My car got broken. And I’m happy.

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I’m back to regular blogging. This time for real! I was totally inspired yesterday, when I was listening the interview that Marie Forleo had with Seth Godin. And today I checked out his blog after a very long time and I was like “I can do this too!”. And even got an inspiration for a new slogan for my tote bag.

I’m really great right now. The last month wasn’t really good in terms of sales, thanks to my travelling, not being enough present on social media, period and  winter blues.


But, I’m back on track.

I wanna share with you what happened today. My car didn’t want to turn on. It’s too cold already and I need to change some parts. Normally, this would make me worried, but not today. The sun was shining, I was listening to some good old school rap on Marantz stereo from my landlord, I already prepared the stove for the evening, so that when I come home from my studio, I just light it up. So I decided not to worry.

And I called my boyfriend, if he can come and pick me up, because I also had to go and buy blank tote bags, which is out of the town. Otherwise I would hitchhike. I was super happy that he was ready to come and came in a good mood. Isn’t that beautiful, that I can count on him? It is. And in the meantime I cleaned my dishes.

So, we were driving and I said: “You know what? I’m really happy that my car is broken.”


“Because once, I will have a super car that will heat itself up even before I’m in it, with warm seats and everything… And I’m gonna appreciate  it so much more, thanks to having this experience.”

And later on I figured out I can call my uncle and get this parts for the car cheaper. Even better!

When Jure (name of my guy) dropped me out in the town I went to tobacco shop, with my blank tote bags under the arm. And the lady that works there started asking me about them and what are the prices and what I paint on them. And she ordered one and gave me money in advance straight there!

This made me so happy. It was like a miracle! And I even thought about taking the bags to my studio, before I go to tobacco shop. But then I was like, who cares, I already look like a clown with purple pants, green shirt and red coat and I feel good anyway. A bunch of tote bags under my arm cannot make me look worse 😀

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The moral of the story is, if you refuse to feel bad and search for good in every situation, things will get better.

The moral of this story could also be, go and buy from local craft makers, artists, go and buy from people on etsy and other handmade shops, because you make us so happy and we make you happy with top shit and original products that make the best gifts! You pay our bills, you buy our food, you repair our cars and we are sending you love before we fall asleep because we are so happy, that you enjoy our products and that we can live from making them.



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