Sometimes you have to say no to something in order to say yes to yourself.

It feels like today was the first day of my new future. It all started a few weeks ago. No, it was a week and a half. I had a lot of self healing sessions in that week and a thought popped in my mind: What if I change things? What if I leave that place and start working from home again? But this time in my new home. I didn’t give much attention to this thought at the moment.

It was true, that in the last few months I started to feel exhausted from time to time. Like I’m giving out so much and don’t get enough in return. The events I’ve been organizing (art markets), were taking too much of my time. Creating posters, sticking them on the walls of this little town, constantly contacting people to share the event, to come to the event, replying to messages, answering the phone calls, dealing with demands of people… And then almost always having bad weather, not enough visitors, feeling like I didn’t do enough, even though I did everything I could at the time. Feeling sad, because not everybody had good sales. Feeling bad, because my sales were low. Why do I give so much energy to something that gives me so little back? Why do I try and try and try, to be dissapointed again and again? Of course I also got a fair share of the good things from every event I organised. Meeting new people, exchanging informations, getting excited for every positive feedback, knowing that at least somebody can pay a bill or two thanks to the market I organised. But what about me? Is this really how I want to live?

What about books I want to read? What about movies I want to watch? What about taking walks to the nature, where I feel the most loved and accepted, where I feel like I really fit into this world. What about words that I have inside, but I don’t have a time to share them, because I’m to busy pleasing others?

The next day I went for a drink with my beloved friend Nina. A make up artist, present mum and a spiritual traveler. Oh, how much I love her… It’s so amazing to me, when I find somebody who can listen and understand and contribute to conversation so well. I told her all about how I feel. How sick I am of working and not getting the results, how sick I am of putting myself to the last place. How sick I am, because I don’t have time for what matters to me the most.

And in one moment she said: Why don’t you start working from home? You have the place now.

It was like a sign. When I came home, I had a healing session with  a help of the video from Kai Ashley. And during the session I realised, what is my dream life like. What can I do to live accordingly to my personality. My personality? A  thinker, a researcher mixed with phylosopher mixed with artist, mixed with introvert who loves people. But who loves people when she have enough time to spend with her own. Thinking, reading, walking, writing. Who enjoys  1:1 conversations and is this way able to give far more than being constantly surrounded by people. A picture of my perfect week came to my mind. An idea, that can be turned into business, without me needing to turn myself into somebody I’m not. An image of me being okay with my personality and being paid for who I am. Not forcing myself to be always out there and available for everybody and shining my light, if the truth is, that I love being with myself. I am able to shine my light and go out there, when I’m first available for myself and when I take care of my needs. When I can do what I want when I want. Not just living the routine I got myself into and which isn’t serving me anymore.

I figured out I  have to say NO, to some things in order to say YES to myself.

So I decided to stop organising those events. I knew people wouldn’t be happy about it. But I will be. I decided to move from the house where I’ve been having my workshop for the past two years and in which these events been held.  My workshop is in a beautiful building in town centre, with high ceiling and amazing natural light in the afternoon. I’m still grateful for the oppurtunity to be in it for such a low rent. But the low rent’s cost started to be too high for me and my well being. In order to have such a low rent, we should contribute to the house and the town with organising the events. And as responsible as I am and being idealist by nature, I did my best.

But it’s a time close this chapter. I cannot give my best anymore. Because it’s time to give my best to myself, to people who really love me and to people who genuinely enjoy my work.

I am really grateful for the support of my boyfriend in the past month, for listening to me, for giving me a bunch of aha moments, thanks to making things simple when I overcomplicate them and for believing that’s possible for me to live the life I want to live. Thanks to this I found a whole new layer of love I feel for him.

So, today, the first day of my new future, I spent time doing tasks at home, cooking a delicious vegetable soup, meditating, reading a book, going for a walk that filled me with pure joy, laughing out the happiness and sense of freedom and writing this post. And now I’m gonna enjoy the evening with my boyfriend. Aaaah, feeling good.

And this picture of my perfect week? Ohhh, it’s amazing. Will tell you more about it next time, stay tuned.

And thanks for reading, I appreciate it so much that you find my words interesting! <3

You never know where the keyboard can take you.

Anita Puksic Life.Style.Fun.

So, hello world. I don’t exactly know where to start. It’s a new year, fresh beginnings. I admit, I’m one of those people who loves new year. Even though I was quite overwhelmed yesterday by thinking of all those things I want to achieve in 2016. Like becoming a polyglot, write a lot, forgive everyone in my life, especially myself, earn shit loads of money while not overworking myself, take more time for family, friends and myself, watch more movies, read more books, travel way more, learn SEO and put it in practice, exercise daily, eat healthier, have a clean house, make bunch of new things, get rid of things I no longer use and keep the daily meditation practice going. And have lots of fun while doing it all. Okay, now that I wrote all this down, it seems kinda doable. That’s probably because I’m in really good mood and a cup (that has written over it “Screw it, let’s do it!”) of coffee helps too.

Yeeey, first paragraph written! I was having this writing block for a past few months. I was really like “Who tha fuck cares, what’s going on in your life, Anita”. Like I have nothing smart to say and I better keep myself quiet. Or just away from the keyboard. Why add more to that internet noise? But hey, Anita, you can write for yourself in the first place! Here and there I go through old posts from years ago and I just love to read what was I thinking. I love all the optimism in my post. I feel, that when I’m getting older, I slowly lose some of my idealism and positive energy. And that’s the shit I don’t like. So I’m gonna write more, because it’s one of my favourite tools for gaining clarity. And when I feel clear in my head, without a fog, I’m naturally more optimistic and full of positive energy.

2015 was probably the best year of my life so far. I’m very happy with myself. I established some good, healthy habits through out the year. I had so much fun. Made bunch of smart choices. Bunch of my wishes came true, because I decided it was time for make them reality. And the Universe did its part too. That’s why I am way more optimistic now about my dreams, because I have bunch of proofs I’m capable of turning them from imagination to the real world. Yeah, life can really be exciting!

I’m happy with how I evolve as a person. Of course, there are the things I thought I’m gonna have in order by my 25 and I’m still working on those… But I found out something so exciting in December. A piece of information that helped me so much. It was such an AHA moment for me! And I’m so happy to share it with you, if you haven’t heard about it yet! It’s such a vital information for you if you are in your 20’s or if you are still a teenager.

Girls and boys, let me introduce you to part of your brain! It’s called prefrontal cortex. Okay, I’m not a neuroscientist so go check this article about prefrontal cortex and then continue reading.

See (I just got a deja vu in this exact moment – it was my destiny to share this with you😉 why am I so excited about this? For so many years I thought I was a loser because I just couldn’t keep up with my plans. I made a plan but just couldn’t follow it. It got a bit easier for me in the last year as I successfully implemented some good new habits. And I now know why I finally got better at it and why I wasn’t such a loser as I thought I was 😀 My prefrontal cortex wasn’t fully developed yet! It probably still isn’t (yaaay, still have a room for improvement). It makes so much sense to me! I was beating myself up for so long for not being organised enough… I felt here and there what an amazing person I am, but then again I started to feel like a shit the next day when I couldn’t keep up with my awesomeness because my focus melted away.

Now I can forgive myself for not achieving my own standards. Thank you, neuroscience, thank you!

Now I also now why I was often so overwhelmed with emotions. At 24 I realised, that so much of what I’m feeling is so childish. Like I’m still 5 years old. I’m a quite a rational person, but I often felt like my brain is one and my emotional body something completely else. All those fears and anxieties… Turns out that I was still thinking (or should I say feeling) with my amygdala in the first place. Sometimes I still do, of course but prefrontal cortex is taking over. Oh boy, that’s so nice. I love growing up. If you are parent of a teen or you work with your inner child, read this article as well.

Okay, that’s enough for today. Oh, btw, if you don’t have any new year resolutions, here’s a suggestion: Get to know yourself! 😉

I like where this post took me.

Eco Friendly Personal style blogger Slovenia
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Fake timberland winter shoes
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Pond Savci Slovenia via Life.Style.Fun. Eco Friendly Personal Style Blog

Pond Savci, Slovenia

Dornava, Slovenia

Do not put off till tomorrow what can be put off till day-after-tomorrow just as well. – Mark Twain

Life.Style.Fun. Slovenia. Ecofriendly fashion blog (27)

When it came to my blog lately, tomorrow was my word. I’ll write a post in the
morning. No, I will write the new post in the evening. I’m tired, I’ll do it tomorrow.

And even after such a long time, that’s all I’m gonna write, because I slept too long and now I have to catch up with some things. (Hint: new tote bags prints are coming).

Peace out!

Edit: That was original post that I meant to post 6 hours ago. But then I couldn’t post it from an offline post editor, couldn’t install windows live writer. And I just hate post editor in blogger it makes me sick. No more. I moved my blog to wordpress. I cannot believe it. I’m so proud of myself. Yep, I didn’t follow my plan for today, but I think my future self will thank me for it.

If you plan to do it to, here are some useful links:

How to migrate from Blogger to WordPress with a custom domain

I decided to use namecheap for hosting. $10 for a first year, I’m convinced.

How to install wordpress using Softaculous

And of course, lots of google.

P.S.: That’s how I contradict myself. Procrastinating on the one hand and on the other spending half a day at something I obsessively want to get done until it gets done. Gotta love me.

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Intention Sunday #4

I had such a great week. One long time dream came true. I was happy a freaking lot. I felt really abundant. So my intention for the next week is keep working towards my dreams while feeling happy & abundant.

Few details of my week: murakami I fineshed a new book from Murakami. bath Treated myself with a bubble bath. after massage Went for a massage. I got a very useful advice that I will share in a few weeks as I have to try it on my own first 😉 fabric prints3 Ptice pouches3Ptice pouches I made a bunch of new multiporpuse and coin pouches from fabric scraps and clothes. Will upload them next week to my Etsy shop.stellasport jump rope I found StellaSport jump rope in the mail. Love the colors! dinnerbreakfast I ate a lot of fruit. selfie Tried a new hairdo.

And even wrote two blogpost that I’m really happy with. One is about how to live your dream life (it’s easier than you think) and the second one is what to do when your sales aren’t going so well. Read them! And follow me on instagram for daily updates 😉

Artists/Designers/Entrepreneurs: What to do when your sales aren’t going so well

3 Ptice red drawstring backpack flower of life

1. Write a post where you are showing off your work and add some useful tip. (just like the post you are reading :D)

nahrbtnik na vrvico cvetlicen 3 Ptice (Large)

2. You already know your stuff is good, people are loving it and you sometimes have really good months in terms of sales. But then again comes a month, when nothing seems to happen’. No “notification of payment received” in your gmail… Remember, you are not the only one. Even your local drugdealer doesn’t sell the same amount of weed every month. It happens to almost all of us. Nothing is wrong with you.

moder nahrbtnik na vrvico 3 Ptice majhen nahrbtnik (1) (Large)

3. Feel good. I know it’s sometimes really hard to maintain this, when you need cash and there’s no sign of it. Act like you are your own best friend / super supportive business coach. Pat yourself on the shoulder for every little thing you put out there. Instagram post, facebook post, pinning your Etsy items to pinterest? Daaaam, you are doing it well, go girl! You make yourself and your work visible. That’s not a waste of time on social media. It’s a real work.

3 Ptice leaves drawstring backapc

4. Meditation. This is my favourite tip for all kinds of problems. It makes you feel good and when you feel good, you usually feel like doing something. If I compare my slow months without meditation and slow months now that I meditate regulary, it’s a huge difference! I used to smoke lots of cigarettes and drink lots of coffee, feeling that I’m not doing the right thing and not getting a shit done. Now I get some shit done, promote myself a little, read a book (and feeling good while reading it, not thinking that I should be working), make some plans etc.

crn nahrbtnik z rozicami 3 Ptice (Large)

5. Do something new, damn it. You know how you feel when you have a lot of orders, all the time, like “please slow down a bit, I want to work on new products”. Now is the time to work on new products.

6. Know that money will come again. Haha, I’m sometimes like this: I have a month when I sell things all the time. And then comes five days when I don’t sell a thing and I’m like “Will I ever get another order? What if I got lost on the internet and no search engine will ever find my things again? Maybe they’re right, I should get a job.” But sooner or later there’s another order. Don’t worry, believe me.

3 Ptice backpack drawstring blue violet flower of life (2)

7. Laugh. Loose the tension. Say fuck it. Elizabeth Gilbert talks about shit sandwiches here (12:35). No stable income, slow months… Well, that’s a shit sandwich you gotta eat, if you want to be your own boss. Eat it and go forward.

crn nahrbtnik 3 Ptice nor art print (Large)

P.S.: If you have a friend who runs their own little creative biz, share this with them (‘cuz we creative outsiders tend to feel alone sometimes). And check out my shop. Will also be very happy, if you share it with your friend 😉

My favourite artist: Tjaša Čuš

(foto: Srdan Mohorič)

. Akademska slikarka. Oseba, ki mi je trenutno tako zelo blizu. Ne samo,
da se vsak dan skozi v njen atelje sprehodim do moje delavnice, skozi njene
besede se sprehajam po njeni in obenem svoji podzavesti. Skozi besede, ki jih
delim z njo, učim sebe. In obratno. Če bi me vprašali, v koga zadnje čase
najbolj verjamem, komu najbolj privoščim uspeh, od koga uspeh bi me razveselil
tako kot moj sam, bi rekla Tjaša Čuš. In vem, da samo še malo manjka pa bo
totalen BUM, in naenkrat bodo Tjaša in njena dela povsod. (Namig: Dajte jo
kontaktirat z naročili, dokler še ni prezasedena!)

Tjaša Čuš. Academic painter. She’s so close to me. I walk not
only through her atelier to my workshop everyday, but I also walk through her
words to her subconscious and mine with it. Through words I share with her I
teach myself. And so does she. If you ask me, who is the person, that I most
believe in, whose success would make me as happy as it was my own, I would say
Tjaša Čuš. I will let you know when she opens a shop on Etsy. That will be a

Kolaži ukradeni na Tjašinem facebooku.

Hoja po žerjavici in postavitev družine


Par tednov nazaj sem se udeležila hoje po žerjavici z Franjem Trojnarjem. Kaj, hoje po žerjavici? Jap. To je bilo na mojem mentalnem seznamu želja že vsaj 10 let. In letos se mi je tole uresničilo! Tako kot še ena druga želja – končno sem imela možnost se spoznati s tehniko imenovano postavitev družine.

Kako je sploh prišlo do vsega tega? V začetku leta sem bila precej obremenjena z odnosi z ljudmi, ki so mi zelo blizu. Poiskala sem strokovno pomoč (psihologinjo), a žal ni bilo to to, kar sem iskala. Potem pa enega februarskega dne pogledam maile, in tam je bilo sporočilo od Zvonka Pukšiča (nisva v sorodu)! Še eno čudežno naključje! Zvonko je ekološki kmetovalec iz okolice Ormoža. Prav posebne sorte je. Pred leti sem brala intervju z njim v Nedelu in ploskala zraven, kakšen kul človek, tega pa bi bilo vredno spoznati! Zraven naravi prijaznega kmetovanja širi tudi jogo smeha in tehniko EFT (če ste redni bralec bloga, ste že marsikdaj od mene slišali za to tehniko čustvenega osvobajanja). Zvonko je preko strani ene tipice (Lenje Faraguna!), prišel do tega mojega uvoda na, začutil moje bistvo in me povabil na delavnico pri Franju Trojnarju imenovano Vizija življenjske uspešnosti. Super zadeva! Ki pa je vodila še k naslednji super stvari!

 jaz in Zvonko Pukšič Jaz in Zvonko Pukšič (Moja biodežela). Dva srčneža na kupu (: 
K postavitvi družine. 
Postavitev družine je izredno zanimiva terapevtska tehnika. Sama sem o njej pred leti prebrala par člankov in si seveda želela tole enkrat doživet v živo. Kako poteka zadeva? Gre za vrsto terapije v skupini. Če vam je težko dojeti, da je na tem svetu vse povezano, se vam bo nadaljevanje morda zdelo malce woo woo. No,  na začetku se vsi udeleženci v kratki meditaciji povežemo z morfološkim poljem. Hmm, kako najbolj enostavno razložit to polje? Gre za informacijsko, vibracijsko polje, ki je povsod okrog nas. Lahko si ga predstavljate kot internet, računalnik pa je vaše telo (:

Po tej meditaciji ostane tisti človek, ki želi postavljati družino v sobi s Franjem, ostali pa gredo v drugo sobo. Oseba zaupa Franju na kratko svojo situacijo, kaj želi razrešit in skupaj določita, kdo bo igral katero vlogo. Potem pridejo ostali udeleženci/igralci/statisti nazaj v sobo. Oseba, ki postavlja družino gre do udeležencev in reče npr. “Simona, bi ti igrala mene?” “Jan, bi ti igral mojega očeta?” “Sanja, bi ti igrala mojo mamo?”. Ti igralci nato v telesu začutijo te energije in po njih igrajo vloge. Ne govori se kaj veliko, igralci povedo kaj čutijo… Skozi postavitev ponavadi pride noter še več igralcev, ki igrajo npr. babico ali kakšno manjkajočo energijo, kot je srečna družina, ljubezen, odgovornost, finančna stabilnost itd. Postavitev traja, dokler se stare energije ne razčistijo in v družini steče ljubezen.
Hecno je, da udeleženci oz. igralci, ne vedo, kaj se v vaši družini dogaja, ne poznajo vaše družinske preteklosti, a začutijo, kako se ljudje v vaši družini počutijo. Noro dobra stvar. Ko sem jaz prvič postavljala, sem samo gledala z odprtimi usti! “Kaj, kako se naenkrat ti tujci obnašajo kot jaz in kot člani moje družine?” No, po odprtih ustih je prišlo tudi veliko solz in hlipanja, ko so se stvari začele bolj osvetljevat in čistit, ko sem začela vračat družinska bremena, ki sem jih vzela na sebe, nazaj (hah, še zdaj mi gre skoraj na jok ob tem).

No, o tem in spoznanjih, ki sem jih imela zraven, bi lahko napisala celo objavo, a vam bom povedala samo bistvo! Stvari so se spremenile! Toliko bremen mi je odpadlo z ramen, da vam tega ne morem povedati. Po postavitvi mi je šlo samo na smeh. Takšen občutek svobode! Pozneje v odnosih v realnem življenju sem videla, koliko nekih stvari, za katere sem mislila, da mi jih povzročajo drugi, sem si v bistvu povzročala sama. In kako sem se zapirala pred ljubeznijo… Ahhh, najboljša stvar je, da je večinski delež občutkov krivde, ki so me mučili leta, odpadel! Zdaj bolj uživam življenje in se spet več smejim 😀

Psihološko pomoč sem iskala ravno zaradi teh občutkov krivde. Žal mi psihologinja ni mogla pomagati, predlagala pa mi je, da grem na psihoterapijo, ki je samoplačniška. Kako ob neverjetno pravem času je prišla postavitev družine! Za psihoterapijo bi po moje porabila kar nekaj 100€ in mesecev, tukaj so se pa stvari začele postavljati na pravo mesto v eni uri.

Sama grem sedaj večkrat na postavitev družine kot igralka za druge. Prvič me je bilo malce strah, kaj če ne bom začutila vloge? A naenkrat čutiš v telesu. Napetosti, morda vročino, mraz, občutek omejenosti… in neverjetno olajšanje, ko se te energije začnejo sproščati in npr. pride noter energija srečne družine itd. Neverjetna radost je, ko čutiš, da ljubezen steče! In neverjetno veliko se zraven naučiš o odnosih, o ljudeh, o samem sebi…
Če slučajno hočeš poskusit to tehniko (Franjo jo izvaja v Mariboru in v Domžalah), si preberi več na njegovi strani, kjer najdeš tudi njegovo telefonsko. Povej, da si informacijo zasledila pri meni 😛 Mimogrede, postavitev lahko prideš samo opazovat ali igrat za druge, v tem primeru je zastonj! Naučiš se pa itak ogromno in spoznaš en kup srčnih ljudi!
Postavitev družine pa ni omejena samo na družine, lahko se postavljajo tudi sistemske postavitve npr. za razreševanje odnosov v podjetjih itd.
Okay, zdaj pa na žerjavico!
Kako poteka?
Odpravili smo se v lepo zavetje narave v bližini ranča Burger na poti v Logarsko dolino. Pred samo hojo je 6 ur predpriprav. Spoznavanje s soudeleženci, meditacija, poslušali smo tudi šamanski boben, ki spravi možgane v theta valovanje, zapisovanje stvari, ki jih želimo vreči v ogenj, smejalne vaje, ples in povezovanje z ognjem ter zemljo.
 narava stavri, ki jih predajamo ognju
Svoje zapiske stvari, ki jih želimo predati ognju smo tako položili med drva in jih nato zakurili
kurjenje ognjahoja po žerjavici priprava ognja  priprava ognjaAnita Pukšič in Franjo Trojnar  Jaz in Franjo pri ognjuples okrog ognja povezovanj z ognjem
Povezovanje z ognjem

hoja po žerjavici Franjo Trojnar hoja po žerjavici

In akcija!

Čez žerjavico smo šli kar nekajkrat, vsakič čez malce močnejšo. Priznam, da me je parkrat malce zapeklo 😉 A ko sem potem naslednji dan pogledala seznam akupresurnih točk na podplatih, me je zapeklo ravno tam, kjer sem se do sedaj srečevala s težavami. Solarni pleksus in ledvice. Ogenj je vedel, na katerem mestu na podplatih mora vame! Par ljudi je po žerjavici hodilo čisto počasi, nekateri pari so še se ljubčkali na sredini, haha, pa jim ni bilo nič, noro!

Kakšni so občutki po hoji naslednji dan in kakšne posledice ima na moje življenje?
Naslednji dan sem preživela v neverjetni sreči! V vsem videla lepoto in popolnost (fotke iz prejšnje objave so bile narejene dan po hoji). Na žerjavici sem bila zadnji vikend v aprilu. S prvim majem sem začela redno meditirat in od takrat meditiram vsak dan. Pred tem sem se leta lovila s tem, nikakor mi ni uspelo meditacije spravit v svoje vsakdanje življenje. Sedaj mi ni jasno, kako sem lahko tako dolgo odlašala, ker je zdaj vse neprimerljivo boljše! Mislim, da je imela tukaj žerjavica ogenj vmes 😉

Neskončno hvaležna sem za vse in vsakogar, kar je Vesolje postavilo na pravo mesto, da so mi bile omogočene te izkušnje in druženje s temi čudovitimi ljudmi. Ena velika srečnica sem!

Termine in kraje naslednjih prihajajočih hoj po žerjavici si lahko pogledate tukaj, ter seveda izpolnite prijavnico! 😛 Franjo je vodil že več kot 300 hoj po žerjavici. Za to se ne odločajo samo odštekani alternativci in hipiji, dragi moji, tudi kar nekaj podjetij se je že odločilo za sodelovanje z njim. Si lahko predstavljate, kako lahko ena takšna skupna nora izkušnja poveže ljudi? (:

* * *

International readers, my apologize. This time is post only in Slovene, again. I’m talking about experiences with Family Systems Therapy and Fire Walking with Franjo Trojnar (one amazing guy who helps tons of people). If you have problems in your family and have a chance to go to Family Systems Therapy, I encourage you to do so, it’s amazing and focused on results which are fast and liberating! Fire Walking is also fun! Quite a game changer! I’m so happy I had a chance to experience all this thanks to right people at the right time. Life is beautiful! (:

4. Vabljeni na Dvoriščno razprodajo in Zelemenjavo na Ptuju

To soboto prirejamo na Ptuju v Fürstovi hiši Dvoriščno razprodajo, Zelemenjavo in dražbo. (Ne)vljudno vabljeni na otvoritev sezone 2015! Vse, kar morate vedeti je na letaku. Če želite kaj prodati na dražbi, prosimo, pridite prej, da popišemo vaše kose. Wooohoo, mi smo prijetno vznemirjeni! Že veste, koga bi lahko povabili zraven? Delite povabilo z njimi. Preko facebooka, od ust do ust ali natisnite kakšen plakat in podelite letake. Hvala! Se vidimo! Ne veste, kje je Fürstova hiša? Tukaj je zemljevid.   dvoriščna zelemenjava a3 (Large) If you happen to be in Ptuj this weekend, come around on Saturday, we are organising yard sale, auction and exchange of vegetables and homemade goods in Fürst’s house in center of Ptuj. Here’s a map. The event begins at 10 a.m. See you there! And don’t worry, most of the people speak English.