Snow, shoes, new coat,…

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Is something different in the new year for you?

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Last week in the morning

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Last week in the nightime. Pics without flash. The light is coming from lighting of the castle.


Mansion Dornava

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(Stradivarius coat; unknown cap; Converse shirt of boyfriend-Jure; vintage shirt; Oviesse jeans; Cube shoes)

I think this shirt, which I think is really interesting, was father’s, but I’m not sure. I don’t remember him wearing it 😐

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(Sweet Miss coat; Oviesse cap; unknown scarf; vintage white shirt; Tally Weijl pullover; Passiontex jeans; Cube shoes)

Isn’t my new coat beautiful? I got it on sales for 30 euros, price before sales was 60. About my shoes. These are male shoes. And people sometimes staring and laughing at me because of them. That doesn’t feel good. But if I think twice, I don’t care. They are water resistant, they keeping my soles warm, and in my opinion are totally cute. So keep talking and laughing at me, bitches! If that makes you glad! 😉

With Love,

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By Anita Puksic

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  1. Meni pa se zdijo tvoji čevlji lepi, trendi in super ideja…v Italiji jih nosi veliko žensk in meni se zdi, da dajo eno pikico na i celotnemu stilu. Plašč pa itak lep 🙂

  2. ja plaščk je res kjut 🙂

    ma ej, svaka ti čast za čevlje 😉 js se pa matram v supergah, k so tkoooo mrzle! brrrr! ti pa si svojim nogam prvoščla užitk 😉 pa še pravjo da ni zdrav da te zebe v stopala.

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