I am pissed off.

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Not even sure if more at me or at people I am talking to in my head that reminds me of the past version of me.

People who fucking find an excuse why they can’t do the shit they want to do,

people who find a problem for every solution,

people who indulge in mothafucking conspiracy theories, because they aren’t willing to take responsibility for their own bullshit.

People in mothafucking 21st century, people living in Europe, people living in sLOVEnia, where you have just everything you need, people with an internet connection. People who have gardens or know people who have extra food on their gardens, people who are intelligent, people are creative if they don’t just use their brilliance for creating problems that didn’t even exist in the first place.

People who have money but their relationships suck. People who don’t have money but their relationships sucks.

People who don’t love themselves, because they think it would be selfish to put themselves first.

Be fucking selfish. Put yourself first. Get it already that by you feeling good there is more feeling good in the world. It fucking spreads. It fucking mirrors.

By you playing the victim, when you have clean running water from the pipe and roof over the head and something on the garden and internet connection to read conspiracy theories about some group of people who are taking something from you, you just create more victimhood in this world.

This shit is over. The war is over. Playing victim is over.

And how the heck can somebody take something from you, if you never had it? Like dignity, for example.

Omg, I am being harsh here.

It feels good. It feels way better than that melancholy I was in before for few hours. And I used to dwell in this shit for months. How could I hate myself so much? I don’t want to know.

But I am always looking for a way out. Even in those times I was searching for a solution.

I have a
fence around the property so that my dog can be outside without me being worried where he is.

Yeah, right. If he wants to go out, he will find a way. I plugged every fucking hole I found. He finds a way. And no, he doesn’t harm anybody while doing so.

If the system feels like a fence around you, be like Piki. 



With Love,

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