DIY jeans clutch – recycled jeans and shirt

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lsfbyanita2525201783_thumb-2581687lsfbyanita2525201786_thumb-4116982  Zagotovo nisem s tem zadovoljna, kako se mi je ta torbica izšla. Med izdelavo sem naredila preveč napak. Ampak sem se vseeno odločila, da jo delim z vami. Navsezadnje je nekako kulska. Upam, da sem osvojila lekcijo: NE ŠIVAJ, KO SI RAZBURJENA. (Navodila za izdelavo najdete tukaj) * * * I am definetely not satisfied with how this turned out, I made too much mistakes during the process, but decided to share it with you anyway. After all is still kinda cool. Hopefully I learned the lection: DO NOT SEW WHEN YOU’RE UPSET. (You can find the tutorial here)

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