DIY: Vest with studs and chains

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lifestylefun252520434_thumb-2739310 Tale jeans brezrokavnik sem dobila od bralke Petre. Ker je bil malo dolgočasen, sem ga popestrila z neti iz starega pasa in ketnicami od polomljenega nakita. Vam je všeč? Outfit z njim pride enkrat ta teden. P.S.: Razprodaja na 3 Pticah poteka samo še do konca tega tedna, tako da pohitite! P.S. II: Na Puf-ovi facebook strani poteka nagradna igra, v kateri lahko zadenete mojo ročno poslikano eko vrečko s peresci. Sodelujete lahko do petka, P.S. III: Na mojem tumblrju pa pravtako še vedno poteka nagradna igra, v kateri lahko zadenete eko vrečko po lastni izbiri. * * * I got this jeans vest from my reader Petra. Because it was a little boring, I made it a bit more interesting with studs from my old belt and chains from random broken jewelry. Do you like it? Outfit with it comes this week (: P.S.: Join my giveaway on tumblr and win a handpainted tote of your choice. See totes in my etsy shop. lifestylefun252520487_thumb-1360325lifestylefun252520488_thumb-2300438 lifestylefun252520491_thumb-8049770lifestylefun252520493_thumb-1396515

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