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Dirndlherz: dsc02528_thumb-6049414Haha SQUAT (Zoran Garevski & Nataša Peršuh): dsc02588_thumb5b15d-9346065    dsc02591_thumb5b15d-1799839dsc02594_thumb-3479727dsc02595_thumb5b15d-7044042    dsc02596_thumb5b15d-1924444 YOUNG @ SQUAT: dsc02600_thumb5b15d-1984715    dsc02603_thumb5b15d-8982085dsc02604_thumb5b15d-2700287    dsc02607_thumb5b15d-1772325dsc02608_thumb-8900459dsc02615_thumb-4190146dsc02612_thumb5b15d-1575525    dsc02613_thumb5b15d-4928928 Sanjam o zgornji obleki | | I dream about the dress above dsc02617_thumb5b15d-8841807    dsc02618_thumb5b15d-3749992 Najboljše kolekcije prvega dne na Lake’s so bile slovenske. SQUAT in mladi Squatovci so zmagali na celi črti. The best collections of the first day on Lake’s were Slovenian ones. SQUAT and young SQUAT were kicking asses.

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