Cool People Wearing 3 Ptice: Maja Frankovic from Zagreb

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maja252520frankovic252520wearing2525203252520ptice25255b225255d-2608655 OMG, this woman makes my blog so much more beautiful with her presence! So, I am ashamed to say that I needed a year and a half (!) to post these pictures that Maja sent to me after she bought 3 Ptice bunny ear scrunchie from my shop on Etsy. Well, I have a good reason, at least I think so 😉 I wanted to make a new set of bunny ear scrunchies and then use these beautiful pictures to promote them. Yes, I’m bloody honest what were my intentions 😉 Well, I have not put making bunny ear scrunchies on my priority list for so long, because I wasn’t sure if there’s enough funky gals besides me, Maja and one other chick that bought one from me, out there to wear them proudly in their hair. But yesterday I started cutting the fabrics for these scrunchies again, actually, they are my first sewing project in my new studio! Here’s the proof, first test one, made to see if I still got it 😉 So, if you are one of those funky gals who loves to have fun with what they wear, keep an eye on 3 Ptice Etsy shop, because I’m gonna list some in the next week. Now, let’s go to Maja. I did my google research, ofc, and found out these chic chick is pretty well known for her amazing style. Unfortunately I couldn’t find her blog, so I guess she doesn’t have one 🙁  But I found 2 interviews with her in Croatian language, but her style is international, so make sure to check the pictures. One, two. She wears lots of vintage and her hair is just amazing whether she wears it in classy or funky way or with 3 Ptice scrunchie 😉 This might sound shallow, but I have a special space in my heart for people who dress so cool. I just want to hug them when I see them (if I don’t know them, I smile to them and they often smile back like we recognized each other)! So, Maja hope you receive this huge virtual hug from me! maja252520frankovic252520bunny252520ear252520scrunchie25255b225255d-1901323 maja252520frankovic25255b225255d-3400414   cool252520people252520wearing2525203252520ptice252520maja252520frankovic25255b225255d-2987976

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  1. Sama zase vem, da če bi se tale gumica z ušeski spet pojavila na 3 Pticah, bi jo z veseljem kupila, ker sem po tej objavi šla namreč takoj preverit na tvojo stran, če je še kje kakšna. Podpiram, da narediš še kakšno!

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