Coaching Pricing


A sparkle here, a sparkle there. (But no lasting warmth.)

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Package for Students, Unemployed, Retirees

What you envision: Waking up with a feeling you have something to look forward to in your day. You want to figure out what your talents and gifts are and what would be the best way to spend you time on this planet.

Current progress: You are trying different things to see what you like the most.

Financial picture: stipend or governmental support, pension, occasional jobs, no income

Emotional picture: Burst of inspiration that feel like caffeine high, where you feel like you can do eveeeerything, followed by times when you just want to sleep or binge watch Netflix to avoid dealing with a feeling of disappointment. Until next burst of inspiration.


1 timer:
Package of 4 or more sessions:
Long term commitment (16 or more sessions):


You are on fire! (But you are afraid of burning out fast, if you go full in.)

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Package for Artists, Writers, Poets, Misfits, Innovators, Visionaries, Freelancers, Healers…

What you envision: Doing what you love, living the best life possible.

Current progress: You are already on your way, sometimes fighting the doubts, but taking the steps anyway.

Financial picture: unsteady income, willingness to track your finances.

Emotional picture: You have a burning desire and are driven to bring it to life. Occasional rollercoasters caused by self-doubt and strange feeling of being judged. You sometimes silently question whether you are crazy or the world is.


1 timer:
Fixed price: Package of 4 or more sessions:
Flexible pricing:
Package of 4 or more sessions:
10€/session + 10% of monthly income


You are always giving your best. (But you are slowly burning out.)

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Package for Employees

What you envision: Doing what you love for living, loving what you are doing, enough time for self-care, loved ones and for your hobbies

Current progress: You try your best to juggle all the life’s demands on you.

Financial picture: monthly salary

Emotional picture: you don’t want to be ungrateful and you don’t want to complain, but you silently question yourself Is that it?!


1 timer:
Package of 4 or more sessions:
Long term commitment (16 or more sessions):


A little something that is going to keep you going. (Perfect to clear a little roadblock or as a refresher session!)

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20 minutes (or less).

Price: 30€

Deep dive

You are ready for a breakthrough! (And you are ready to get open and vulnerable for few hours straight).

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2h to 4h of deep work in one day. One or two hour break if needed.

You are required to fill in a questionary before and after our session for maximum benefit.

Price: 120€/session

All inclusive

You are committed to see what happens when you take care of your inner fire for a year. (And you love to be supported !)

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16 coaching sessions weekly, after those four months coaching sessions weekly / biweekly or whenever you need them.

Intensive deep dives when you need them.

Sweet&short mini sessions when you need them.

Messenger access (I respond in 48h).

Price: 1600€/year