Designer of the week: Sabrina Weigt, The Knit Kid

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Danes sem na etsyju videla tole trgovinico in se kar malo zaljubila. Znamka se imenuje The Knit Kid, za njo pa stoji mlada modna oblikovalka iz Berlina, Sabrina Weigt. Zgodbo znamke si preberite tukaj, všečkajte njeno facebook stran in obiščite etsy prodajalno, da si napasete oči na teh osupljivih pleteninah.

Sama bi z velikim veseljem nosila te kose, če bi si jih lahko privoščila. Popolnost od popolnosti! Preverite sami.

 I saw this shop feature today on and I just fell in love. The brand is called The Knit Kid and the girl behind it is young fashion designer Sabrina Weigt from Berlin. Read the story behind brand here, like her facebook page and visit her etsy shop for more stunning designs!

I would so love to wear these knits if I could afford them. Perfection of perfection! See for yourself. 

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