I am pissed off.

Not even sure if more at me or at people I am talking to in my head that reminds me of the past version of me.

People who fucking find an excuse why they can’t do the shit they want to do,

people who find a problem for every solution,

people who indulge in mothafucking conspiracy theories, because they aren’t willing to take responsibility for their own bullshit.

People in mothafucking 21st century, people living in Europe, people living in sLOVEnia, where you have just everything you need, people with an internet connection. People who have gardens or know people who have extra food on their gardens, people who are intelligent, people are creative if they don’t just use their brilliance for creating problems that didn’t even exist in the first place.

People who have money but their relationships suck. People who don’t have money but their relationships sucks.

People who don’t love themselves, because they think it would be selfish to put themselves first.

Be fucking selfish. Put yourself first. Get it already that by you feeling good there is more feeling good in the world. It fucking spreads. It fucking mirrors.

By you playing the victim, when you have clean running water from the pipe and roof over the head and something on the garden and internet connection to read conspiracy theories about some group of people who are taking something from you, you just create more victimhood in this world.

This shit is over. The war is over. Playing victim is over.

And how the heck can somebody take something from you, if you never had it? Like dignity, for example.

Omg, I am being harsh here.

It feels good. It feels way better than that melancholy I was in before for few hours. And I used to dwell in this shit for months. How could I hate myself so much? I don’t want to know.

But I am always looking for a way out. Even in those times I was searching for a solution.

I have a
fence around the property so that my dog can be outside without me being worried where he is.

Yeah, right. If he wants to go out, he will find a way. I plugged every fucking hole I found. He finds a way. And no, he doesn’t harm anybody while doing so.

If the system feels like a fence around you, be like Piki. 



I have a dirty little secret

Well, it’s not so dirty… Or is it? I don’t know. I just know I’ve been making such a big deal out of it in my head for most of my life… I was so ashamed of it that I didn’t dare to tell anyone about it. Unless I  really really trusted them. And yes, I had a lot of trust issues as well.

It was such a big deal for me, that I could tell my boyfriend Jure for it only after 2 or 3 years of our relationship. And I told him other secrets of mine before this one. I don’t remember anymore what those other secrets were, but it was probably something with guys, haha, I’m not sure.

So, what is this thing?

Tu du du dum.

I have fungus on my toenails.

For most of my life already.

It’s been in the family.

I know it’s connected with some toxins in the body, something is not in the balance.


But I felt like a bad, dirty person, for having fungus.

Even though I have good body hygiene.

Quite good, I think.

I remember that every winter I decided I’m gonna sort this shit out before the summer, take care of those nails of mine, put things on them. But then I was always too lazy. Doing it for few days in a row and then I forgot about it.

When the time for sandals came, I made sure that I had nail polish on my toenails.

Or I wore sneakers. Which probably made the case worse.

If you believe in mind-body and emotions connection (I believe that whole body is a brain), you might find it interesting what Louise L. Hay has to say about fungus on feet (it’s also called athlete’s foot).

Athlete’s foot: Frustration at not being accepted. Inability to move forward with ease.
Affirmations: I love and approve of myself. I give permission myself to go ahead. It’s safe to move.

Well, considering the fact that I felt like an outsider for most of my life and my guilt issues around moving forward (I was afraid that if I move forward I’m gonna hurt people who choose to stay at the same place), this could hold water.

When I went firewalking few weeks ago, I decided to throw this into fire. The feelings of not being accepted. And fungus on my toes. After all, I cannot make everybody love me and accept me, but at least I can love and accept myself the way I am. And I can start improving things in my life from the place of love, because I wish myself good, instead of constantly improving myself because of feeling that something is wrong and dirty about me and trying to hide it.

The day after firewalking, I received gift voucher for pedicure from my cousin who has a cosmetic salon. “Shit,” a voice in my head said. I will have to share my dirty secret with another person? I decided to start taking care of this. I sanded fungus from my nails as much as possible and started putting garlic and coconut oil on them. I went to the town the same day with sandals. Without nail polish.

Surprise, no one run after me screaming to everybody that I have fungus and that I should be ashamed, ahaha.

I told my childhood best friend about it. She is still my friend, hehe.

Yesterday I told another person. He said I should bath my feet in salted water. And give nice attention to my nails.

Today I had a meeting about possible collaboration connected with food supplements. The ingredients are from herbs and seaweeds, something that I trust, but the business model is network marketing. Something I have been a little suspicious about. You know all of these people trying to get you into something through facebook messages? C’mon, don’t waste my time + eye roll. But I knew that person from before from a form of therapy I’ve been attending and I decided to give her a try. She actually contacted me few months ago, but my body reaction was “No.” Maybe because she is a really strong person and I was a bit afraid of her. Through past few months I realised that I am a pretty strong person too (coaching, EFT, observing life helped me with this). And when we were talking yesterday on facebook, my body was saying yes. I felt excited to meet her. So we met today.

And damn, she was convincing 😀 With all the great success stories and scientists behind it. Plus some form of feng shui called bazi which showed the things I noticed myself through being in tune with nature and myself. Quite interesting.

But. Of course. If I’m gonna go into something, I have to know myself that thing works.

So I decided to have a little experiment. I asked her what helps with fungus and she recommended that thing called LTE with Norwegian kelp which is some seaweed. And capsules are vegan, thank god, I hate when capsules are made of gelatin (I mean, people trying to sell things with b12 to vegans in gelatin capsules).

I have to admit that my blogger ego expected she is going to give me this capsules for free, haha. Well, I bought them. Which is a plus, so I can be honest. And make sure I actually take them, if I invested money already.

So, here is my plan of restoring my toenails back to health:

  1. I’m gonna take those capsules as prescribed, and of course, with respect I have for the things I put into my body (if you respect food, food respects you back I heard a wise man saying once to me when I noticed him talking to the food he was putting on his plate).
  2. I’m gonna continue putting garlic and coconut oil on my toenails.
  3. Maybe I’m gonna give my feet some salty bath. I’ll try my best.
  4. I’m gonna be more aware of how amazing my feet are for taking me wherever I want to go. And continue my practice of feeling myself in my whole body.

I’m gonna keep you posted.

One month should be enough, what you think?

Oh, also. I already eat quite healthy for mosts people’s standard. And I don’t have problem with weight or something. But I still smoke cigarettes (I quit two times this year already, haha), drink at least a cup of coffee every day, sometimes more and occasionally I drink alcohol. I walk every day for the pleasure of connecting with nature (and because of my dear dog, of course), however, I sometimes feel I should start running or something, to sweat a bit more.

In case you are interested in those supplements and cannot wait a month or so for me to finish the experiment, here is my affiliate link, which means I’m gonna get a percentage if you buy them through this link. But you can wait that I try them out first, of course. There are also products for weight-loss (I’m fine with my weight but maybe not everybody who reads this is) and diabetes and better sleep, but check it out yourself, I cannot talk from experience yet, so I won’t.

vitaleaf lte nrc supplements

I bought this one with brown algae Norwegian kelp and I got six sample capsules of NRC – night recovery complex which consists of valerian, passion flower, ashwagandha and brown algae.

Ready to take my first dose before I go to bed.

Oh, yet another thing. I took pictures of my fungus toenails today, but I’m not completely ready to post them yet. If you really want to see them, send me the message (: They are not as scary as most of the things you see on the web.

Otherwise, 3ptice.etsy.com shop with my eco-friendly accessories works as usual.

Still feeling a little bit strange about posting this (perhaps because I’ve been hiding it for years), but I probably wouldn’t feel strange if I had migraine every day or something, so why should I worry, eh?

Did you ever feel ashamed of something and when you finally started talking about it realised it’s not even such a big deal?

Think of social media (or just any media) as food


What you eat is what you are, they say.

I am a vegetarian. Well, eating mostly vegan, but not 100%.

I don’t buy meat, just to stay informed that people still kill animals for food. I know they do.

I don’t want to eat it, that’s why I don’t eat it.

And I don’t go to the shop looking at meat products to complain about them. Ahaha, it makes me laugh just thinking about it, I don’t want to do this to myself.

I love eating green, healthy, colorful food. It makes me feel good. When I am full, I stop eating.

The same with food for thought.

I know there are still wars on this planet and other shit happening, I know people post all sorts of stuff on social media. I know lots of it is just boring.

I used to scroll facebook until I was bored as fuck, hoping to find something interesting to get a little of motivation to continue on with my life.

It was boring but at the same time so noisy.

Then I decided to have a cleanse. I unfollowed so much people and pages that just weren’t the nourishing food for my thought.

And what happened? I started to see so many good inventions, so many cool projects, so many cool people doing cool things with their life, so many people giving real value.

I started to feel better. And when I feel good, I am more loving, more kind, more honest, more alive.

And that’s what we want in the world, don’t we? People who are alive, kind, loving, honest.

At least that’s what I want. I choose to be it. Even if that means saying no to some things.

If that makes me ignorant, then I am ignorant on purpose.

Love, Anita

BTW, if you want to see more people in the world living well from doing what they love to do, do what you love. If you love doing a lot of things? Which one would you love to do right now?

And buy from (or pay to) the people who do what they love.

My ecofriendly accessories: 3ptice.etsy.com

I love to receive money in return for the free content I give you. paypal.me/3ptice


You don’t need to believe in god or higher power

“Coaching is a good thing, but I am too intelligent, it’s hard to believe in something when you are so smart.”

Yes, the weight of the knowledge is holding you down. You see all that it’s wrong with the world. All that is wrong with you. It seems impossible to be intelligent and happy.

Oh, the mind loop I know so well.

And all intelligent people take pride in being intelligent. Maybe they will try to hide it, even from themselves, but it’s there.

When I was younger, I knew I was intelligent. People kept telling me. I was the best in school without real effort. I was called geek, I was outsider (or at least I felt like one) because I usually got the best grades and other kids thought I am learning all the time. And I was learning all the time and even I didn’t know that. I remember I was getting up at 5.30 in primary school so that I could read few pages of The Lord of the Rings before school bus. The time well spent, because now, when I am 27 I am finally getting what some of the metaphors in the book meant.

I was learning all the time through reading shit loads of stories. In my bed, awake till 5 in the morning, because I couldn’t put off the book.

I am still learning all the time.

Then there came a time, where I started to realise, that I am really smart, but I don’t feel much love in my heart. I felt superior to others. I felt like shit, because I knew I am nothing more than others, yet I couldn’t stop myself from looking down on them and so I started to feel like I am less, because I was feeling like I am more. Inferiority complex because of superiority complex.

I had suicidal thoughts quite often. I remember fantasizing how I would kill myself. Hoping that someone would show up on my funeral. Thinking how big I was, yet they couldn’t understand me. Another dead young genius, collateral damage of a fucked up society. Haha.

Or even this, I was thinking about staging suicide and then escaping to New York. Taking only a mini shiny bright green backpack with me. You can laugh. I was 7.

I didn’t kill myself because I was afraid I’m gonna fail at it. And because something in me wanted to live. Because after all, I had some friends as well, who would probably miss me. And who would get my barbie dolls?

Back to what I wanted to tell. I was a smart kid. No doubt about it. But I felt ugly. I was a girl, yet I felt like a boy. I was smart, yet I wanted to be beautiful. And beautiful girls are dumb. That’s what I saw on the TV. So I decided, that at least, I’m intelligent and that’s where I am gonna put my focus. But then I started thinking. If I would have to choose, between intelligent and beautiful, I would choose intelligent, because if you are intelligent, you can also make yourself beautiful.

And yet we have people who are beautiful and intelligent but aren’t happy. Because they don’t love. Because they don’t feel loved.

So I realised at some point that my heart is empty. Of course, I was giving and receiving something, but I didn’t really feel it. I felt apathy. I wasn’t crying for years, I think, I couldn’t remember the last time crying. I felt like a beautiful big tree, that is hollow inside. And sooner or later it’s gonna fail and everybody will see that I am nothing.

So I started discovering love. What does love feel like? How can I give it and receive it? I am still on this journey, of course. We all are, I guess.

And I started realising, that we all give and receive. Everything I am, everything I have, all of this is here, because right people and right things showed up at the right time in my life. And because right things were left behind.

I cannot enjoy the most delicious food in the world if my stomach is full to the top. I have to take a shit. Leave it behind.

And when I was watching the other day the dust in the air after a morning shower (after two days of not showering, if you need to know (or if I need to tell), I saw this light dust, in a golden light of the morning sun, dancing through the air, lighter than air. And yet this dust was once part of my solid looking body. These were the dead cells of my body. Or they aren’t even dead, transformed, whatever. It was full of beauty.

And these smart ass brain-body of mine will once be completely dead. And I don’t know what happens after dead. Believing in the reincarnation of not, believing in immortality or not, believing in god or not, seeing everything as love or seeing everything just like one thing parasitising other that is parasitising another that is parasitising another… My body will go back to the dust of the Earth.

And it’s kinda beautiful, isn’t it?

But I don’t want to die yet.

And while I am still alive (a life), while I have this body, while I have the eyes that can witness beauty, while I have the fingers that can type this, while I have friends and family that I love and that love me, no matter for how long, while I have it all, I’m gonna enjoy it. It’s all mine and nothing is mine at the same time.

And maybe I’m gonna fall in depression again and somebody might hold a space for me then, just like I can hold a space for others now.

Where is the point here? No matter what you believe in or don’t believe in, no matter if you see all the sorrow of the world or all the beauty of it, no matter if you are super intelligent or not, you can still choose how will you look at things.

Albert Einstein (I think you agree he was pretty intelligent) said “There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.”

You can comprehend both options with your beautiful mind.

I choose to live as everything is a miracle because it feels more fun.

What about you?



Love and everything,






FROM ME, THROUGH ME, FOR ME: I don’t have to prove anything anymore.


I don’t have to prove anything anymore.

Because I proved it already.

To myself.

I proved it to myself that I can choose me.

I proved it to myself, that I can stand being ridiculed, laughed at,

told that I am wrong,

that I am never gonna make it,

told that I don’t do enough,

told that I cannot have it my way.

I heard it all.

In my face, behind my back, in my head.

And I proved it to myself.

That I can let it in.

That I can let it hurt.

And even enjoy it.

Not because I am masochist.

But because I am human. Or having human experience. Both.

And I proved it to myself.

That I can shine.

That I can trust.

That I can love.

I chose me. And I stand in my power. Because this is my power.

I proved it to myself.

That I don’t do it because of money, because of fame, because of respect, because of love I craved from them.

I proved it to myself that I am doing it because of me.

And I can now enjoy money.

I can enjoy fame.

I can enjoy respect.

I can enjoy being loved.

Because I know who I am.

With or without it.


“The world is sacred.” is the meaning of words on this bag. In sLOVEnian language. My first idea of what to put on a tote bag. I needed a few years to put it out. It felt intimate. I wasn’t sure if anyone else would understand. Than I made it for me, to let it out already. It’s one of the bestsellers now. If you feel it, you can buy this 3 Ptice tote bag here.

People love to send me money

This is what I wrote in my journal yesterday in the morning among other things: People love to send me money.

You see, in the time of my winter depression (or what should I call this beneficial state that gives you so much but it seems like a stagnation?) I asked myself. “What do I really really want?”

And I since I started reading, I knew I want to be a writer. But it felt like a dream that is not within reach. I mean, how can you make money writing? Especially, if you don’t want to write what someone else said you should write. Who tha fuck would pay you for sharing what is inside you? You cannot live from this.” But I decided I’m going for it anyway. Because I don’t want to die with a regret that I didn’t even try.

And back then in December, this amazing woman, who is following my journey, sent me 5€ to my paypal through my blog! I had that donation button there for months, but not a single € came through it. I was so fucking excited! It is possible, it is possible! I’m gonna make it happen!

But then I had to go through layers and layers of self doubt, past trauma, disappointments, everything. Lots of breathing, lots of crying, lots of healing and most amazing inner visions.

And now, about a month ago, I decided I’m going all in. That writing comes first. I love painting on the bags and I’m gonna continue doing it, because I freaking love it too! But sharing my inner world through writing is what makes me feel accomplished. When I write a blog post I feel like it was a good day, time well spent. I love this feeling!

If you noticed, I am writing to you much more often now. I write for myself a lot.

But there was a card I received from my Tarot. Stinginess. With a woman, who is holding her jewels for herself.

And it got me. This, my inner world, my writing, my visions, my allegories are my jewels and I have been holding them for myself.

And it made me realize, that I need to start sharing them with you.

And hopefully someday I will be able to pay my bills with this. However, I’m gonna write in any case, because genius zone is a basic need like Miha Pogačnik said.

But it’s getting closer and closer, in fact yesterday when I came from a coffee with an amazing woman (it’s like we have manifested each other), I checked my emails and I saw this:


Mojca sent me 10€ through my blog!! People love to send me money! It started happening! I was so grateful! I am still grateful. I will be forever grateful for this, divine yes!

I thanked her in my super excited manner and she said that she knows my birthday is coming and she meant to send me a book, but then she saw that I speak about almost the same things on the blog like they are written in that book… and she decided to send me money. Orgasmic! And I’m gonna read that book anyway! 😀

I am feeling it, yes, that I can live life on my terms and this way giving the best to others and others and Life giving the best to me! Woohoo!

Do you want this too?

Ask yourself: What do I really want?

Write it down.

And then do something about it.

IMPORTANT: My birthday is coming up, this Sunday is the day. Anniversary of me coming out of my mothers womb in the middle of the night. Through my mother to Mother Earth. I love having a birthday, I think you get it 😀 And I want to share my excitement with you by giving you discount on all of my products in my etsy shop. It’s 22% off. Why 22? Because 3 Ptice started when I was 22. And I had no idea back then, what going to the business will mean to me. I had no idea how much joy and how much tears is going to be there. I didn’t have support from my family back then (they were disappointed and worried, because I left the university).  It was often really freaking hard. But here I am, almost 5 years later, knowing that if I could go back in time, I would do it all over again. Because it wasn’t just business. It’s personal and spiritual growth, it’s the real life education, it is meeting the most amazing people, it’s is living a BIG LIFE.

So, 22% off you have if you use a code 22PERCENTOFF (how creative :P). It’s message to naive and enthusiastic 22 years old that still lives in me that yes, you are supported, by this big loving Mother Nature that will always give you exactly what you need for your growth and it will bring you the most amazing people to co-create this new world with. The world in which we can do what we love and get paid for it and live a life full of quality.

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And have the most amazing weekend! I love you and I am super grateful for all of you who ever bought something from me. You made real impact on a real person with buying something that you found beautiful. Thank you for getting what you want!


Let the woman be whatever she wants to be

She looks like a hooker. Woman should be a lady. Woman should be a warrior. It is about natural beauty. Real woman wears high heels. Feminists don’t wear high heels. She shows her body way too much, something should stay hidden.  She is all covered up. Oh, she is too tight. She could be a 10, if she would change this about her. She wears too much make-up. Oh, she doesn’t wear any make-up, she would be so much prettier with some make-up. She is a bad mum. She is a good mum, but … She is too career driven. She is a bitch. She is a people pleaser. She is too manly, she is too feminine.

Oh my god, can we let the woman already be whatever she wants to be?

Can I let the woman in me already be whatever she wants to be?

Sometimes hooker, sometimes priest. (This song came to my mind)

Sometimes care-giver, sometimes selfish bitch,

sometimes good girl, sometimes bad,

sometimes all natural, sometimes with a lipstick,

sometimes with sneakers, sometimes with heels,

sometimes dramatical, sometimes calming…

And all in between.

Sometimes all together and nothing at the same time.

Whatever tha fuck I want to be. Whatever she wants to be. Whatever they want to be. Whatever you want to be.

It was a few years ago, when I listened to some song from Beyonce on youtube, I don’t remember which song, but there was this comment under it that clicked so much with me. I copied it and send it to my boyfriend. Unfortunately, I don’t know the author, but I think she or he wouldn’t mind if I share it here:

“…you are acting like singing about sex or shaking her ass degrades a woman. Creating boundaries and telling a woman what she should and shouldn’t do with her body or voice is was degrades women, as does slut-shaming, which is what you’re doing. Get off your high horse and respect women and their choices.”

By the way, I bought this book called Pussy last week. It’s life changing. If you are a woman, it’s a must read. Must read. I recommend it so much. My life is already better because of it. Funny thing is, that I wanted this book since September. Then I forgot about it and last week I took a walk and it just came to my mind, that I should check out Amazon, because the kindle version of book will cost me only around 3€ now. And so it was! Magic.You can still get it for $3.65. Click click. 

(This is an affiliate link which means I might receive few cents from Amazon, if you buy it).

srečko molk ring prstan

Srečko Molk wooden ring.

anita puksic 3 Ptice secondhand skirtnaj sosedova krava zivi nahrbtnik

I’m wearing: 3 Ptice backpack and bunny ear scrunchie; secondhand vintage skirt; H&M top (10 years old), Deichmann “allstars”; secondhand sunglasses

anita puksic 3 ptice borl haloze slovenia borl haloze slovenia

I am thinking about painting folloving statements on 3 Ptice tote bags:

“Not all of those who wander are lost.” -Tolkien

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” -Rumi

“Be a light unto yourself.” -Buddha

If any of theses resonates with your soul and you want to preorder, drop me a message to anita.puksic@gmail.com

And feel free to check out what I have in store at 3ptice.etsy.com

Love, Anita

So you are pissed off?

So you are pissed off?

You are finally letting it out.

How wouldn’t you be pissed off?

You have a right to be pissed off.

You have tried everything, but nothing is working. Well, things do work, you have to admit that your life is so much better than it used to be.

They look at you and think of you as a success.

And you are. You achieved so much. You overcame so much. You are a new person.

Yet you still cannot fucking pay the bills.

Why is this keep on happening?

Keep on happening, keep on happening, keep on happening. It’s keep on happening, because it’s keep on happening.

It’s your story.

It’s your story. That you try everything, do everything, get all the possible results, yet still cannot pay the bills and shit.

“It feels like it’s just impossible to change this. It feels like I cannot change this. It feels like it’s a fact that I will always have everything I need to survive, but never enough money, like I will always lack here.”

What is the most hard thing about this situation?

  • I feel fake. Like all my successes and everything I do means nothing, because I cannot back it up with money. And this bothers me, because I want to share my message, yet I feel like people will ask, or even if they won’t ask anything, I don’t feel like I can contribute and really help them, because I didn’t figure it out either. I don’t want to pretend I know shit and that I can help and at the same time asking my grandpa if I can borrow money.
  • I have to ask people for help and I feel ashamed, because I still didn’t figured it out
  • That I’ve tried everything and really did the work and now I feel so stupid, that I still have hope and that I keep on going.

Fake. Ashamed. Stupid.

Naive. Pissed off.


What does authentic feel like?

It feels like I can feel whatever I feel and still love myself. It feels good in my body. It feels like I want to stretch and dance and celebrate.

Where have you have been authentic so far?

In my relationships, mostly. With being true to myself and doing what I want to do. With staying in my lane.

What being proud of yourself feels like?

Hm, it feels like it’s integrated in my being. It’s not like being proud and showing off, “Look at me, how important I am”. No, it feels like fun and joy. Playful. Like I know I have all these experiences under my belt already and I just know I can handle what’s next and have fun at it.

Where you already feel proud of yourself?

I am proud of my relationships. I am proud of all the work I did and so happy I have the results.

What are the results?

I feel free in my relationships with people. I feel love. I know I can express myself. I feel seen and heard. I see and hear other people. There’s no passive aggressive fights anymore. I can express my boundaries way better and people respect them. I used to feel lots of guilt, now there is love and compassion. I listen to myself and know way better when to say yes and when to say no.

What else you are proud of?

I am proud of mine persistence. I keep on going, even when it gets tough. I always get back up. And I am even not bitter about it, there is more and more lightness in this. Ha, interesting.

What do you feel like when you think about posting this?

I feel ashamed again. If I would post this it would be like I am attention seeker.

What’s wrong with this?

It’s like I am having it really bad, so that someone starts to feel guilty and then I get what I want. But it feels bitter.

Would you like this to be easier?

Fuck yes.

Would you like to have it really good, so that others naturally feel good around you and you get what I want with ease, because you also give what others want and you don’t even have to think much about this, even though you can, if you want to, but it’s just natural to you that you are who you are, you do what you do and this way you give your best and you receive the best in return?

Well fuck yes 😀

You got it. Now, can you post this knowing that you are going to help somebody with it? Knowing that you are not only one in the world who feels human emotions? There’s 7 milliards of people like you who know what all of these emotions feel like.

Well, I can post it…

What does the genius zone feel like?

It feels like I can live the life the way I want it to and everything just falls into place, because I put myself and my art first.

It feels like I have this board under my feet and I can fly through the air with it and do things with ease and fun and super fast even, if I want to. It’s like I have superpowers.

You do.


P.S.: You can get this hand stamped tote bag in my Etsy shop.

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So. I realised this two days ago. How it is with your life goals.

It’s like if you want to go to Radovljica (a town in Slovenia that I want to visit), you don’t freak out that you might never get there.

You don’t say “I’m not worthy of going there.”

You don’t say “It’s not possible to go there.”

You don’t say “It’s possible for other people, better people, but it’s not possible for me to get there.”

You don’t freak out, because you are not there yet.

You are not afraid, that Radovljica will get erased from the planet and you might never experience it.

You don’t think you are too young or too old.

You are not afraid of people saying “Who the hell you think you are wanting to go there?!”

You are not afraid of telling people you want to go there.

You are not ashamed that you want this…

You don’t say, “But there are other people, who are already there, I should go somewhere else.”

If you really want to go there, you decide when you will go.

You decide if you want to go alone or take someone with you.

You decide if you want to go there by the fastest road that will take you there or if you want to stop on the way and see some other places as well.

If you really want to go to Radovljica and it’s your priority, you are not going to put it off for years and years and go to every other place instead to Radovljica.

You are going to ask yourself. When, how, with whom, what do I need to take with me?

And if you need to, you will fix your car first, make a sandwich for along the way, fill up a tank and you are ready to go.

And you know you can use gps or ask for directions along the way.

And you know, that you can enjoy your way there, sing songs in the car and wear your favourite sunglasses.

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