Super Affordable
10 Day Journaling Challenge

What’s challenging about it?

Well, I challenge you to do all the exercises and still feel shitty about your life πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦

No, but really.

You will receive 10 emails, with all together 10 journaling exercises. Some emails are super short, some of them a tiny bit longer (in case I share my personal stories).

Each one contains journaling prompts. Some journaling exercises will be easy on you, and some will propel you to go deeper.

However, the tone of the whole challenge is light and fun. It’s up to you to decide how deep you want to go.

High On Life
Why journaling?

Because journaling is like a free therapy. You need notebook and ink (or computer) and that’s it. Whenever I sit down and write for 15 minutes, I get an insight / figure something out / get a sense of relief / get a sense of clarity / connect with my true self / all of it. And more.

Why 10 days?

It feels like a good timeframe to see some changes. You will get emails with exercises for 5 days, then you will have two days off (you can repeat some exercises or do some you left out in this time) and then you will get emails with exercises again.

Why is called High On Life?

Because that feeling you get when you get an insight / breakthrough / transformation / connect deeper with yourself is a bit like getting high, but way much better. You feel alive, connected to Life, one with it, loved by it, and that’s the best feeling ever. You feel yourSelf and it feels divine.

Why is it so affordable?

Because I wrote it in 2018, and I now see it as a light, but heartfelt introduction to inner work. If I wrote it today, I would go much deeper on some things I was saying. However, when I was translating it in June 2022, I still took some notes
β‡Ύ my younger self knew some things I really need to remember more often.

I bet you will experience something similar when you will a few years in the future stumble on your journal entries from this challenge. You will notice the things you put into practice, embodied, brought into fruition thanks to the courage of writing them down, and you will notice the timeless wisdom, things you need to remind yourself throughout your life to stay in alignment with your truest Nature.