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#ArtJewelryChallenge: 4th day: Bunny Ears Scrunchies, Finally!

I’m totally killing myself with procrastination. You know, I can get that I procrastinate with paper work and stuff, but I don’t really get why I procrastinate with things I love. Like writing, sewing, painting, going out in the nature, even eating and smoking cigarettes. I am one of those highly sensitive person. Which is good, because people tend to feel good around me, because I am compassionate, but the down side of this is that one little dissapointment and my whole day is screwed. Oh, I just realized what happened today. It was all great, I was super happy,…

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Outfit post: What if we fail? At least we will fail while daring greatly!

So, we had a day off here in Slovenia, still a holiday. And as an entrepreneur I was having an inner fight, you know. “I have work to do, am so behind with everything, I gotta make some money, take care of marketing, I never get enough done, I never earn enough, never enough time…” And the other part of me was saying “Relaaax, it’s a holiday, take care of yourself, do some inner work, it’s still a work, just doesn’t feel like it ;)” Great trick! Thanks God I listened to that second part, because I came from feeling…

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Insight Tuesday: The Connection Between Attention and Shame

 Image source If you are in business, you know you have to get people’s attention if you want them to turn into your customers or clients. There’s many posts out there on how to get people’s attention in a good way, so I won’t focus on this today. I want to share with you my a-ha moment on why some people, including me, have problem with getting attention. I realised about half a year ago, that I really want people’s attention, I want them to see me, but when I get the attention I cannot really stand it, I will…