Lovrenška jezera

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lsfbyanita2525201531_thumb-3219266 V soboto sem šla na Roglo in Lovrenška jezerca s fantom in mamo. Bilo je čudovito ampak mrzlo. Oblečeno sem imela samo kratko majico in kratke hlače, hvala bogu, da je fant imel pulover v avtu, drugače bi zmrznila 😉 On Saturday I went at Rogla and Lovrenc lakes with boyfriend and my mum. It was wonderful but cold. I wore T-shirt and shorts only, thanks god that boyfriend had a sweater in his car, so I didn’t freeze 😉 lsfbyanita2525201532_thumb-1398927 lsfbyanita2525201533_thumb-2396215 lsfbyanita2525201547_thumb-5372553 lsfbyanita2525201554_thumb-3186049 Nebo v vodi, fotografijo posnel Jure | | Sky in the water, picture taken by Jure lsfbyanita2525201557_thumb-4313736 lsfbyanita2525201559_thumb-4989698 lsfbyanita2525201562_thumb25255b325255d-7912064 Kavboji | | Cowboys lsfbyanita2525201564_thumb-2917516 Grafit v naravi. Haha, tukaj bi lahko sedaj omenila, da me po novem najdete tudi na twitterju 😉 | | Grafitti in nature. Haha, here I could mention that you can also find me on twitter now 😉 lsfbyanita2525201565_thumb-8491061lsfbyanita2525201569_thumb-7882593 lsfbyanita2525201575_thumb-4119130 lsfbyanita2525201582_thumb-2019186lsfbyanita2525201586_thumb-5243976 Kako majhen je fant, če sem 30m nad njim. Saj je bil na vrhu stolpa, ampak je šel hitro dol, ker ga je strah višine :/ Hvala bogu, da mene ni. How small is my boyfriend, when I’m 30m above him. He was at the top of the tower, but went down fast, because he is scared of heights :/  Thank god I’m not. lsfbyanita2525201591_thumb-6433143lsfbyanita2525201595_thumb-5107743

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By Anita Pukšič Koren

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