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You see, spring is in the town and I am full of motivation and dedication to my work again. I’m back to believing that what I do is good and important for the world. Is eco-friendly fashion important for the world? Hell yes! You see, we as humans won’t just stop consuming stuff. I mean, it’s amazing to get yourself something new, we all agree on that. But if we want to reverse climate, we should be as conscious as possible around what we buy.

And here I come in the game! I made eco-friendly drawstring backpacks for you guys! Made of secondhand fabric scraps. So that you can feel good about yourself when you treat yourself with something new. No guilt. Because you are buying eco-friendly you are giving the vote for the world in which we don’t need to harm this gorgeous planet for the sake of fashion.

sewing drawstring backpacks

This is me calmly sewing. 😀

ecofriendly backpack

▲ Backpack number 1: goldish brown + dark green

backpack ecofriendly

▲Backpack number. 2: green + goldish brown

drawstring backpack ecofriendly

▲Backpack number 3: goldish brown + brown

drawstring bacpack

▲ Backpack number 4: turquoise blue + goldish brown

backpack ecofriendly etsy

▲ Backpack number 5: goldish brown + olive green.

ecofriendly drawstring backpack

This is me after that mini photoshoot.

While I was sewing these backpacks an idea came to my mind. What if I offer them for a lower price upfront? To my email list first, instagram and facebook second. And I upload to Etsy what doesn’t get sold in the preorder time later? With a bigger price of course, because uploading on Etsy takes a lot of time that I could spend making new products + there are extra fees to pay. So this is like a reverse sale, haha. And it’s a win-win because you save money and I save time.

What do you think about this business model? If you like it, make sure to sign-up to my email list so that you will be the first to know what new eco-friendly products I created. 😉 Click here to sign up.

You wanna know how much these backpacks cost? They are just 22€ till this Friday (3rd of March). Later they will be 32€ or even more.

They are very limited edition. I can make one or two extra for each color combination and then I run out of the fabric. It’s all secondhand so I can’t get more of the same fabric. How cool is that? You get a guilt-free purchase, you save money and there will be three people the most on this planet who are having it. Take that Zara.

Oh, the string in the backpacks is new. It’s ultra durable but unfortunately isn’t that much eco-friendly. I’m being honest here. But the more I sell, the closer I am to hemp strings, yay!

If you wanna order now, send me a message at asap.

And if you don’t want/need a new backpack, share this with your friends who care about the planet we live on. Will you? Thanks, you are the best! <3

With Love,

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