#ArtJewelryChallenge: 2nd day – This ain’t no time to sit around, cryin’ like a bunch of pussies

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Yep, it’s not. It’s time for action, fellas! This is 3 Ptice bestseller among the tote bags. It’s is so close to my heart because of the message, because of all amazing action oriented people that bought it, because I sent one to NY, on the 5th Avenue to the office of producers of the movie (nominated for 4 oscars!) from which I took the words, because it makes me happy and full of energy everytime I’m stamping it. Ah, just love it! It’s perfect bag for entrepreneurs, artists, bloggers, students, activist, ecologists and everyone who feel depressed to get up and going!

There’s an #ArtJewelryChallenge going on Facebook and I decided to take it to the next level and also showcase my work here on my blog for five days in a row.
So what are the rules?
For 5 days, the nominated artist will show of her/his pieces, and also nominate one other artist every day to do the same.
So, thanks to Patsy and Unikat by Amadeja for the nomination, and today I nominate a truly amazing young painter known as Blutkind Antizoloft.  



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By Anita Puksic

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