“Writing about a writer’s block is better than not writing at all” – Charles Bukowski

Hello, people.

I’m not sure what to write about.

I have a little bit of a writer’s block. Or should I call it blogger’s block? Ah, writer’s block sounds better.

I’m not sure if I can provide you with any value at the moment.

An hour ago I said I’m gonna write. But first I had to make myself a cacao. And I was hungry again. So I sliced an apple + ate some dried pears. Now I feel like preparing some toast with that delicious spread with curry.

I gained few kilos in last few months. At first, I just thought I am a bit distended, but when I stepped on a scale I realised I have two kg extra. Now I’m feeling a bit afraid, that I’m gonna become one of those people who can’t just eat whatever they want whenever they want. Fuck.

But maybe I can calm down. It’s no wonder I gained weight. I was mostly at home and I cook good and I wasn’t moving much. But spring is coming and I already feel that urge to walk more, discover the nature. But still, maybe it’s time to put working out in my calendar? Hmm, not really calendar, I don’t feel like going to some group workouts. Not really my thing. Yet.

Here and there I used to be in a habit of little daily workout. Easy-peasy thing like some stretching, dancing, energy exercises (tai chi style). Just a little something for the awareness of my body. I would say to myself I’m gonna have a 10 minute exercise time and then I found myself almost an hour later still enjoying my body.

Oh my goodness, I have to do this now.

Back to writing, three hours later. One hour spent for exercising (stretching and dancing) and then two hours spent for watching music videos + watching beautiful girls on youtube and instagram.

It’s this stupid behavior I sometimes indulge in. Way too often. I mean, sometimes it can be fun, but watching others people perfect looking life instead of enjoying mine is just stupid.

Back in times, we had fashion magazines (I know they still exist, but I don’t remember when I bought the last one). And people were talking, how reading these magazines can damage your self-image. Yet we knew those were models, young girls in grown-up clothes, photoshopped and all, selling us an illusion.

I remember I didn’t care much about it. For fucks sake, I could eat whatever I wanted without getting fat. I just enjoyed beautiful images, feeling inspired afterward.

Now I compare myself. Look at her, she is 8 years younger than me and she is actually making money doing what she love, while I still try to figure it out, even though I know everything I should already know, I just don’t put it in practice, because I’m guilty of watching other people doing it.

I’m wearing: H&M dress that I bought 10+ years ago; Pompea tights; Tailly Weijl shoes (a few years old); secondhand shirt.

Years ago I used to think, that when I will be a few years older, I will be able to do some things. I felt like I was too young. Now I feel like I am too old already. Damn it.   A few years older than me are already getting botox and shit.

Oh, what I meant to say was, that in magazines we knew it’s an illusion. But all these girls on Instagram are real. They are not models, even though they could be. They are talented and hard working and they definitely have a keen eye for seeing what’s working and what’s not, what looks good and what’s not… They even have something to say, at least some of them, and that’s the reason I cannot hate on them.

Jeez, you know, I’m super confused. Maybe I indulge in this activities because I’m not sure exactly what I want.

It’s like I have shit loads of different personalities in me.

Richard Branson and some unnamed not famous hippie at the same time. On one side, I have all these ideas and I know they could work, there’s a market for them. On the other hand, please, just give me peace, I can grow my own food and enjoy nature, read books, think about deep questions and I just need enough to pay my bills, fuck millions.

I want everybody to love me and fuck you all, you don’t matter.

A part of me that is grown up and responsible. And part of me that is still afraid that people will make fun of me.

A part of me that says “You should post this, other people feel this way too”. And part of me that says “Don’t post this, unless you want people giving you advice. Which you know you don’t want.”

Haha, okay, now that I got this off my mind, I can get back to promoting my new product -> super eco-friendly pencil cases/toiletry pouches. Do check them out.

Ohh, another thing! I received these super duper tights from Pompea. One of the best products I received in the history of that blog. Which is not that many, but still! There is even a cute law of attraction story behind it. Back in December, I was freezing on art market one day. Another artist told me that she wears some special infrared tights. Some magical tights that return warmth from your body back to your body. Waaa, I want this. I was actually thinking, that it would be smart to write to a shop that sells them, maybe they would be up for a product-for-blog-post exchange. But of course, I forgot about it. And a few weeks ago one girl wrote to me on facebook, if I am willing to write a review for some tights. Yeah, of course, there’s never too many tights!

When I opened them, I saw these are those infrared tights! Woohoo!

They are from the Italian brand called Pompea.

Do they work? They do! The sensation on the skin feels different than from the other tights as soon as you put them on. When I wear nylon tights under the pants I sometimes feel like I’m more cold with them than without them… No such feeling with Pompea tights.

As you can see on the pictures, I wore them on a warm winter day. It was 10 degrees Celsius, yet I was surprised about it. It felt like 15. My legs didn’t feel cold at all. And I’m not one of those girls who would sacrifice health to look good (and yet I wear heels on these pictures -> eye rolling at myself). I just don’t understand people who show off their ankles in the winter time…

So, yes, these tights are ah-fucking-mazing. I feel sorry for myself I didn’t own them in the bloody cold January already… I want more of them. I hope I will make some extra money to buy a few extra pairs. I like to show off my legs 😀

Oh, that thing about anti-cellulite? I’m not sure if I can believe this. Well, it cannot hurt, for sure. But just feeling warmer makes me praise these tights. If I will loose a bit of cellulite, that’s a nice extra, though…

I totally recommend them. 10/10

I have been hiding.

bloggers from Slovenia

I’ve been doing the work. I have been productive. I’ve been figuring things out. Which was also productive. But I’ve also been hiding.

I’ve been perfecting myself. Learning about myself. Watching myself, listening to myself. But I’ve also been hiding.

I’ve been listening to others. Been there for them, gave them my best. My silence, my presence, my comforting words, sometimes my raw words. But I’ve also been hiding.

Waiting to share myself when I got it all perfect, when I know everything, when I prove myself first…

I forgot it’s not just about final destination. It’s about journey.

And I created so much of journey, that I couldn’t find time to share it with you.


And I also ask myself, who do you think you are, thinking that some cares about you and your journey. It sounds boring anyway. You are still trying to figure things out. The same thing you do your whole life already. You are still working on your brand. The same thing you do for last 4 years or something like that. You are still sharing your thoughts with the world. On the internet. Because in real world you usually just listen, and ask questions, being to afraid to speak up, afraid of confrontation, afraid of people saying to you, “shut up, you talk too much”, or turning their eyes away from you, or even make you uncomfortable by seeing you. And so you keep quiet. The same thing you do for years.

ecofriendly personal style bloggers

(I’m wearing: secondhand leggings; secondhand shorts; boyfriend’s hat and jumper; the scarf that boyfriend bought me years ago; Deichmann shoes)


Because others are more important. Because others know it better. They are more experienced. And you are too young. Still.

Because you shouldn’t show off. Because you don’t want to share too much. Because you don’t want to say something, and change your mind the next day and you don’t want to feel like a phoney because of it.

Because you have to have it perfect. And be kind. And sweet.

And I scroll down through the social media and I think:



to sweet, I can’t even hear you, boring


oh one fun thing…

Okay, enough of social media for today.

And then I don’t share a thing. Or if I do, it’s the same boooooooring, not raw, not honest, not vulnerable, just as everyone else does it.

And I ask myself, why the fuck nobody hears me, why the fuck nobody see me, why the fuck am I so productive, yet I will have to break my piggy bank, if I want to repair my car…

Because I became just another “boring”, who is trying to fit in. A moment of compassion for myself. Time for self-forgiveness.

And let’s move on.

Because I’m here to make waves.

on a mission

how to establish a routine

How to establish a routine that works for you?

ecofriendly personal style bloggers
I’m wearing: Secondhand jumper, scarf, shirt and coat; New Yorker leggings (about 5 years old I think); Deichmann shoes (more about them and conscious buying here)


I woke up early today. 5:30. I want to become a morning person. I wanted this for so freaking long. I always felt like “If I could just get up in the morning a few hours earlier, I could be way more successful.” I could meditate, journal, write blog, schedule social media updates… By the noon or even earlier I could be done with most of the things that are crucial for running the business, but just don’t get done, if I sleep too long.

Because if I get up at between 9 and 10, I have to eat first, I don’t feel like meditating anymore, because I feel already behind with my work… and then I go check out if grandma and grandpa are okay… and then I just start working on something that feels the most important in the moment. And half of a day is almost over.

I’ve been thinking about a routine I need to establish to get shit done while still enjoying the work and feeling like myself.

How to fit everything in a day? I mean, it has only 24 hours and you sleep 8 of them.

Work, time for myself, time for others, housework, time to learn new things, time to enjoy the book or watch a movie…

Getting up earlier seems like the best way.

I figured out that is best, if I write in the morning. If I say that I’m gonna write in the evening, I usually don’t. I feel like, “Oh, I’ve done enough today, I deserve to relax.” Yet I don’t feel really relaxed, because another part of me is saying “But you haven’t wrote a post for too long and you know how important is that you write”.

(Important for me as a person, because I feel way more clear and calm about life, if I write, and also important for biz and making connections with people.)

Yeah, I think I’m kinda getting there, to my perfect routine.

Getting up early, meditation, writing in my diary, checking the analytics, getting stuff done on the computer (writing, social media, SEO, editing posts, uploading new stuff to my shop), breakfast, visit to grandma and grandpa, some time for myself (maybe also going through Italian lessons) or doing something in the house, lunch, heading to my studio where I do actual stuff, sewing, painting on bags, ironing them, posting on instagram my work progress, preparing packages, maybe a coffee with a friend or just myself, meeting boyfriend, a walk with my dog and a book or movie or learning something in the evening. And bed time before 10 p.m.

Okay, that sounds great. Now if I only could stick to this. Well, I’m gonna give it a try. I know not everyday can be like this, because sometimes I just need more time for myself or sometimes there are days when I really enjoy hanging with people. Or when I get obsessed with something and gotta figure it out.

But I really want a routine that would work for me, so that when I’m spontaneous, I would feel spontaneous, and not like a mess who cannot stick to her plans.

Okay, hope you get me. I planned to journal in my personal diary about this for a few weeks now, but I just didn’t make it my priority. And I did not plan to share this publicly (I don’t know why it feels so personal to me), I had no idea what I will write about when I started, but now that is written, I’m gonna publish it.

Your turn. What’s your routine if you have it? Are you happy with it? Do you want to establish some kind of routine? Please share in the comments (unless it feels too personal 😉

You never know where the keyboard can take you.

Anita Puksic Life.Style.Fun.

So, hello world. I don’t exactly know where to start. It’s a new year, fresh beginnings. I admit, I’m one of those people who loves new year. Even though I was quite overwhelmed yesterday by thinking of all those things I want to achieve in 2016. Like becoming a polyglot, write a lot, forgive everyone in my life, especially myself, earn shit loads of money while not overworking myself, take more time for family, friends and myself, watch more movies, read more books, travel way more, learn SEO and put it in practice, exercise daily, eat healthier, have a clean house, make bunch of new things, get rid of things I no longer use and keep the daily meditation practice going. And have lots of fun while doing it all. Okay, now that I wrote all this down, it seems kinda doable. That’s probably because I’m in really good mood and a cup (that has written over it “Screw it, let’s do it!”) of coffee helps too.

Yeeey, first paragraph written! I was having this writing block for a past few months. I was really like “Who tha fuck cares, what’s going on in your life, Anita”. Like I have nothing smart to say and I better keep myself quiet. Or just away from the keyboard. Why add more to that internet noise? But hey, Anita, you can write for yourself in the first place! Here and there I go through old posts from years ago and I just love to read what was I thinking. I love all the optimism in my post. I feel, that when I’m getting older, I slowly lose some of my idealism and positive energy. And that’s the shit I don’t like. So I’m gonna write more, because it’s one of my favourite tools for gaining clarity. And when I feel clear in my head, without a fog, I’m naturally more optimistic and full of positive energy.

2015 was probably the best year of my life so far. I’m very happy with myself. I established some good, healthy habits through out the year. I had so much fun. Made bunch of smart choices. Bunch of my wishes came true, because I decided it was time for make them reality. And the Universe did its part too. That’s why I am way more optimistic now about my dreams, because I have bunch of proofs I’m capable of turning them from imagination to the real world. Yeah, life can really be exciting!

I’m happy with how I evolve as a person. Of course, there are the things I thought I’m gonna have in order by my 25 and I’m still working on those… But I found out something so exciting in December. A piece of information that helped me so much. It was such an AHA moment for me! And I’m so happy to share it with you, if you haven’t heard about it yet! It’s such a vital information for you if you are in your 20’s or if you are still a teenager.

Girls and boys, let me introduce you to part of your brain! It’s called prefrontal cortex. Okay, I’m not a neuroscientist so go check this article about prefrontal cortex and then continue reading.

See (I just got a deja vu in this exact moment – it was my destiny to share this with you😉 why am I so excited about this? For so many years I thought I was a loser because I just couldn’t keep up with my plans. I made a plan but just couldn’t follow it. It got a bit easier for me in the last year as I successfully implemented some good new habits. And I now know why I finally got better at it and why I wasn’t such a loser as I thought I was 😀 My prefrontal cortex wasn’t fully developed yet! It probably still isn’t (yaaay, still have a room for improvement). It makes so much sense to me! I was beating myself up for so long for not being organised enough… I felt here and there what an amazing person I am, but then again I started to feel like a shit the next day when I couldn’t keep up with my awesomeness because my focus melted away.

Now I can forgive myself for not achieving my own standards. Thank you, neuroscience, thank you!

Now I also now why I was often so overwhelmed with emotions. At 24 I realised, that so much of what I’m feeling is so childish. Like I’m still 5 years old. I’m a quite a rational person, but I often felt like my brain is one and my emotional body something completely else. All those fears and anxieties… Turns out that I was still thinking (or should I say feeling) with my amygdala in the first place. Sometimes I still do, of course but prefrontal cortex is taking over. Oh boy, that’s so nice. I love growing up. If you are parent of a teen or you work with your inner child, read this article as well.

Okay, that’s enough for today. Oh, btw, if you don’t have any new year resolutions, here’s a suggestion: Get to know yourself! 😉

I like where this post took me.

Eco Friendly Personal style blogger Slovenia
Wearing: Secondhand sunglasses; boyfriend’s shirt; New Yorker shorts (bought in 2007); C&A winter leggings; Cube shoes (bought them in 2009?)

Fake timberland winter shoes
Style blogger slovenia

Pond Savci Slovenia via Life.Style.Fun. Eco Friendly Personal Style Blog

Pond Savci, Slovenia

Dornava, Slovenia

How to live a dream life

lifestylefun anita puksic I did a visualisation of my dream life today. Of my perfect lifestyle. How would I feel, if I had what I wanted, how would I act… Happy, at peace with myself, aware of the moment and confident. It made me realise, how many things I have now in my life, that I once thought would make me feel like this. The life I’m living now was my dream once. So I kinda already leave my dream life! After that I was working in my studio. Having a place to work outside of my home, where can I be more productive, that was my dream once! Driving back home in my own car… Having my own car was a dream years ago! Making myself a delicious tomato soup (with ingredients I prepared during a year – tomato souce and dried tomatoes, all homegrown and wild garlic pesto) for a dinner… Then drinking green tea and reading Murakami. This is a dream life! Writing a post on a blog that people still read… Wow! Feeling happy, at peace with myself, aware of the moment and confident for a whole day already! That was a dream of mine back in the times when I had constant mood swings. And when I post this I will make myself a hot bath. What a dream!rain boots with flowers

Having cute rain boots was also dream of mine before it came to reality!

fog in wineyards

I’m wearing: secondhand hat and pants; vintage top and cardigan; H&M trench coat I bought in middle school; Boulevard boots

vintage top details

We went to: Island Krk, Croatia. Yep, in October.

krk in october lifestylefun

A post was written. The computer decided to freeze. A post was lost.

So just the point of the lost post: I’m so glad I took a week off, because I’m so full of fresh energy now! Yeeha!

island krk, croatia, on the road to Baškasoline krkBaška, island Krk, Croatia  krk croatia october

Crazy happy at the end of the longest pier I have ever seen. That would be my to go place for meditation if I lived there.

long pier biserujka cave, krk croatia

The Biserujka cave. One of 54 kras caves in Krk. That’s the only one open for public.

seaside in october

Here I went swimming in cold cold water. But it was still fantastic! I love that feeling that swimming in sea gives me. Like I’m back in the womb.


The dog fell in love with a hot dog. Jure and I fell in love with the dog.

he and wifi
Free wifi almost everywhere. Jure was using it a lot. I just checked my e-mails twice, Internet almost equals work for me, so I stay away from it on vacations.

zulu zion socks

Still my favourite pair of socks. Zulu Zion.

3 Ptice backpack

3 Ptice backpack. More 3 Ptice backpacks here.

roadtrippin'again and againBeack in fkk camp, krk Island, Croatiaseapathwayport Krkred pathwaybadasskitschy old town of Krk
cute dog gif

“Where’s that hot dog?”
anita puksic lifestylefun
That’s all folks!
Slovenska Bistrica castel, Slovenia

We went to Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia

Anita Pukšič

Tonight I wear big woolen socks in front of the computer, drink tea and wonder about the autumn. I’m making plans, thinking about buying yet another planner (it looks almost perfect!). Feeling like watching TV series again… The sky is getting more and more beautiful, sunsets lately are pure joy….

I’ve seen more of Slovenia this year than usual. Well, it’s a tiny country, but there’s much to see. Unless you are of those people who always complain… Then you probably don’t see much beauty, no matter where you go.

So, my man and I went to Slovenska Bistrica last Saturday.

I was there quite a few times but wasn’t at the castle yet. So I forced my poor hungry man there and then to park (OMG those trees, they are magical!) and made him take tons of pictures of me, wearing my classic summer outfit in no more so summerish weather.

Can you believe that I wear these dope vintage shorts for years now, but only this year they got the attention they deserved? Finally happy, them pants. That was probably the last day this year that I wore them.

DSC05582rožespet jaziiiiiii, kak luštno!!!grad slovenska bistrica cafetabla pred kafičemringlšpilpark slovenska bistrica3 Ptice drawstring backpack
(3 Ptice drawstring backpack; vintage shorts and top; random shoes)
dreampajčevinepod drevesom grad slovenska bistrica

secondhand vintage style blogger

When I have a terrible need of – shall I say the word – religion. Then I go out and paint the stars. – Vincent Van Gogh

Lately, when people ask me what do I study, my answer is “Life”. It’s my favourite subject. It contains everything. There’s so much to research. And to EXPERIENCE. Damn, I love this thing called life. Living it, exploring it, researching it, thinking about it, manipulating it, relaxin’ in it, sometimes pushing it a bit and going with the flow the next second.

It’s amazing, how short is sometimes route from a hunger and a headache to full stomach and relaxed down to the earth and close to heaven vibe.

It’s amazing, what people show up in your life. Yep, that’s the reason I don’t write so much lately. People, work, researching, meditating. So, more reasons. But here and there I think of you, my dear readers, and I send some blessings your way.

So, about people. Since I started working in my studio in town, I opened up to way more people. It’s kinda like when you switch from primary school to highschool. So much people! And I perceived myself as quite of a loner for most of my life. Or an outsider. Well, for the last few years, when I was mostly working from home, I was both. Still having social interactions, of course, but sometimes I spent lots of time hiding in the depths of myself. I filled in a questionary once and it told me, that I’m 51 of introvert and 49 of extrovert. So, I think I really have to have some balance here. Between being with people and being alone, so that I don’t loose myself.

However, with more people comes sometimes more crap too. But sooner or later I see their crap is often my crap and also their joys are my joys. Like mirrors everywhere. Some situations are pointing out my old hurts. And then I think it through and feel it through and accept it and the next day or even the same one, people shower me with love again, surprise me in such beautiful ways (and then I’m talking behind their backs how awesome they are) and I am shining my sun so bright in all directions, that whole worlds falls back into its place, everything is perfect, and everything is going to the right direction.

Oh, there are some new pieces of my soul (don’t worry I cannot run out of it) in my shop, so check them out, buy yourself something if you deserve it or not 😛

And what about your life? What’s going on for you lately?


I wore this back in May or April. Secondhand sunglasses and leggings; vintage Mura jeans jacket, striped shirt was a gift and sneakers are from Deichmann.

Outfit post: What if we fail? At least we will fail while daring greatly!

Anita Puksic Life.Style.Fun eco friendly fashion blog

So, we had a day off here in Slovenia, still a holiday. And as an entrepreneur I was having an inner fight, you know. “I have work to do, am so behind with everything, I gotta make some money, take care of marketing, I never get enough done, I never earn enough, never enough time…” And the other part of me was saying “Relaaax, it’s a holiday, take care of yourself, do some inner work, it’s still a work, just doesn’t feel like it ;)” Great trick! Thanks God I listened to that second part, because I came from feeling afraid about the week and all anxious (about money, about myself and how I see myself in society) to feeling totally excited about the week, cannot wait to start working on 3 Ptice and this blog as well tomorrow, I cannot wait to sell my goodies to people who want them, share my gifts, make money, change the world. I feel so good about myself, so grateful for everything I am, so grateful for everything I have, so grateful that I live in this beautiful country called Slovenia, so grateful for all the people I love and that I’m so lovable that they love me as well! Good life :*

daring greatly tote bag
I’m wearing: 3 Ptice tote bag; everything else secondhand/gifts

Outfit post: Just secondhand and gifts

Ptuj Drava Park

Just a quickie today. I feel happy, I feel good and I’m hungry so I’m gonna make myself a dinner, and then I’m off for a drink with my friend and some deep shit conversations.. Btw, I totally love these pics, well done mr. Boyfriend, well done!

Anita Puksicsecondhand clothesdeichmann sneakerszelezniski most Ptuj Fino Fino verižicaAnita Puksic 3 Ptice
I’m wearing: (Secondhand leggings, shirt, coat – thanks to duckalicious; secondhand scarf; Fino Fino necklace; sneakers thanks to Deichmann)