“Not all who wander are lost.” –J. R. R. Tolkien

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lsfbyanita252520159_thumb-8518583 Kaj počnem zadnje čase? Berem dobre knjige in ustvarjam polno kulskih stvari iz ‘smeti’. Zraven tega še ljubim in sovražim sebe in počnem enako z ljudmi in svetom. Oh, to potovanje! Fantu niso všeč te hlače. Sem mu povedala, da se ne rabiva vedno strinjat okrog tega, kaj je lepo ;D * * * What I’m up to lately? Reading good books and creating lots of cool stuff from ‘garbage’. Besides that I love and I hate myself and do the same with people and the world. Oh, this journey! Boyfriend doesn’t like those pants. I told him that we don’t need to always agree on what’s beautiful ;D lsfbyanita252520161_thumb-7456703 (DIY hlače; vintage majica; Deichmann shoes) (DIY pants; vintage tee; Deichmann shoes)

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By Anita Pukšič Koren

Full time human being. With whole heart and brain devoted life coach for artists, entrepreneurs and visionaries, that are ready to release their heavy baggage and start living as they always believed deep inside IT IS POSSIBLE, especially for them. As a life & business coach, I help you bring your ducks in a row 🦆🦆🦆 so that you can: bring your best work to the world & get paid for it, have amazing loving & supportive relationships 💖 have more than enough time for yourself and fun things in life. We work on your healthy sense of SELFishness, which allows you to prioritize what matters to you the most and live the life the way you want to live it. Then you can actually bring your individual contribution to the collective, as a healthy cell in the planetary body. Without self-sacrifice and burn-out. anita@anitapuksic.com


  1. Hey, I love your look!
    I start my blog so if you could throw a look that would be great thank you very much and maybe me follow, your photos are very beautiful!

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