Fear of getting to the next level

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Tarot said PAST LIVES.

Confusing card for 11 years old, I guess. But she liked these cards more than sweet Angel Keys ones. Little witch <3.

“What was your question?” I asked. “If it’s not a secret.”

“Teacher tells us all the time that the 6th grade is going to be much harder. I asked if this is true.”

“Ah, I see. These PAST LIVES could mean past grades. It depends on the knowledge you acquired in the past grades, what the 6th grade is going to be like.”


When we are going to the next level in life, there usually comes fear.

In the school, the next level was the next grade. In life, the next level is a new job, new business, new relationship or the expansion of the old one. Bigger life, using more of your potential, expanding your comfort zone, sharing more of you. Whatever it is for you.

In the school, the reward, the sign that you are on a good way, the feedback is some grade. Number or a letter.

In life, the reward, the sign that you are on a good way, the feedback, is more joy, more peace, more love, more money, status. Whatever it is for you.

What if that teacher that still lives inside us and scare us about how hard the next level is going to be would change the tape and start saying to us:

OMG, you are doing so great!

You did a great work so far, aren’t you curious about what’s next?

Do you want to go to the next level? I warn you, you are going to have epic fun and meet amazing people and you are going to expand so much in terms of knowledge and joy and freedom and love! It’s gonna keep on getting better and better and you are going to have so much fun!

What if it could really be this easy?


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With Love,

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By Anita Pukšič Koren

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