The Zebra DIY tee

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I didn’t went to Joss Stone concert on Friday because of bad weather. But I had great times and crazy fun weekend with Jure, friends, acquaintances and strangers that became acquaintances 😀 And what about your weekend? Did you have fun? I finished the zebra DIY project. What do you say? dsc01102_thumb5b15d-7840288dsc01097_thumb5b45d-4812748 dsc01098_thumb5b55d-4310584dsc01100_thumb5b25d-2230662 dsc01109_thumb5b15d-1949626dsc01110_thumb5b15d-6033534 Double protection


(H&M hoodie, hat and bag, DIY Zebra tee, Passiontex jeans, Graceland shoes)

Fight with the umbrella
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Have a nice week!

With Love,

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  1. THIS IS MAGNIFICO! love love love that DIYed zebra prints 🙂 you got talent dear!
    Thank you for your really sweet comments..i love reading 'em 🙂


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