DIY: sandals

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Na blogu Sobotno dopoldne sem dobila idejo za predelavo japonk v sandale. Moram povedat, da sem zelo zadovoljna z rezultatom svojega DIY projekta. Tukaj imam oblečeno krilo čez oblekco. Zelo mi je všeč, kako spodnji del oblekce kuka izpod krila. * * * On the blog Sobotno dopoldne I got the idea for turning flip flops into sandals. I have to say I’m really happy with the results of my DIY. There I wore skirt over the dress. I love how the bottom of the dress peeks out from the skirt.  vintage252520skirt_thumb25255b325255d-6155042(Vintage krilo; H&M oblekca; DIY sandali) (Vintage skirt; H&M dress; DIY sandals) detail_thumb-5605410acorn_thumb-7184332sandals_thumb-5490700 Jeej, oblikovalka čevljev sem ;D | | Yaay, I am a shoe designer ;D h252526m252520dress_thumb-6729988skirt252520detail_thumb-6063042 vintage252520skirt252520n252520h252526m252520dress_thumb-4412429

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