Is that currently you?

You don’t find a space in your calendar to work on the business idea that excites you. 

You feel irritated, because you are not doing what you love. And the perfect person to blame is your partner.

When you finally find time to work on your idea, you clean the house instead.

Or someone “really” “needs you” “to help them” with something they “cannot” do on their own. And you rather do it, than feel guilty for saying no.

Or you realise you “really” need to learn something else before you can do it.  


You feel crazy at times.


And even ashamed. 

You are wondering if you even want to do this thing you say you do.

Shouldn’t you just be grateful for what you have instead of always wanting something ?!

What if it could all work together?

One thing supporting the other. 


Sounds good ?

I am introducing to you:

This is for you if you don’t want to die with your song still inside you.

This coaching package will serve you best if:

This coaching package will serve you best if:

You are

Smart, loving and ambitious.

Solution focused. Already in personal development, you know how to help yourself.

Very self-aware.

Multitalented entrepreneur / leader / visionary / artist / employee starting a side hustle / transitioning into entrepreneurship / content creator

Your frustrations

⇾ you are excellent at doing things for others, but you waste time when you could focus on your own creative ideas/business

⇾ you feel guilty when you say no, so you rather just do the thing to avoid guilt, but then you are angry at yourself

⇾ you are not as successful as you should be, considering how smart and capable you are

⇾ you are staying in the zone of excellence instead of living in your zone of genius

⇾ you hold yourself back from self-expression, despite knowing you have amazing things on your mind and in your heart

Your challenges

⇾ how to allow things to be good for longer periods of time ⇾ always seeing where you could improve, not allowing yourself to enjoy your accomplishments

⇾ proving yourself to the people from your past instead of focusing on your vision

⇾ imagining the worst outcomes ⇾ always being on, alert, not knowing how to relax and just be

You as a client

⇾ you are willing to do the deep inner work and take practical action steps in your business, even if it is sometimes uncomfortable

⇾ you show up for calls on time, you don’t go overtime, you do the homework we agree on

⇾ if you don’t do something, you are willing to go deeper into what is stopping you

⇾ you are committed, willing to invest time, energy, money

⇾ you are able to express if something doesn’t resonate with you

⇾ you understand transformation is not an overnight thing, that it takes dedication and action to embody the breakthroughs

⇾ it is normal to you that you pay upfront for coaching services, and you bring your 100% to ensure your success

What will we focus on when we work together?

OWNERSHIP OF YOUR AMBITIONS: We will find out what is the vision you are working toward and lean into owning your desires (yes, even your desire for money, power and impact). Juicy.

SPACE & TIME: You will start making time in your schedule to focus on your vision and create space for it on a physical, emotional and mental level. Walk your talk, baby.

RELATIONSHIPS: You will start expanding your support system, so that you have people you can share your business journey with and people who can give you a loving hug whenever you need it. If you could do it all alone, you would be the only person on this planet.

FUN: Every passionate entrepreneur knows the feeling of not being able to switch off the working mode. That’s why it is important, that you plan the fun time outside the business. We will also incorporate fun into your business. The more you have fun, the easier it is to get things done.

HEALTH: We will focus on your nervous system, so that you are able to relax, sleep well and expand your capacity of how good things can be in your life. We will find out which practices work for you and incorporate them in your daily life. Bye bye, burnout!

We will do deep inner work together and you will take the practical actions.


What is included?

16x 1:1 coaching sessions

Session length 30 minutes. One session per week. All calls will be recorded, so you can rewatch your coaching sessions.

Deep coaching sessions in which we will find out what is stopping you and learn to work with it, so you can move forward, even if you don’t solve all of your problems right away. Business consulting included in the sessions, as much as you need it.

Progress tracking sheets

Google sheets tracking in a fun way (yes, it is possible!)

You will be tracking your subjective satisfaction in 5 areas described above, actual practical steps you take on your goals (we will find out which actions are most aligned for you) and your financial+impact growth. Accountability full on.

The best tool for self coaching + one 45 minutes call in which I explain it to you personally on your real life example.

This is a tool that helps you get unstuck and move forward.


How do we start?


Fill in the application form.

After I receive your application, I will send you a link to my calendar, so that you can schedule your discovery call.

Discovery call

Let’s find out if we are the right fit.

We will meet for 45 minutes and dive in what is your vision, what are your blocks, what you need help with… If we are both excited to work together, we will proceed.

Contract & Payment

Let’s shake hands and get to work.

Carefully read the contract, pay the bill and roll up your sleeves. There’s no turning back now.

Who’s your coach?

I am Anita Pukšič (hear my name).

I love a combination of life & business coaching, because I believe deeply, that when people do what they love and are appreciated for it, they enjoy their life more, and they are way more pleasant to be around.

I believe that this is one of the things that can contribute to a lot more peace (and fun) on the planet.

Besides my work, I love drinking tea, reading books, watching series and having naps with my hairy child Piki. (There is a high chance he will occasionally interrupt our sessions begging me for cookies, but most of the time he is sleeping next to me.).

In this interview, I share:
⇾ What clients are work with have in common, whether they are seasoned entrepreneurs, fresh entrepreneurs or artists or content creators
⇾ Why it is important to have a support system as a grown up person, especially if you are an entrepreneur or leader (it can feel lonely)
⇾ What I love about coaching
⇾ How I started coaching
⇾ My burnout story and how it serves me now
⇾ What we focus on in coaching, besides your business


1111€ (or 4 x 300€ on monthly payment plan)