Pag 2010 VI.

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dsc08011_thumb5b15d-5970645dsc08019_thumb5b15d-9505839 dsc08021_thumb5b15d-2585630 dsc08022_thumb-7010218dsc08023_thumb-8569311dsc08025_thumb5b15d-9848754 dsc08034_thumb-7102631dsc08035_thumb-3036273 dsc08026_thumb-7052255dsc08038_thumb-9668072 dsc08050_thumb5b15d-1584631 dsc08056_thumb5b15d-5776759 dsc08060_thumb5b15d-2195062 dsc08071_thumb-9440931dsc08072_thumb-5828361 dsc08048_thumb5b15d-3369425 (H&M majica in nogavice; eno krilo Zara; drugo krilo vintage; torba Sewa; očala Gil; čevlji Ali Star)   (H&M tee and socks; one skirt Zara; 2nd skirt vintage; bag Sewa; Gil sunglasses; Ali Star shoes) dsc08074_thumb-4236380dsc08078_thumb-5747280

With Love,

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By Anita Puksic

Full time human being. With whole heart and brain devoted life coach for artists, entrepreneurs and visionaries, that are ready to release their heavy baggage and start living as they always believed deep inside IT IS POSSIBLE, especially for them.


  1. ohhhh, ko gledam te slike tako pogrešam morje… :)) malo premalo ga je bilo zame letos :/ ampak pa drugo leto! :))

    zelo so mi ušeč tvoja očala, tisto z dvojnim krilom pa <3 oh in sploh…


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