“Narcissism and self-deception are survival mechanisms without which many of us might just jump off a bridge.” (Todd Solondz)

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dsc02450_thumb-6494552dsc02497_thumb-1625160dsc02457_thumb-5758317dsc02498_thumb-8675738dsc02458_thumb-1512893dsc02499_thumb5b15d-9787766    dsc02500_thumb5b15d-9222015(Vintage majica in midi krilo; Graceland čevlji; Sewa torba) (Vintage tee and midi skirt; Graceland shoes; Sewa bag) Ljudje menijo, da če objavljaš dosti fotk od sebe, da si narcistična osebnost. Če je to resno znamenje, potem pač sem 😀 People thinks that if you post lotsa pictures of yourself, than you are a narcisstic person. If that is a real sign then I am 😀

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By Anita Puksic

Full time human being. With whole heart and brain devoted life coach for artists, entrepreneurs and visionaries, that are ready to release their heavy baggage and start living as they always believed deep inside IT IS POSSIBLE, especially for them. anita@anitapuksic.com


  1. that makes us all narcissistic 😀
    enjoyed looking at the pictures from the fashion show you're attending btw. Awesome collection 🙂

    have a great day beba!


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