An open letter to intellectuals

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I was afraid to publish this post. I don’t know why. I was very inspired (how could I not be when I was in company of so many incredible folks during that day) when I was writing it and I felt totally me. So, here we go:

You know people, sometimes I have a very long day, but cannot sleep. Not because I would worry so much, but because I feel so inspired. There are such intense feelings in my heart and my wonderful brain translate them into thoughts and words. And from one thought comes another and so on until I know, that if I wanna get some sleep I have to write the shit down! And that’s that wonderful shit that makes the things grow. And what I wanna grow is awareness and action. And if you thinking to quit reading here, because this reminds you of some »inspirational-spiritual-crap-speeches«, you can feel free to do so, but I would much more prefer if you carry on, because I know you have some freaking smart head there on your shoulders and I’m sure that you could use it not just for defining problems of this world and sharing them with other great minds that think alike, but also for making solutions!

Yes, people, solutions! And you know what, this is your responsibility! If you are able to take yourself this freedom to see the problems of this world and write (and talk a lot) about them, you also have to take responsibility to produce the solutions!

One coin, two sides, one is freedom and the other one is responsibility. I know you are great at raising awareness about problems, I read your columns, folks, damn, I some time even get totally lost at reading all those comments that other intellectuals posts under your posts. And you know what? I feel like a crap then! What I just wasted my time on? Reading your smart brain ego games? Yes, I do judge you here! I judge myself as well when I’m like that. When I am intellectualizing for the sake of intellectualizing, just to show the strength of my mind when beating someone in the game of the arguments.

You professional complainers, it’s time to start using your brain better! You know what is going on? People are still killing each others because of such silly reasons like tradition, religion, oil, diamonds, cash, status… Well that’s one stupid ass thing. The other one is that it might happen that we will have no place to kill each other anymore. And we aren’t even aware of this fact because we are to busy killing each other, either is with guns or our oh so smart words (that we sometimes have to look in dictionary what they even mean)!

Hello, Earth is calling you! Mother Earth is calling you! And if you hear her call just a little bit, you motherfucker better listen! Stop fucking with mother Earth! Let’s make love, you MotherEarthLovers!

You know, I was at one pretty cool thing. It was a round table about the ecology.

And there was a really smart man, who makes great things. His company is super eco friendlier (I learned there that this is more correct to say than eco friendly). But I was a bit sad and a bit angry when I was listening to him. He said that human race doesn’t bring anything to this world. We are just polluting and screwing up the ecosystems. How nihilistic (hey, I had to put one smart word in there or you couldn’t take me seriously), human race has no sense… And yes, we are screwing up things.

But people, we also love! Everybody knows that flowers grow better if you talk to them! We all heard about those experiments with crystals of water and different emotions. We saw pictures, man! We all know what love can do! Or have you never ever felt it? If you are not sure, I have another one for you, you definitely saw beauty. Those perfect trees and birds on the blue sky? You know, beauty and love are pretty close. Have you ever found how people become more beautiful when you love them? Just like those water crystals (I heard that 65 percents of our bodies is water). And you know what? When you feel love, things are starting to connect together! Love connects! It draws people to you.

Those open hearted smart people are being drawn to you. You have great conversations! Somebody is listening! You feel loved! You share your minds with each others. And then you feel this little voice that says »We could do something together«. And you take action! That’s how we bore things, that’s how our brain childs (and real childs) come to life. We connect. Energy exchange. Action taking! You feel like taking action when you love. Even just feeling love is on some scale an action! When you feel love, when you feel connected, you don’t want to hurt people. You don’t want to hurt the mother Earth. You love her for all the beauty she provides.

Oh, back to intellectuals. I love you fellas, I really do. I appreciate people with strong minds. I feel your power there! You have power over people! Even though you sometimes feel like you don’t. But people appreciate you for being smart. Even though sometimes appears like they don’t. You have power man and I think you should use it wisely! Wisdom is a fusion of a mind and heart and action. And I believe you are wise enough to inspire people to start taking loving action. Make it cool (that new cool, you know). We have to make taking care for ourselves, each other, the Earth a cool thing. Ecology must be cool, learning must be cool, thinking must be cool. Because this ain’t no time to sit around cryin’like a bunch of pussies.’ We have our mother Earth and each other to love. So, let’s find out what kind of solutions can love give to us and start taking little steps everyday.

Please,do write in your columns about possible solutions. Don’t be so afraid of what will people say if you show a bit of idealism. Imagine that people who read your smart words, doesn’t just complain and hate on each other in the comments, but that they are trying to find a solution, build something together and take responsibility for their actions. Imagine that! So,what do you think, how can we make love and taking care of the Earth a super cool thing? What is one small action you could take today? I’m looking forward to reading your ideas, so please, do share with us. Hint: Think syntropy instead of entropy.

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He likes cats. I prefer dogs. But I totally love the look on his face when he sees a cat. That’s why I like cats more than I used too.

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With Love,

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By Anita Puksic

Full time human being. With whole heart and brain devoted life coach for artists, entrepreneurs and visionaries, that are ready to release their heavy baggage and start living as they always believed deep inside IT IS POSSIBLE, especially for them.


  1. Super inspirativen zapis Anita! Res hecno, kako se ego oklepa svojih prepričanj, vse z namenom, da preživi..

    Osebno me intelekt ne fascinira, kadar ni v kombinaciji z modrostjo, intuicijo, ljubeznijo..

    1. Hvala, Janja!

      Mene fascinira misel na potencial, ki ga imajo nekateri zelo pametni ljudje, ki s svojimi pogledi zlahka vplivajo na druge, žal pogosto na negativen način. Kako koristno za vse bi bilo, če bi bilo v njihovih zapisih malce več ljubezni do človeštva (:

  2. vceraj sem razmisljala kako noro dobro bi bilo, ce bi vsi ljudje za svoje delo dobili enako placilo. Vsi bi imeli isto denarja in vsi bi delali tisto kar jih resnicno veseli.

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