DIY: Jeans shorts with a lace

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lsfbyanita2525201036_thumb-1720758 Ko sem danes zjutraj videla tole fotko na tumblrju, mi je srce poskočilo! In vsi glasovi v meni so naenkrat zavpili ‘DIY DIY DIY!’ When I saw this picture today in the morning on the tumblr, my heart jumped! And all the voices inside of me screamed together ‘DIY DIY DIY!’ lsfbyanita2525201027_thumb-1694094 Babica mi je pred par meseci dala ta čipkasti trak. In pojma nisem imela, kaj bom z njim. Ampak sem ga vseeno sprejela, ker nikoli ne veš, heh. In ker je težko reči babici ne. My grandma gave me few months ago that lace strap. And I had no idea what I’m going to do with it. But I accepted it anyway, because you never know, heh. And because is hard to say no to the grandma. lsfbyanita2525201006_thumb-2371587 V eni škatli v hiši sem našla še stare kratke hlače iz jeansa. In začela z delom. Zalikala sem čipkasti trak (prvo na najvišji temperaturi in ga en kos zažgala, zato sem nadaljevala na najnižji, hah) kot vidite na fotki. I found a pair of old jeans shorts in some box in our house. And then I started with the work. I ironed the lace strap (first on the highest degree and burned a piece of it, so I continued on the lowest temperature, hah)  like you see on the picture. lsfbyanita2525201010_thumb-1154840 In potem sem začela šivat. Vse naokrog. And then I started with sewing. All around.lsfbyanita2525201014_thumb-5204300lsfbyanita2525201016_thumb-5985339lsfbyanita2525201017_thumb-7376242   Kaj menite? Jaz sem čist zaljubljena in komaj čakam, da jih oblečem! What do you think? I love love them and can’t wait to wear them! lsfbyanita2525201033_thumb-9267019 lsfbyanita2525201029_thumb-2320886

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