Even better than vacation is returning back home and seeing your family.
Even better than vacation is seeing your dog after a week and watching him go crazy, because he is so happy to see you.
Even better than vacation is seeing your neighbors and having little cute heartfelt small talk.
Even better than vacation is returning to your little house and loving the smell old houses have.
Even better than vacation is going to the garden in the morning and seeing that Mother Nature took awesome care of it when you were gone.
Even better than vacation is drinking coffee behind your kitchen table and doing the mindset work in your journal and feeling your heart expanding.
Even better than vacation is admitting yourself your situation and what you really really want.
Even better than vacation is going for a walk and watching sweet funny happy ass of your dog happily running in front of you.
Even better than vacation is being excited about your work.

Even better than vacation is having the life you return back from vacation and knowing you love it.

And thanks god you had those beautiful vacation that made you realise how beautiful your life already is.

Even better than vacation is watching your boyfriend coming home with toilet paper without even asking him.

Even better than vacations is having the life you don’t need vacation from yet having them anyway.


Love, Anita

P.S.: This week I will be making the products for my Etsy shop, so I will be happy to receive your orders -> Go to to and give yourself a nice little gift, because you are a such badass this summer!

Location: Pag, Croatia

I’m wearing: a dress that I received from my mum; secondhand sunglasses; sandals from Mass, that are spending their third summer on my feet


peggy guggengheim museum venice

We went to: Venice, Italy

peggy guggenheim venezia

My dear people, I want to let you know, that I am alive. I don’t write much lately, because so much it’s happening. This month of April isn’t even over, yet I can tell it was the wildest April of my life so far. The picture above from Peggy Guggengheim Museum perfectly picture my current reality.

In the first weekend I went to Venice, Italy, with my dear friend Tjaša Čuš and another friend of her. Tjaša had her first solo exhibition in a foreign country there! I’m so freaking proud of her! So happy to be her friend! You can check the pictures of the exhibition here. She is an amazing painter and awesome as a person!

We had a pretty wild time in Venice. There was beauty on every corner! I’m still amazed at the fact, that city that was build so many years ago, still makes so much money with tourism. It’s a perfect example that money spent on architecture and art is an investment that will make money for centuries. Take notes, governments!

I will leave you with some pictures from Venice (I couldn’t find time to edit them, sorry about that), because I have pretty busy weekend ahead and don’t have that much time to write at the moment… And next week I will let you know how my first Erasmus+ project went. I was attending it in Berlin between 11. and 19. April and it was wild.

Now I’m back in Slovenia, in my little town of Ptuj and excited about creating new eco-friendly accessories for 3 Ptice. It’s nice to go somewhere, because when you come back, you are even more excited about work!

venice st marco


Tjaša Čuš checking out books
Tjaša Čuš checking out books (:

Venice mesre

from where i stand venice

man under archade

palace with park venice

monkey man

Charlie Chaplin Venice
I had to hug Charlie Chaplin (:

Venice Italy

Venice church Italy

Kandinsky Peggy Guggengheim Museum
Paintings from Kandinsky looks way better in person than on pictures.




We went to: Island Krk, Croatia. Yep, in October.

krk in october lifestylefun

A post was written. The computer decided to freeze. A post was lost.

So just the point of the lost post: I’m so glad I took a week off, because I’m so full of fresh energy now! Yeeha!

island krk, croatia, on the road to Baškasoline krkBaška, island Krk, Croatia  krk croatia october

Crazy happy at the end of the longest pier I have ever seen. That would be my to go place for meditation if I lived there.

long pier biserujka cave, krk croatia

The Biserujka cave. One of 54 kras caves in Krk. That’s the only one open for public.

seaside in october

Here I went swimming in cold cold water. But it was still fantastic! I love that feeling that swimming in sea gives me. Like I’m back in the womb.


The dog fell in love with a hot dog. Jure and I fell in love with the dog.

he and wifi
Free wifi almost everywhere. Jure was using it a lot. I just checked my e-mails twice, Internet almost equals work for me, so I stay away from it on vacations.

zulu zion socks

Still my favourite pair of socks. Zulu Zion.

3 Ptice backpack

3 Ptice backpack. More 3 Ptice backpacks here.

roadtrippin'again and againBeack in fkk camp, krk Island, Croatiaseapathwayport Krkred pathwaybadasskitschy old town of Krk
cute dog gif

“Where’s that hot dog?”
anita puksic lifestylefun
That’s all folks!
Slovenska Bistrica castel, Slovenia

We went to Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia

Anita Pukšič

Tonight I wear big woolen socks in front of the computer, drink tea and wonder about the autumn. I’m making plans, thinking about buying yet another planner (it looks almost perfect!). Feeling like watching TV series again… The sky is getting more and more beautiful, sunsets lately are pure joy….

I’ve seen more of Slovenia this year than usual. Well, it’s a tiny country, but there’s much to see. Unless you are of those people who always complain… Then you probably don’t see much beauty, no matter where you go.

So, my man and I went to Slovenska Bistrica last Saturday.

I was there quite a few times but wasn’t at the castle yet. So I forced my poor hungry man there and then to park (OMG those trees, they are magical!) and made him take tons of pictures of me, wearing my classic summer outfit in no more so summerish weather.

Can you believe that I wear these dope vintage shorts for years now, but only this year they got the attention they deserved? Finally happy, them pants. That was probably the last day this year that I wore them.

DSC05582rožespet jaziiiiiii, kak luštno!!!grad slovenska bistrica cafetabla pred kafičemringlšpilpark slovenska bistrica3 Ptice drawstring backpack
(3 Ptice drawstring backpack; vintage shorts and top; random shoes)
dreampajčevinepod drevesom grad slovenska bistrica

Trip to Zagreb, Croatia

How we went to Zagreb, Croatia


Going back to regular blogging is harder than I thought. I was not a lot on the internet during this summer.  And I really liked it!  Now I’m kinda scared of settling back into old habits when you plan on being productive and then you find yourself scrolling Facebook feed for more than one hour… Okay, now let’s go to Zagreb.  That’s where this summer of mine became interesting. I went there with my friend Tjaša Čuš. There was an exhibition of national European flags through eyes of the artists. And she made the dopest flag. I found some other flags really interesting or good looking as well, but her was so outstanding!

DSC05034 slovenska zastava by tjaša čuš

Well, about the trip 😀 The opening of the exhibition was at 7. We drove from Ptuj at the exact perfect time to arrive there at 7. But on the border we realised that Tjaša has no ID or passport with her. We drove back. Haha. Then we got a bit lost on the highway. But we find the way. Tjaša parked the car in one street in Zagreb and we went by the foot to tram stop. I was excited, my first time on the tram! But we figured out we forgot Kuna’s (Croation currency) in the car. And we couldn’t pay for the tickets for the tram. That’s why we didn’t, haha 😀 We just went on the tram and that was it. Even more exciting 😀 We came to gallery probably an hour late. But we did it. As we were walking there, I was a tiny bit afraid. What if her friends are gone already? She lived and studied art in Zagreb for a year and she came there after a very long time now.

galerija pm zagrebinternationart zagreb galerija pm

But then we got there and folks were still there and they were so excited to see her! I enjoyed watching these moments so much. I so much love watching those hugs, smiles, happy eyes, all this love when people are happy to see each other. Have you watched movie Love, Actually? The movie starts at the airport when people come from the planes and see their friends and family. All that hugging! I cry like a baby at the beginning of the movie. It’s so much love!!!

tjaša čuš zagrebTjaša Čuš paintergalerija pm zagreb stroptjaša čuš slovenian flag internationartzagreb pm art gallerytjaša čuš academic painter exhibition zagrebgallery pm zagreb

After the exhibition, we were chilling on the stairs of the gallery, drinking beer with artists from Zagreb, sharing stories from our artistic lives and views on art. It was nice. I got that exciting feeling in my chest on those stairs, that things will start to shift in my life… And they did!

nikolina pikaatelier

Another illegal drive with tram, some food and then a little party in the atelier of one painter. I really loved that Zagreb experience. The people are really nice. And good looking! I’m so happy that Tjaša took me with her. Thank you, Tjaša, I love you!