Got 99 problems?

(but the bitch/dick ain’t one…)

And you actually do want to do something about them?

So that you can:

Have more time for yourself

Doing the things just for yourself and for your own joy’s sake.

Do what nurtures you

So that you fill your own cup and give to others only from your overflow.

Feel at ease about life

As you trust yourself and do your part while life takes care of the rest.

Focus on your own projects.

And see your progress in the areas where it matters to you.

Be more of who you really are.

Stop wasting the perfect time for

  • worrying about things you can do nothing about
  • doing things for other people like you owe them for life, because they once did something nice for you
  • being involved in other people’s drama and playing the unappreciated hero
  • giving your time and expertise away for free, hoping for confirmation you are a good person and approval you can have what you want, because you sacrificed yourself enough
  • complaining about unfairness of life, listening to other complainers and ruminating in commiserating and seeing this as bonding
  • doubting yourself and creating inner drama
  • being over-responsible and taking everything on your shoulders
  • guilt-tripping yourself if you are not perfectly kind to everybody
  • giving your power away to everyone who wants to manipulate you and to everyone who wants to help you
  • feeling beaten down by life

Start living your special unique fun flavour of life 🍦 and become once again the main character of your story. 🌟 Use your limited time here on gorgeous planet Earth in a way that brings you joy. 💃

What does it feel like…

  • Doing what you can about the things you want to do something about, because you choose to
  • Doing things for other people, when you feel inspired to do so out of love, joy and appreciation
  • Respecting your own time, boundaries and standards
  • Deciding what you do for free, because you love it and it is your free time. Decide what you do in exchange for money, because you love it and it is your life.
  • Spending time with people who get you, love you for who you are, love to see you succeed, are inspired by you and you feel the same about them
  • Feeling the inner confidence that comes from knowing yourself, who you are, what you want, what are your values, how you love living and what you love doing
  • Letting others figure it out for themselves -> sharing your wisdom where it is required and appreciated
  • Being kind to yourself first
  • Being in your power
  • Feeling supported and loved by life

Sharing and contributing from your genius zone

Feeling connected with people and belonging to life while honouring your individual needs


Are you ready to take the steps and keep on taking them, because it feels so good to be more and more free?


📣I present to you:


What this is? What this isn’t?

✔️A tool with which you tap into your own resources and learn to trust your own intuition.

✔️A tool where you recognise the steps you need to take and hold yourself accountable to do them.

✔️You will have to sit down and face some things and then take some action.

✔️But, what it is awesome about this tool, you will feel freaking inspired to take the action!

❌ A thing where someone listens to you and gives you advice.

❌ A thing where someone does the work instead of you.

❌ A magical pill that will make all your problems instantly disappear.

✔️An awesome tool for self-coaching with which you will:
⇾ remove brain fog that is clouding you due to overwhelm with all the million worries you have
⇾ make space in your life for relaxation, fun and doing all the things you actually want to do (as opposed to just ones you think you should)

This is for people who:

🙂 want to help themselves
🙂 want to take action
🙂 who are willing to try new things and change their habits
🙂 who loves to learn but also know that the important part is integration of what they learned

This is not for people who:

☹️ don’t want to try anything that might help them
☹️ who wants to remain stuck in a complainer mode
☹️ who finds a problem for every solution you try to present them

What do I get when I sign up?

You will receive instant access to the online course with which you will learn how to use The Mental Fog Remover

How does the course looks like?
⇾ there is currently 19 written lessons (3-10 minuts each) through which you will learn how to use the tool on your own problems and desires
⇾ 6 of those lessons are my personal examples how I used the technique + I describe my results
⇾ because I personally use this tool, new lessons will be added at no additional cost to you when I will be inspired to share something new

The course is self-paced, so if you dive in, you can start eliminating your load of troubles today.

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What is The Mental Fog Remover?

The Mental Fog Remover is a simple technique for self-coaching that will help you with solving the problems that life is throwing at you. The Mental Fog Remover helps you discern what is worthy of your time and energy. It helps you to see which steps you can take. And you actually make them, because during the process you release additional baggage that slows you down and causes you foggy brain.

How does it work?

You sit down with a piece of paper and you draw 4 quadrants.
In The Mental Fog Remover online course I explain to you what types of problems those four quadrants represent. Each quadrant also have some questions that incite your mind and intuition to collaborate + outlined types of actions that you can take to solve the problem and move forward to what you desire.

This technique/tool is really simple. Once you get hold of it, you can use it anywhere. All that you need is a piece of paper, pen and willingness to make your life a little easier.

How does the online course work?

1. You create yourself a user account and buy The Mental Fog Remover (on this page)
2. After the purchase, the system will take you to the site through which you will be able to access the course
3. The online course consist of written lessons through which I teach you how to use The Mental Fog Remover. The emphasis is on teaching you how it works as soon as possible. At the beginning I give you an outline, then we go into details, and we finish with concrete examples of it’s use in practice (transcribed from my notebooks). I also honestly share my results, of course.
4. The number of lessons will change with time, because I personally use The Mental Fog Remover to analyze my problems and make my plans reality ⇾ through this I get new insights that I will for sure want to share with you. When you buy, you get updates for life, no need to pay anything extra when I add new content.

How long will I have the access to the course?

As long as my webpage will be on the internetz (it’s here since 2007). The purpose of The Mental Fog Remover is, that you learn how to use it through the online course, take it to your heart and use it your whole life. (Unless you run out of problems and desires ;))

How did you came up with The Mental Fog Remover? Why such name?

Long story short: I journal daily and take apart my problems through writing. At some point I started seeing patterns in my issues. I soon realised that I can categorise the variety of my problems into only four categories (or the combination of those). This is how The Mental Fog Remover was born. The working name for it was “4 types of problems”. Every time I used it for myself, I was exhilarated at how fast I went into action with things I usually procrastinated on ⇾ I knew I have to share this with other people! The name Mental Fog Remover seems like a cool name to me that gets the point of the tool in a nutshell.

Short story long: read more about it here.

What type of person will benefit from using this problem-solving technique?

The Mental Fog Remover is a perfect tool for a person who loves life and has many ideas how to best spend their time on this beautiful planet. They want everyone to go along with each other, but it happens to them that they are fighting internal wars, because they take on too many responsibilities. They use their mental and emotional energy for things that are not theirs as they try to ease other people’s problems. This leaves them emotionally exhausted and too tired to work on the things they actually want to work on. They desire a change for the better.

This technique will benefit them if:
✔️ they are ready to start discerning what is theirs, what is not and release what does not serve them
✔️ they are willing to be honest with themselves
✔️ they are willing to take baby steps (no actual babies involved, in most cases)

This technique won’t serve them if:
❌ they don’t want to take their share of responsibility for the situation they are in
❌ they expect that something or someone (other human/course/tool/new technique) will magically solve all of their problems without them lifting a finger (at least lift a finger and write, man!)
❌ they always look for what is wrong and don’t appreciate what is good, not with themselves, not with others

Are results written on this page guaranteed?

If you decide to work on these things, you will sooner or later see the results. But it is good to be aware, that we are all humans and that life is full of surprises. The surprises are usually beautiful, but here and there comes something that wrecks us, no matter how much of inner work we have done. You will still have the access to the full spectre of human emotions, you will still have ups and downs. But you will also have a tool that will help you to get resourceful and bounce back faster.

Will I benefit from this technique/tool if I am one of personal developments junkies and I tried a thousand one thing already?

Yes! Especially if you tried a thousand and one thing already and you are no longer grasping for special experiences, secret knowledge and enlightenment (you still enjoy all of that, though). Your priority became living your everyday life in a high quality way, and you need something practical, something that enables your intuition and logic to walk hand in hand.

How can I get in contact ?

Send me a message to

I want to learn how to use my intuition and logic to solve my problems.