Can’t you see how cool am I? I’m wearing two skirts! ;;)

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dsc06338_thumb5b25d-5453966dsc06342_thumb5b25d-3033001 dsc06343_thumb5b25d-5381679 gif20telefon_thumb5b25d-9856752 Pogovor po telefonu z mamo. Klicala me je, ker je pozabila kupiti limone. In Jure me je fotografiral med pogovorom, česar sprva nisem opazila. Ko pa sem, sem začela malo pozirat. Težko se je vzdržat, ko vidiš, da te nekdo fotografira, kaj?   Talking on the phone with my mum. She called me, because she forgot to buy lemons. And Jure was taking pictures during our talk. What I did not see at first, but when I did I started posing a little. It’s so hard not to pose when you see that someone is taking pics of you, don’t you think? (Vintage bluza; zgornje krilo Zara; spodnje krilo neznano; rožaste nogavičke H&M; Ali Star čevlji, Pull&Bear pas; Accessories torbica) (Vintage blouse; upper skirt Zara; unknown lower skirt; H&M floral socks; Ali Star shoes; Pull&Bear belt; Accessories clutch) Tole modro vintage bluzo sem dobila od mame; zgornje krilo mi je kupil Jure pred tremi leti; spodnje krilo sem si kupila, ko sem še bila v osnovni šoli. Glede naslova: Nisem vedla, kako naj drugače spravim pozornost na krili, ker vem, da večina ljudi ne prebere, kar je tukaj napisano. in res želim, da veste, da imam dve krili na sebi 😉 Jutri pa Bazeni Energije v termah Ptuj! Woohoo, party! This blue vintage blouse I got from my mum; the upper skirt had been bought by Jure, about 3 years ago; the lower skirt I bought when I have been still in primary school. About the post title: I didn’t know how to get your attention on my skirts otherwise, because I know that most of the people do not read what’s written here. And I really want that you guys see I have two skirts on me 😉 I’m going to the pool party tomorrow, woohoo!

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  1. Lol, that was like so candid, the talking on the phone with mom pictures 😀
    I actually thought it looked like a tiered skirt 🙂
    I think it's a brilliant idea and one doesnt need to waste money on getting 'inseparable' tiered ones 😀

    And, thank you very much for your sweet comments over at my blog, I really appreciate it <3

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