How to start selling on Etsy, if you live in Slovenia – set up a Paypal account| | Kako začeti s prodajo na Etsyju – ustvari si Paypal račun

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Etsy is a global marketplace for handmade items, where you can get unique pieces from small independent designers from all over the globe (you can even get something from me;). But what if you wanna sell there? And what steps you have to take if you a foreigner living in Slovenia and you want to sell on Etsy? Etsy je spletna trgovina, kjer lahko kupiš unikatne kose od malih neodvisnih oblikovalcev in ustvarjalcev iz celega sveta (med njimi tudi od mene;). Kaj pa narediš, če želiš tam prodajati? In kakšni so prvi koraki? Ker je eden izmed pogojev za prodajo tudi osnovno znanje angleščine, drugače je komunikacija s kupci in predstavljanje svojih izdelkov nemogoče, bo preostanek objave samo v angleščini. I have meant to write a post that would cover all you need to know, but I started with Paypal and figured out I could make a research and write for a whole week and I couldn’t fit everything into one post. So today it’s only about Paypal.  And the next post will be about shipping. And the next one about having it all legal in Slovenia. And the next one with some tips. If you have a Paypal account already, you can open your shop immediatelly. If you sing up and create a shop using this link, you’ll get first 40 listings for free (fee per listing is $0.20). paypal_logo-3229374 Oh, you don’t? Got a credit card or prepaid card like Mastercard or Visa? Great! Then you can go to Paypal, sign up and verify the card. But just in case, read this post till the end. When I was setting up my Paypal account a few years ago, I had to get Visa credit card, (which got me in lots of trouble with debt). I had to wait one month to get a code you need to verify your Paypal account on my credit card statement. Fees for withdrawing cash were crazy – no matter if I withdraw 10 or 60€ I had to pay 6€ fee when withdrawing the cash on ATM. So, if you don’t already have a credit card, I suggest you NOT getting one. Spending the money you don’t have sucks. Better option is debit or prepaid card. I currently use prepaid Payoneer Mastercard. Unfournately you can’t find a card that you could use totally for free 😉 Every option has good sides and bad sides. Because I know the Payoneer card the most I can tell you pluses and minuses of it. + you can withdraw your money from Paypal account (that’s the reason I got it) to it and then you can withdraw it at any ATM over the globe – $3.15 fee per transaction applies + you get a virtual bank account in US, which is great, because when you withdraw money from your Paypal account to it, you don’t pay a Paypal fee (which is 2€ for withdrawing money to your card, and you have to have Visa to do so) – but there is a fee you have to pay to payoneer for withdrawing money from Paypal and it is 1% of the transaction + you can follow all your transactions and statements via your payoneer account on the internet, so you always know how much money you have on it – It cost $29.95 per year.  + if you sign up for it via this link, you receive $25 when you load the card with at least $100. So, after calculation, you pay less then $5 for account maintenance in first year. + you receive card in a month, but I received it in 8 days (you get it from New York). payoneer252520fees25255b325255d-6941599 You can also ask for a Visa Electron at your bank or you can get SmartPayCard by Mastercard (where to get check here). You can withdraw your money from Paypal to Visa, but you can’t withdraw it with SmartPayCard, which sucks, because you probably won’t spend all your money for buying things on the internet. So, best option is Payoneer Mastercard or Visa Electron. Unfounately I don’t know much about Visa Electron. I just know you get it for free, but fees for transactions and withdrawings at ATM are diffrent from bank to bank. Now, when you get your card, you have to verify your Paypal account with it. How you can verify it with your Payoneer card, read here.

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  1. HI Anita

    This is very nice of you taking your time on this. thanks a lot and I will really get this payoneer card.
    and by the way do you have a studio in Slovenia were you do your stuff or at home?

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