Confidentiality Agreement for Participant & Insider Membership Level

  • Confidentiality agreement

    By signing this agreement, you are honouring my commitment to share what could be of value while simultaneously respecting my privacy.
  • By becoming a member on in the Participant/Insider level, you agree that:

    You will not share the personal information disclosed by the author (Anita Pukšič) in communication with other people in a way that could reveal her identity or identity of her friends, family members, past or present employers or any other person she is mentioning in her Participant/Insider content.

    You will not share her original content, tools, techniques without her written permission.

    Simply put, that means:
    -> no gossiping
    -> no sharing the content outside of Participant/Insider level of without written permission from Anita

    You agree that you will use the content for your own inner work, contemplation and entertainment.

    Example: I write a post about my experience as ACOA where I mention some of my family members. You are touched by the post as you find some similarities with your own story. You want to share your experience with your friend and to put it into context, you want to explain what inspired you to share. You may say: I read a post on the internet from a woman who had a similar experience as me…
    But do NOT say: I read a post from Anita Pukšič on her membership site about a shitty experience she had with her [family member] who was alcoholic.

    You agree that you will not share any personal information about other members of Participant or Insider that may be shared by them in the comments, user profile, or anywhere else inside Participant/Insider membership level with anyone in a way that could reveal the identity of those members.

    I, Anita Pukšič, will respect your privacy and I will not share any of the personal information you share with me inside Participant/Insider level without your permission. Your comments are safe and will not be visible to anyone who is not a member of Participant or Insider.

    If you have any questions before signing this agreement or if there is anything you do not understand, please contact me at

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