Think of social media (or just any media) as food

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What you eat is what you are, they say.

I am a vegetarian. Well, eating mostly vegan, but not 100%.

I don’t buy meat, just to stay informed that people still kill animals for food. I know they do.

I don’t want to eat it, that’s why I don’t eat it.

And I don’t go to the shop looking at meat products to complain about them. Ahaha, it makes me laugh just thinking about it, I don’t want to do this to myself.

I love eating green, healthy, colorful food. It makes me feel good. When I am full, I stop eating.

The same with food for thought.

I know there are still wars on this planet and other shit happening, I know people post all sorts of stuff on social media. I know lots of it is just boring.

I used to scroll facebook until I was bored as fuck, hoping to find something interesting to get a little of motivation to continue on with my life.

It was boring but at the same time so noisy.

Then I decided to have a cleanse. I unfollowed so much people and pages that just weren’t the nourishing food for my thought.

And what happened? I started to see so many good inventions, so many cool projects, so many cool people doing cool things with their life, so many people giving real value.

I started to feel better. And when I feel good, I am more loving, more kind, more honest, more alive.

And that’s what we want in the world, don’t we? People who are alive, kind, loving, honest.

At least that’s what I want. I choose to be it. Even if that means saying no to some things.

If that makes me ignorant, then I am ignorant on purpose.

Love, Anita

BTW, if you want to see more people in the world living well from doing what they love to do, do what you love. If you love doing a lot of things? Which one would you love to do right now?

And buy from (or pay to) the people who do what they love.

My ecofriendly accessories:

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With Love,

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