forward to my morning exercise and three pieces of fruit straight after it.

If you told this to my nicotine and caffeine addicted ass two years ago, I am not sure if I would believe it, as back then, I looked forward to a cup of coffee or two and five cigarettes.

The results I see from the exercise? I used to have back pain quite often. Now that my core is stronger I feel back pain only after hydrotherapy for Piki, where I am for 20 minutes together in an uncomfortable position, so that I can move his legs. Otherwise, no back pain.

I also love the feeling when I can finally do some things I wasn’t able to do before. Like three push-ups when before I couldn’t even do one. Or when I can hold some asana slightly better. It’s so interesting, the improvement is the reward on itself. The improvement in strength and flexibility… actually seeing the progress… it’s one of the best feeling in the world. Even if it is a small improvement, the feeling of joy is huge.

6. I am currently reading Laziness Does Not Exist by Devon Price on Scribd (get two months of reading for free ⇾ via my affiliated link, I get one free month too). And it is so damn good. It’s a bunch of the things I figured out, researched and secretly thought of in the last 5 years since my burn-out (plus extra things that make me think, not just nod, of course). In one book. That is so damn enjoyable to read. I would recommend it to everyone, but the most to artists, entrepreneurs and career ladder climbers, who always feel like they are the lazy ones. I am saying for years now that I don’t believe in laziness. I don’t believe it exists. There is always a reason for something that appears as laziness. And this book explains it nice and simple. Read it, read it, read it.

7. During the winter I worked on this website. I bought a plugin that allows me to make memberships and spent a lot of time figuring it out and putting everything together. It was way more work than I expected it to be. At first I thought I am going to have everything ready by the end of January, then February and now it is March. There are still some final touches I need to do. There will also be ongoing work of maintaining things, editing, changing what I don’t like etc., but I feel like the main technical part is done and will hopefully serve me for years to come. And now I can focus on what I love the most. Writing and coaching, coaching and writing. Woohoo!
To be honest, I started feeling a bit (a lot) of stage fright by the end of last week. No more hiding in the background behind technical work, it’s time to show myself to the audience again. Well, here I am. And it’s time for me to get to the juicy creative part and get all the things I researched and tried in the last years out on screen or any other medium I will see fit.
You can check the pricing for coaching and memberships here.

Another one of my top three goals for this year was to write/create things that I intend to share with public 4/7 days and publish at least one thing per week.

So, professional, this is the goal. Get my work out. And fall in love with selling it and sell it with love, because you know there is going to be more love in the lives of clients thanks to your work.

8. Last but not least. My man and I celebrated 15 years as a couple on the 1st of March. I heard, somewhere, that we are happy in those relationships in which we see progress. Honestly, there were times in those 15 years when I did not see much progress, but there was always enough of it to keep us going. And now, if somebody would ask me if I am happy in my relationship, I would say yes. And that falling in love and growing in love are both awesome!

How are you? What are you reading, watching, thinking, experimenting?

With Love,

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