Artist of the Week: Timea Varga

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Timeje se spomnim s srednje šole za oblikovanje v Mariboru, na katero sva obe hodili. Z nami se je pripravljala na zaključno modno revijo, in bilo je nadvse očitno, da ima naraven talent za risanje in slikanje. Par mescev nazaj sem nekako našla njen profil na facebooku in nato še njeno spletno stran, kjer me je pričakalo toliko lepote, da sem vedela, da moram to delit z vami. Njena dela so tako barvita in polna harmonije. Slika predvsem mandale, preko katerih lahko začutimo obilje pozitivne energije. To je res duhovna umetnost. In hvala Bogu/Vesolju/Izviru, da uporablja svoj talent, saj so njene umetnine res darilo svetu. Prepričajte se sami. I remember Timea from the fashion design middle school we both went to. She was preparing with us for the graduation fashion show and it was obvious she was natural talent for drawing and painting. Few months ago I somehow came across her facebook profile and then to her website and there was so much beauty that I knew I had to share it with you! Her art is so colourful and filled with harmony! She is painting mandalas in which is seen abundance of positive energy. This truly is spiritual art. And thanks to God/Universe/Source she is using her talent, because her paintings are gift to the world. See for yourself. timea252520varga252520mandala252520art_thumb25255b125255d-7807740 timea252520varga252520mandala252520art2525202525281252529_thumb-3074108 timea252520varga252520mandala252520art2525202525282252529_thumb25255b125255d-8429895 timea252520varga252520mandala252520art2525202525283252529_thumb-4165499 timea252520varga252520mandala252520art2525202525284252529_thumb25255b125255d-8263641 timea252520varga252520mandala252520art2525202525285252529_thumb25255b125255d-5134792 timea252520varga252520mandala252520art2525202525286252529_thumb-8874295 timea252520varga252520mandala252520art2525202525287252529_thumb-7147258 timea252520varga252520mandala252520art2525202525288252529_thumb-8487329 timea252520varga252520mandala252520art2525202525289252529_thumb-6962344 timea252520varga252520mandala252520art25252025252810252529_thumb-5374622 timea252520varga252520mandala252520art25252025252811252529_thumb25255b125255d-7029953 (Fotografije so z njene facebook strani | | Pictures are taken from her facebook page) Tukaj lahko vidite njeno spletno stran, pravtako pa jo najdete na facebooku, twitterju in pinterestu. Here you can see her website and you can also find her on facebook, twitter, and pinterest.

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By Anita Pukšič Koren

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  1. waw res krasne umetnije! Občudujem kako nesebično deliš z vsemi nami doseke in lepote drugih. enostavno si super in najlepša hvala za čudovito rojstnodnevno čestitko! Ko sem brala sem spet imela kurjo polt in solzne oči. HVALA*

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