[Details] Coaching Packages

9 Month

That will keep on giving for the rest of your life

I help artists, entrepreneurs and visionaries ready to move forward despite heavy (family) baggage so they can create a life where they are doing what they love & have supportive personal and work/business relationships without sacrificing what really matters to them.

If you are an adult child of emotionally immature parents (alcoholics, addicts, narcissists, codependents…) or chronically ill parents, there’s a high chance you have to learn early on how to take care of yourself and probably you became a little adult (a parentified child) who was also taking on a lot of responsibilities from your parents (or felt like you are supposed to, feeling guilty and ashamed if you couldn’t measure up) and you in many ways took care of your parents.

While there is a high chance these unfortunate (ongoing) events have served you in many ways – you are quite independent, enjoy spending time on your own, you get shit done, you have a sense for a group and what/who needs to be taken care of (which makes you excellent leader material and you are probably in that role already) – there is also a high chance you are missing some pieces, some things you couldn’t have developed properly in such environment. For example:

⇾ how to ask for help (without feeling like you are a burden or inadequate, because you can’t do it on your own)

⇾ how to operate in a group while still keeping your individuality (instead of feeling like you need to give up yourself, in order to belong)

⇾ how to draw boundaries and say no to requests for your time/energy/money, without feeling guilty

⇾ how to graciously receive love/compliments/support from others without feeling like you owe them something for their kindness

⇾ how to be confident, have a healthy sense of self-worth and own your value (despite having a track record of achievements, success and excellent feedbacks, you still feel shaky and anxious most of the time)

In a nutshell: despite having/achieving a lot already, you still often feel like you are second-tier human being and you are more and more seeing, that the reason for it isn’t that you are inadequate, but that the way you were treated during your formative years made you believe that.

And you are freaking ready to change that.

In our 9 months together, you will learn and practice the skills you were never taught as a child (or adult):

⇾ how to respectfully draw boundaries in relationships (say goodbye to unnecessary drama)

⇾ how to regulate stress so that you have a lot of inner peace yet still exciting life you love to wake up to (say goodbye to extreme mood swings)

⇾ how to bring the different areas of your life in alignment so that you live according to your values (say goodbye to burning out)

And how to use this skills in your everyday life, so they support you in creating business/career and life you love.


⇾ 36 weekly 1:1 meetings (meeting duration: till sense of completion or up to 90 minutes, whichever comes first)

⇾ Tailored-to-your-needs integration and implementation homework

⇾ Access to my session notes

Price: 4000€ upfront or 4300€ divided in up to 9 monthly payments.

More about the type of person this package is for:

This package is for you if you are an artist, entrepreneur, leader, a visionary who already have a certain level of success, but you feel trapped at the level you are at, knowing so much more is possible for you and that it is possible for it to be easier to sustain than it is right now.

You are well aware already that you need to release some patterns of behaviour that you took on as the way life works during your formative years in your primary family (or caretakers). You already read different books on the topic and can self analyse (and give yourself diagnosis ;). You maybe already work(ed) with a therapist or other professionals.

You already let go (or are in the process of) the need to figure it all out on your own. You are ready and willing to ask for help and pay for the services you sense will help you in achieving your lifestyle goals. You know you could figure it on your own of course, because you are intelligent enough, but you discern better and better, when it is worth to crack the nuts yourself and when you go faster and further in a good company.

Your lifestyle goals are mix of those that can be measured materially and those that you feel, but cannot put in numbers – like inner peace, happiness, satisfaction, pleasure.

When you compare yourself to others, you already feel like your life is better than from the most people and you are grateful for it.

But you know you are meant for more. You are bursting with potential. Sometimes you cannot sleep, because you have so many ideas running around. And you are scared to tell people in your circles what you really want, because you don’t want to appear ungrateful for what you have, greedy or god forbid, a dreamer.

Yet, you want to experience what it is like to have it all (all that really matters to you) and you want to sustain it, so that you can live long and fulfilling life.

You are willing to do the deep work, feel the feelings in your body, face the demons of your past, but also ready to start letting in the good things.

You are well aware that transformation takes time and even if you love fast results and instant gratification, you are committed to doing the deep work as long as it takes.

Because you know you are fucking worth it.

Breakthrough Days

10 Weeks Acceleration Journey

Breakthrough Days consist of 3 separate 1:1 sessions during two months, your homework and concrete action steps.

After receiving your application form, I will send you additional questions or exercises, that you need to answer before our first session.

1st session (60 minutes, recorded, so you can rewatch it):
I will guide you through my signature 3 Circle Process, focus is on area of your life where you want the breakthrough the most. We will look into your wounding, shadow and desires regarding this are and do some emotional healing work.

In between (two weeks of you doing the work):
We will agree on embodiment practice during our first session, that you will do until the next session, to tune into the possibilities, prepare the space, and align your nervous system with your goals.
You will complete an honest assessment of all the important areas of your life and share it with me. Set aside for it at least two hours and send it to me at least 3 days prior to our second session.

2nd session (90 minutes, recorded):
During our second session we will go through different areas of your life, and we will create a strategy for you to accelerate through all of them, while focusing on the primary area you want to break through in the most. We will co-create a plan for you with mindset shifts, embodiment practices and clear actions steps.

Thanks to your honest assessment during preparation, I will be able to prepare you exercises that will help you get insights into areas you want the breakthrough the most.

We will look into your short term and long term goals.

We will check your current habits and which habits you need to practice, so that you live in alignment with your values.

You will leave with a clear sense of purpose, with strategy and action plan.
We will agree on an accountability plan.

In between (2 months of you doing the work):
You will do the actions we agreed on and send me an accountability reports / progress tracking notes a.ka. you will follow the accountability plan we agreed on.

3rd session (45 minutes): Wrap up.
We will celebrate the progress, honour the work you did, look into challenges you had, discuss your next steps.

What type of a person is the right fit for Breakthrough Days?

⇾ you have a concrete goal and you sense there is a plateau you need to breakthrough in order to achieve it

⇾ you already tried to figure it out on your own and you maybe already have an idea what it is all about

⇾ you usually honour the agreements you have with other people, but don’t have the same level of commitment when it comes to showing up for yourself, that’s why you are willing to pay someone to keep yourself accountable until showing up in a new way becomes a habit

⇾ you value the power of having someone witnessing your transformation and holding space for you

⇾ you are willing to be open and vulnerable, because you value your time and money enough to not waste it by not fully showing up

⇾ you are dedicated to follow through with action, integrate the insights and committed to doing the small daily steps until they compound to something that seemed huge before

Price: 360€

One Session

3 Circle Process

We will go down the rabbit hole together

⇾ I will guide you through my signature 3 Circle Process, we will focus on one area of your life where you want things to change the most. We will look into your wounding, shadow and desires regarding this are and do some emotional healing work. We will look for practices and actions that are in alignment with you and your desired lifestyle, that you can start doing right away, so that you will be on your way to achieving what you desire.

The session lasts 90 minutes, and it is recorded, so you can rewatch it whenever you need to deepen your awareness.

This is the session for you if:

⇾ you already have in place daily self-care practices and you know how to hold space for yourself

⇾ you trust yourself enough that you are confident you will integrate and implement the insights and take appropriate action on them

⇾ you have a support system in place, people in your life you can share anything with, people you can rely on, people you know will support your decision to grow, evolve and deepen your self-love, so you are sure you will be able to integrate the insights and get an honest loving feedback on your progress

Price: 120€

Fully committed and willing to be coached, but feel like finances are in your way?
Book a Pay What You Can Friday Session here.