Aha moment: Why do you want to buy my things?

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I just had an aha moment that I have to share! I was journaling on the questions from mindset training in the mastermind I’m in. (It’s The High Vibe Mastermind from Kat Loterzo, if you are wondering, it’s really fricking high vibe).
Why is this (freedom -> being at the right place, at the right time, doing the thing I feel is right for me at the moment) important to you was the question and my answer was because I want to live life on my terms.
And then came to me fear around calling in my ideal customers (I felt blocked around this lately), fear of manipulating them. I talked about this before on my blog, yet they were more layers to it. It’s me being aware that I have power and I don’t want to use it in a way that could harm others or go against their free will). Why do I have this fear? I remember doing bad thins to others as a kid, sometimes on purpose or even now when I am a grown-up kid, but now not on purpose, but thinking that I do good.

Then it clicked.
By calling in my ideal customers I’m doing something FOR them, not to them. It is in perfect alignment.
And then I asked myself: Why do my ideal customers want to buy my things?
Because they feel special wearing my things.
Why do they want to feel special?
Because they KNOW they are special and they want their choices of accessories and clothes to reflect that. Omg, I’m actually doing them a favor selling my things. Their soul reflects itself through wearing my products.
This way we both live life on our terms.

This was huge for me now! Because I always felt like this feeling special is some ego thing. But is actually soul thing! Because my soul also sings when I buy something that is like “waaa, this is so me!” And then I enjoy the thing for a long long time and feel grateful for it. Gosh, something is shifting in me!

Gosh, something is shifting in me!

And I have so many memories of people seeing parts of themselves in my products, people even crying sometimes, because something on my products hit their soul in a good way, and their eyes shining and them laughing out of pure joy! And I have so many screenshots of amazing feedbacks from my customers!

And so many sensitive people telling me that there is something special in my products, that there is some special vibe… And that’s no wonder, even though it’s wonderful because I put on my products what resonates with me, what hits my soul! And I make them when I’m feeling it! Aaaah! Clicking, clicking, clicking. This year is so amazing so far, so many things are connecting for me!

And it’s so simple it almost makes me feel stupid for not realising this sooner or actually, I forgot about it. Because sometimes I am living in this state and everything flows then.

So happy, I have it written down now.

And big thank you for you, who are reading this, I really appreciate it! And big thanks to my customers, who are getting my products, on a soul level and buying them on a physical level, we are creating something so beautiful together! I so much love this!


Aaaah, so grateful right now!

And if you want to check out my products, feel free to do so and if you want to buy them, feel worthy of having them, because you are! <3 <3 <3

Click, click, 3ptice.etsy.com.

With Love,

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