#ArtJewelryChallenge: 1st day – I love books & deep shit conversations – tote bag by 3 Ptice

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i252520love252520books252520and252520deep252520shit252520conversations25255b225255d-1633880 There’s an #ArtJewelryChallenge going on Facebook and I decided to take it to the next level and also showcase my work here on my blog for five days in a row. Yes, even though I’m sure I talk a lot about my brand, I know that some of you are to busy with your lives to actually notice I do something else besides writing 😉 So what are the rules? For 5 days, the nominated artist will show of her/his pieces, and also nominate one other artist every day to do the same. For the first day I decided to pick 3 Ptice “I love BOOKS & deep shit CONVERSATIONS tote bag. It’s totally my favourite one at the time and I’m really happy that other people love it as well. Not just because it makes me some money, I also get excited everytime somebody orders one, because I know they are my kind of people, you know. You can get it in handpainted or screenprinted version.

So, thanks to Patsy and Unikat by Amadeja for the nomination, and today I nominate Kvičke Kvačke (etsy shop, facebook).

With Love,

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