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Hello, my dear People. As I told before, with the spring came back my joy for life. Now I would like to share some pieces of my life with you. This joy of sharing also came back. In the winter time, I felt like I have nothing valuable to say. Now I know again, that whatever I say, might bring some value to somebody, even if it’s a just a tiny little bit of it. And even if it’s not bringing value to somebody else, it’s still bringing value to me, because I express myself. Yeeha! And then I feel joy and that brings value to everybody because there’s more joy in the world, even if it’s just a tiny little bit.

It goes the same with love. This is me and Jure. On the first of March, we celebrated 10 years of being together. Oh, my! 😀 We are in love again. You see, when you are together for so long, you sometimes fall out of love. You focus on other things, you have your own worries, you sometimes feel like shit and blame your partner for it. You sometimes get afraid of sharing your needs with your partner, because you shared them before and they weren’t met… You might start to think, what if this, isn’t it? What if is there someone out there who would suit you better? And you start to question and doubt and question and doubt. At least that was my case. And what I realised is, that when I feel this way, the Universe brings me more reasons to question and doubt. And when I decided, that I’m willing to go all in in this relationship, express my needs, listen to his, when I decided to see all the love he is already giving me and receive it, I fell in love with him again. (I’m kissing my own hand now, hehe, feeling love.). It’s almost overwhelming at times when I look at him and I see pure Beauty, a miracle of nature…”When did you become so beautiful?” I ask. And I know he has always been, I just didn’t see it. But instead of regret, I choose to be grateful I see it again.

So what did we do for our anniversary? We went for kebab (veggie version for me), laughed hard while watching a few episodes of New Girl, drank a bottle of red wine and had deep shit conversations for hours. It was beautiful.

Even though I was irritated at some point. He wanted to watch Dave Chappele, I wanted to watch a good movie. He doesn’t like movies, they are too long for him, I don’t always like to watch Dave Chappele, because there’s no subtitles and he is talking fast and so sometimes I don’t get a joke because I don’t properly understand what he says. I feel stupid then, when I’m asking Jure what he said, and another joke goes by while he is explaining it to me. Grrr, I don’t want that for our 10th anniversary.

But I also realised there was another thing that made me upset. You see, I had this picture in my mind that when that big number comes, we’re gonna be financially well of already and that we will go for a trip somewhere for at least two days or something. And then we didn’t even go to the restaurant, we were eating a kebab in our car!

But after that everything was perfect again as he was willing to watch New Girl 😀

And we have a story.

Oh, what I wanted to tell at the beginning of this paragraph is, that sometimes when we were hugging on the couch, doing nothing else, I would feel like we should be doing something more important. Like some big revolution, you know, something to make the world the better place! And this year it hit me again (some insights come back again and again, in cycles), damn, we are doing something for the world this way! If we sit on the couch and feel love, there is more love in the world at that very moment. That’s wonderful!

And you don’t even need to be in a relationship for this. Everytime you give yourself love and you are kind to yourself instead of being angry at yourself for whatever reason, you are doing something good for the world.

It seems a small thing, but as we say in sLOVEnian, “Zrno na zrno pogača, kamen na kamen palača” which could be translated to “Grain on a grain makes the bread, stone on a stone makes the palace.”

And as Tina said: “Love IS revolution”. I’m gonna put that on 3 Ptice tote bags.

eco friendly fashion package

Next: I’m doing little upgrades for 3 Ptice. Like these new stickers for the packages. Don’t worry, I have them in English too 😛 The name on the package is Eva Oeser. A beautiful girl who bought my organic cotton t-shirt and gave me a hug. This is something so beautiful to me, so magical. When there’s on both sides a big “thank you”. It makes me wanna say thank you over and over again.

This is my grandfather. One of the most important people in my life. He doesn’t hear well, yet he is sometimes the only who hears me. You see that sparkle in his eyes? This is pure love, this is pure beauty. People often feel like they should give me advice about life or about business. Not him. He sees me as competent and is proud of me. I need to look at myself through his eyes more often, hehe. I’m crying gratitude tears right now. He loves when I take pictures of him. We both hope I’m gonna take pictures of him for many years to come. 💚💙💛 Why I share this here on my business page? Because I often paid for shipping my products or bought a material with tips he gave me after doing little things for him. Like taking care of his bills or taking him to the doctor. And so he is an important part of my business journey. 💕 #3ptice #g #grandpa #behindthescenes

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My grandfather <3. One of the most loving people in my life. It seems like dementia started chasing after him. He did some stupid things lately like burned his hearing aid, screwed up the furnace and more. And his speaking changed from our dialect to archaic form of correct Slovenian, which is kinda funny.

Us together.

Yesterday we went to doctor’s office to clear his ears and we also got referrals for neurologist and psychiatrist, so I hope seeing these doctors will help to slow dementia down. Please, everybody who is reading this, keep your brains active by reading a lot, learn something new (learning languages is especially great for your brain), whatever necessary. If you are over fifty, do it even more. Exercise, meet new people, read books about philosophy… Changes in brains can occur 10 or 20 years before we can recognise dementia. Be active. Please.

I went to the cinema yesterday. I asked a bunch of my girlfriends if they wanna go with me but they couldn’t or weren’t interested. So I went alone, of course. As I was waiting for the ticket, there was another woman in front of me who came alone. One head smaller than me and almost fifty years older. There was still a half an hour left till the beginning of the movie and we both headed to the coffee house nearby. Every table was full, only the couch by the bar counter was still empty. I sat down and she sat on the green chair beside the couch. We started talking. She is a regular cinema visitor. She lives in the house with her husband (almost 50 years together), works around the house and in the garden every day, watches over her granddaughters, and besides that, she is expanding her social circle at knitting club at the university of the 3rd age, where she also attends class with exercises for brain. Her name is Justika. Oh, and she is doing yoga first thing in the morning and regularly visiting group exercise. Be like Justika.


After the doctor’s office, we went to the cemetery. Walking from one grave to another. It was like a trip through his memories. I couldn’t see the pictures in his mind, but I could see his expressions. He touched every grave marker with a name of a person he knew and there was no sorrow on his face, there were joy and a big smile and happy eyes like he was meeting old friends.

When we were driving back home, he was showing at the houses saying, “Here lives a kind woman! That man is a kind man! No, that woman isn’t kind. Ohh, good human lives there.”

You see, that’s what matters. I’m not saying we have to always be kind, we are only humans after all. Sometimes we have to say no, be assertive, etc. But still, sometimes all it takes is a smile.

A smile can go a long way even if we don’t know it. My friend works as a waiter and he is a very aware person. Yet he said once that his kindness sometimes doesn’t have an impact. I ensured him it does!

When I and Jure go for the groceries and come out of the store, I often say “I love this cashier, this one is my favourite!” He says I say this for every cashier, but it’s not true. Some really stand out! Some have a sparkle in their eyes. And this sparkle makes me sparkle too! I remember the day when I came to the shop irritated and hungry as fuck. And there was that cashier that since became my favourite. It was just “Good evening”, but the way she said it… Like she really meant it. I felt seen. I went out of the store happy.

So, it has an impact. We might not always know it does, yet it does anyway.

vegan lunch pasta with smoked tofu

Delicious pasta with smoked tofu.

Another thing. I’ve been vegetarian for a half of my life and lately, I am switching to vegan. I only cook vegan meals now. There was one exception past weekend. Jure brought cheese I always loved. The one from Croatian Pag Island. So I made sure it was gone asap so I could go back to vegan, haha. It seems like he is doing it on purpose. Also bringing sweets with milk chocolate more often now. Grrr. I called him out on this. “I love when you bring me chocolate, but please, bring me a dark one next time.” So, these are my setbacks. But still, I decided to be kind to myself in this process and not complicating it too much for my environment for now.

Speaking of environment, I’m cutting the grapes around the house I live in now. And working in the garden. Damn, this is fun. I always knew I’m gonna have a house with a garden, but I didn’t imagine this so soon. I mean, I thought I’m gonna enjoy working outside when I’m old. Either I’m old already or I just surprised myself in a positive way. I love how quickly you see you did something, but at the same time, you know you have to wait for the results. It’s such a metaphor for business.

Business? Yep! Coffee, tea, smoothies. I am happy that I work from home again. And that I have a dishwasher.

I enjoy working again. It’s fun! I feel lucky. Proud of myself. Grateful for my customers. Full of ideas. Oh my god, it’s just the best.

Feeling this word game of mine again: “Svet je svet”. Which means “The world is sacred.” Ah! <3

svet je svet

Two days ago I was playing a bit with taking pictures. I always felt like I’m bad at photography. But that day I was really enjoying it and pics came out pretty well! Feeling motivated now. It’s possible for me to take better pictures!

On this one is the hand painted bag of mine, a pack of fertilizer from Slovenian brand Organics Nutrients and that bag with apples and bananas is from another Slovenian eco-friendly brand called Re.Vrečka. You can find it on Etsy as well! Re.Vrečka bags are for vegetables and fruits you buy in the shop and put them in a plastic bag otherwise. Not anymore. These bags are recycled from used curtains and I encourage you to buy a few. You can put price stickers on them. And at the cashier, you put everything in 3 Ptice canvas tote. Sounds like a plan, don’t you think?

Well 3 Ptice and Re.Vrečka are also planning something for you. Stay tuned.

How you make your money is much more important than how you make it. -Gary Vaynerchuck

Another one I plan to write on a tote bag. You see, I sometimes feel like a loser, because I’m not financially where I want to be yet. Because I still have debt. And even though I paid off around 2000€ of debt in 2016 while having a hella good time and even traveling a bit, I acquired another 1000 and something during last few months when I was in hibernation. But I decided that instead of beating myself up for letting that hibernation thing happen to me again, I’m going to look at this from a different perspective.

I’m gonna be grateful I recharged my batteries and my spirit. I’m gonna be grateful for all the things I figured out. I’m gonna be grateful for all the changes I made because I was sick of everything (I already see those changes were good for me). I’m gonna be grateful for all the research I’ve done. I’m gonna be grateful for all the tears I’ve cried because I made space for joy. I’m gonna be grateful for all the social anxiety and lack of sense I felt because this way I can understand others who are also going through this. And because I helped myself out of it, I can maybe inspire somebody else too, that is possible. That is possible for overthinkers and introverts and depressed people to start loving themselves and the world again. If I can go from being like Adam in Only Lovers Left Alive back to Eve, then you can too.

rozamunda škofja loka

So, what I am really proud of is that almost every cent I ever made was made doing the things I believe in. At the beginning of the last year, I was receiving social support. It’s for those who are active job seekers. But I didn’t want a job. And I could not make myself to write job applications just for a sake of social support. Some people thought my behavior is stupid, leaving money on the table, because of my principles. But my business started improving because I followed my principles.

Well, I don’t always follow my principles. Sometimes I listen too much to other people. Sometimes I get scared that I’m not doing it right. Sometimes I compare myself too much to others. Sometimes I want people to like me and I say yes to something that feels like no. Sometimes I don’t dare to show myself because I fear criticism. Sometimes I don’t dare to show myself because I’m afraid that I’m gonna change my mind later and gonna feel like a hypocrite. Sometimes I let in things people say about me or the way I run things that I shouldn’t let in. But I try my best. And thank god, as the spring comes after the winter, I for sure come back to myself sooner or later.

And as I started coming back to me, my customers also started coming back to me again. What a joy, what a gratitude!

You see, I was so scared, I felt a lot of shame, because some people said to me, that prices of my products are too big. I know it was in an attempt to help me, at least from their perspective. They said I’m not known enough to have such prices. (Gosh, I feel scared while writing this). But known or not, I deserve to live well from doing what I love, I said. Because when I do what I love and I am able to live from doing it, there’s more love in this world. There’s more abundance in this world as well.

But I got scared again. What if I am manipulating people? They are buying things they probably don’t need. And they could get similar stuff cheaper elsewhere. What if I am doing something bad taking money from them? I went tripping through my subconscious with this to find a solution.

And it hit me. I’m not manipulating. That would mean my customers are stupid. And I know they are not. Those I got a chance to know better are really smart and besides that loving and caring people. (Just yesterday I saw Katarina in cinema, a girl that bought a t-shirt two days ago from me. The movie we were watching was “Suffragette”. It made me incredibly happy that people like her are buying from me. People who dare to think and who dare to feel.)

So I’m not manipulating (I hope!).

We are co-creating.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you for your trust, thank you for your (hard or easy earned) money and thank you for your precious time for reading this.

But you love books and deep shit conversations anyway, don’t you? 😛

book lover tote bag This handpainted tote bag is waiting for you in my Etsy shop.

Love, Anita

Let’s jump!

For quite some time now, I’ve been writing mostly for myself , it feels almost strange to write something that I will probably publish. I’ve been carrying around three notebooks. One for notes about my energy, second for weekly/daily tasks and one as a diary/future planer. This year has been the most wild one I had so far. People, work, experiences, new places. It has been too much at times, or at least it seemed so. Probably it was just the right thing at the right time. Yet almost everything made me question, who am I? Who am I in relations to the outer world, who am I in relations to what’s happening in the world, who am I in relations to this Divine nature, who am I in relations with other people, who am I in relations to myself, to me in the past, to me in the present, to the future me. I came to a whole new level of existence. Yet is time to move again to another level. I came so far from what I’ve been in the past years. Sometimes I tap myself on the shoulders, being proud of myself, that I’m not this girl anymore, who could roll in self pity for weeks when things weren’t going her way. I’ve learned to be way more proactive. Sitting down with myself and writing, then taking inspired action. Yet there are so many things, that I left undone. That I find really important, almost essential to who I am and to who I wanna be, to what I want to bring in this world… But I let the everyday life come in between, I still often let this pressure to pay my bills to steal my focus from writing, I still too often walk the known path, because I’m scared as fuck that, if I go to these two new paths I have in mind, that I’ll be overwhelmed, that I’m gonna make myself too much work for too small results again, that I will again spend too much time diving into my depths and overcoming my blocks, that things won’t go the way I want them to, that I will again put people I love aside and focus all my mental energy again all day everyday on biz.

It’s funny. I wanna be that person, who runs her biz or multiple businesses, I wanna be the person who takes time for people she loves, I wanna be the person who takes time for herself and for nature, the person who is in awe of miracles of life and human mind, who explores the world, the words and enjoys life to it’s fullest. And still finds time to write about it all.

I am wondering… Do I want too much from myself and from life? Am I pushing myself into things that i’m not ready for yet? But that’s something I love to do, even if the price is that I have to question my sanity every now and then. If  you are waiting to be ready, you’ll never be ready.

So let’s jump.

peggy guggengheim museum venice

We went to: Venice, Italy

peggy guggenheim venezia

My dear people, I want to let you know, that I am alive. I don’t write much lately, because so much it’s happening. This month of April isn’t even over, yet I can tell it was the wildest April of my life so far. The picture above from Peggy Guggengheim Museum perfectly picture my current reality.

In the first weekend I went to Venice, Italy, with my dear friend Tjaša Čuš and another friend of her. Tjaša had her first solo exhibition in a foreign country there! I’m so freaking proud of her! So happy to be her friend! You can check the pictures of the exhibition here. She is an amazing painter and awesome as a person!

We had a pretty wild time in Venice. There was beauty on every corner! I’m still amazed at the fact, that city that was build so many years ago, still makes so much money with tourism. It’s a perfect example that money spent on architecture and art is an investment that will make money for centuries. Take notes, governments!

I will leave you with some pictures from Venice (I couldn’t find time to edit them, sorry about that), because I have pretty busy weekend ahead and don’t have that much time to write at the moment… And next week I will let you know how my first Erasmus+ project went. I was attending it in Berlin between 11. and 19. April and it was wild.

Now I’m back in Slovenia, in my little town of Ptuj and excited about creating new eco-friendly accessories for 3 Ptice. It’s nice to go somewhere, because when you come back, you are even more excited about work!

venice st marco


Tjaša Čuš checking out books
Tjaša Čuš checking out books (:

Venice mesre

from where i stand venice

man under archade

palace with park venice

monkey man

Charlie Chaplin Venice
I had to hug Charlie Chaplin (:

Venice Italy

Venice church Italy

Kandinsky Peggy Guggengheim Museum
Paintings from Kandinsky looks way better in person than on pictures.




I have been hiding.

bloggers from Slovenia

I’ve been doing the work. I have been productive. I’ve been figuring things out. Which was also productive. But I’ve also been hiding.

I’ve been perfecting myself. Learning about myself. Watching myself, listening to myself. But I’ve also been hiding.

I’ve been listening to others. Been there for them, gave them my best. My silence, my presence, my comforting words, sometimes my raw words. But I’ve also been hiding.

Waiting to share myself when I got it all perfect, when I know everything, when I prove myself first…

I forgot it’s not just about final destination. It’s about journey.

And I created so much of journey, that I couldn’t find time to share it with you.


And I also ask myself, who do you think you are, thinking that some cares about you and your journey. It sounds boring anyway. You are still trying to figure things out. The same thing you do your whole life already. You are still working on your brand. The same thing you do for last 4 years or something like that. You are still sharing your thoughts with the world. On the internet. Because in real world you usually just listen, and ask questions, being to afraid to speak up, afraid of confrontation, afraid of people saying to you, “shut up, you talk too much”, or turning their eyes away from you, or even make you uncomfortable by seeing you. And so you keep quiet. The same thing you do for years.

ecofriendly personal style bloggers

(I’m wearing: secondhand leggings; secondhand shorts; boyfriend’s hat and jumper; the scarf that boyfriend bought me years ago; Deichmann shoes)


Because others are more important. Because others know it better. They are more experienced. And you are too young. Still.

Because you shouldn’t show off. Because you don’t want to share too much. Because you don’t want to say something, and change your mind the next day and you don’t want to feel like a phoney because of it.

Because you have to have it perfect. And be kind. And sweet.

And I scroll down through the social media and I think:



to sweet, I can’t even hear you, boring


oh one fun thing…

Okay, enough of social media for today.

And then I don’t share a thing. Or if I do, it’s the same boooooooring, not raw, not honest, not vulnerable, just as everyone else does it.

And I ask myself, why the fuck nobody hears me, why the fuck nobody see me, why the fuck am I so productive, yet I will have to break my piggy bank, if I want to repair my car…

Because I became just another “boring”, who is trying to fit in. A moment of compassion for myself. Time for self-forgiveness.

And let’s move on.

Because I’m here to make waves.

on a mission

how to establish a routine

How to establish a routine that works for you?

ecofriendly personal style bloggers
I’m wearing: Secondhand jumper, scarf, shirt and coat; New Yorker leggings (about 5 years old I think); Deichmann shoes (more about them and conscious buying here)


I woke up early today. 5:30. I want to become a morning person. I wanted this for so freaking long. I always felt like “If I could just get up in the morning a few hours earlier, I could be way more successful.” I could meditate, journal, write blog, schedule social media updates… By the noon or even earlier I could be done with most of the things that are crucial for running the business, but just don’t get done, if I sleep too long.

Because if I get up at between 9 and 10, I have to eat first, I don’t feel like meditating anymore, because I feel already behind with my work… and then I go check out if grandma and grandpa are okay… and then I just start working on something that feels the most important in the moment. And half of a day is almost over.

I’ve been thinking about a routine I need to establish to get shit done while still enjoying the work and feeling like myself.

How to fit everything in a day? I mean, it has only 24 hours and you sleep 8 of them.

Work, time for myself, time for others, housework, time to learn new things, time to enjoy the book or watch a movie…

Getting up earlier seems like the best way.

I figured out that is best, if I write in the morning. If I say that I’m gonna write in the evening, I usually don’t. I feel like, “Oh, I’ve done enough today, I deserve to relax.” Yet I don’t feel really relaxed, because another part of me is saying “But you haven’t wrote a post for too long and you know how important is that you write”.

(Important for me as a person, because I feel way more clear and calm about life, if I write, and also important for biz and making connections with people.)

Yeah, I think I’m kinda getting there, to my perfect routine.

Getting up early, meditation, writing in my diary, checking the analytics, getting stuff done on the computer (writing, social media, SEO, editing posts, uploading new stuff to my shop), breakfast, visit to grandma and grandpa, some time for myself (maybe also going through Italian lessons) or doing something in the house, lunch, heading to my studio where I do actual stuff, sewing, painting on bags, ironing them, posting on instagram my work progress, preparing packages, maybe a coffee with a friend or just myself, meeting boyfriend, a walk with my dog and a book or movie or learning something in the evening. And bed time before 10 p.m.

Okay, that sounds great. Now if I only could stick to this. Well, I’m gonna give it a try. I know not everyday can be like this, because sometimes I just need more time for myself or sometimes there are days when I really enjoy hanging with people. Or when I get obsessed with something and gotta figure it out.

But I really want a routine that would work for me, so that when I’m spontaneous, I would feel spontaneous, and not like a mess who cannot stick to her plans.

Okay, hope you get me. I planned to journal in my personal diary about this for a few weeks now, but I just didn’t make it my priority. And I did not plan to share this publicly (I don’t know why it feels so personal to me), I had no idea what I will write about when I started, but now that is written, I’m gonna publish it.

Your turn. What’s your routine if you have it? Are you happy with it? Do you want to establish some kind of routine? Please share in the comments (unless it feels too personal 😉

You never know where the keyboard can take you.

Anita Puksic Life.Style.Fun.

So, hello world. I don’t exactly know where to start. It’s a new year, fresh beginnings. I admit, I’m one of those people who loves new year. Even though I was quite overwhelmed yesterday by thinking of all those things I want to achieve in 2016. Like becoming a polyglot, write a lot, forgive everyone in my life, especially myself, earn shit loads of money while not overworking myself, take more time for family, friends and myself, watch more movies, read more books, travel way more, learn SEO and put it in practice, exercise daily, eat healthier, have a clean house, make bunch of new things, get rid of things I no longer use and keep the daily meditation practice going. And have lots of fun while doing it all. Okay, now that I wrote all this down, it seems kinda doable. That’s probably because I’m in really good mood and a cup (that has written over it “Screw it, let’s do it!”) of coffee helps too.

Yeeey, first paragraph written! I was having this writing block for a past few months. I was really like “Who tha fuck cares, what’s going on in your life, Anita”. Like I have nothing smart to say and I better keep myself quiet. Or just away from the keyboard. Why add more to that internet noise? But hey, Anita, you can write for yourself in the first place! Here and there I go through old posts from years ago and I just love to read what was I thinking. I love all the optimism in my post. I feel, that when I’m getting older, I slowly lose some of my idealism and positive energy. And that’s the shit I don’t like. So I’m gonna write more, because it’s one of my favourite tools for gaining clarity. And when I feel clear in my head, without a fog, I’m naturally more optimistic and full of positive energy.

2015 was probably the best year of my life so far. I’m very happy with myself. I established some good, healthy habits through out the year. I had so much fun. Made bunch of smart choices. Bunch of my wishes came true, because I decided it was time for make them reality. And the Universe did its part too. That’s why I am way more optimistic now about my dreams, because I have bunch of proofs I’m capable of turning them from imagination to the real world. Yeah, life can really be exciting!

I’m happy with how I evolve as a person. Of course, there are the things I thought I’m gonna have in order by my 25 and I’m still working on those… But I found out something so exciting in December. A piece of information that helped me so much. It was such an AHA moment for me! And I’m so happy to share it with you, if you haven’t heard about it yet! It’s such a vital information for you if you are in your 20’s or if you are still a teenager.

Girls and boys, let me introduce you to part of your brain! It’s called prefrontal cortex. Okay, I’m not a neuroscientist so go check this article about prefrontal cortex and then continue reading.

See (I just got a deja vu in this exact moment – it was my destiny to share this with you😉 why am I so excited about this? For so many years I thought I was a loser because I just couldn’t keep up with my plans. I made a plan but just couldn’t follow it. It got a bit easier for me in the last year as I successfully implemented some good new habits. And I now know why I finally got better at it and why I wasn’t such a loser as I thought I was 😀 My prefrontal cortex wasn’t fully developed yet! It probably still isn’t (yaaay, still have a room for improvement). It makes so much sense to me! I was beating myself up for so long for not being organised enough… I felt here and there what an amazing person I am, but then again I started to feel like a shit the next day when I couldn’t keep up with my awesomeness because my focus melted away.

Now I can forgive myself for not achieving my own standards. Thank you, neuroscience, thank you!

Now I also now why I was often so overwhelmed with emotions. At 24 I realised, that so much of what I’m feeling is so childish. Like I’m still 5 years old. I’m a quite a rational person, but I often felt like my brain is one and my emotional body something completely else. All those fears and anxieties… Turns out that I was still thinking (or should I say feeling) with my amygdala in the first place. Sometimes I still do, of course but prefrontal cortex is taking over. Oh boy, that’s so nice. I love growing up. If you are parent of a teen or you work with your inner child, read this article as well.

Okay, that’s enough for today. Oh, btw, if you don’t have any new year resolutions, here’s a suggestion: Get to know yourself! 😉

I like where this post took me.

Eco Friendly Personal style blogger Slovenia
Wearing: Secondhand sunglasses; boyfriend’s shirt; New Yorker shorts (bought in 2007); C&A winter leggings; Cube shoes (bought them in 2009?)

Fake timberland winter shoes
Style blogger slovenia

Pond Savci Slovenia via Life.Style.Fun. Eco Friendly Personal Style Blog

Pond Savci, Slovenia

Dornava, Slovenia

Intention Sunday #4

I had such a great week. One long time dream came true. I was happy a freaking lot. I felt really abundant. So my intention for the next week is keep working towards my dreams while feeling happy & abundant.

Few details of my week: murakami I fineshed a new book from Murakami. bath Treated myself with a bubble bath. after massage Went for a massage. I got a very useful advice that I will share in a few weeks as I have to try it on my own first 😉 fabric prints3 Ptice pouches3Ptice pouches I made a bunch of new multiporpuse and coin pouches from fabric scraps and clothes. Will upload them next week to my Etsy shop.stellasport jump rope I found StellaSport jump rope in the mail. Love the colors! dinnerbreakfast I ate a lot of fruit. selfie Tried a new hairdo.

And even wrote two blogpost that I’m really happy with. One is about how to live your dream life (it’s easier than you think) and the second one is what to do when your sales aren’t going so well. Read them! And follow me on instagram for daily updates 😉

Artists/Designers/Entrepreneurs: What to do when your sales aren’t going so well

3 Ptice red drawstring backpack flower of life

1. Write a post where you are showing off your work and add some useful tip. (just like the post you are reading :D)

nahrbtnik na vrvico cvetlicen 3 Ptice (Large)

2. You already know your stuff is good, people are loving it and you sometimes have really good months in terms of sales. But then again comes a month, when nothing seems to happen’. No “notification of payment received” in your gmail… Remember, you are not the only one. Even your local drugdealer doesn’t sell the same amount of weed every month. It happens to almost all of us. Nothing is wrong with you.

moder nahrbtnik na vrvico 3 Ptice majhen nahrbtnik (1) (Large)

3. Feel good. I know it’s sometimes really hard to maintain this, when you need cash and there’s no sign of it. Act like you are your own best friend / super supportive business coach. Pat yourself on the shoulder for every little thing you put out there. Instagram post, facebook post, pinning your Etsy items to pinterest? Daaaam, you are doing it well, go girl! You make yourself and your work visible. That’s not a waste of time on social media. It’s a real work.

3 Ptice leaves drawstring backapc

4. Meditation. This is my favourite tip for all kinds of problems. It makes you feel good and when you feel good, you usually feel like doing something. If I compare my slow months without meditation and slow months now that I meditate regulary, it’s a huge difference! I used to smoke lots of cigarettes and drink lots of coffee, feeling that I’m not doing the right thing and not getting a shit done. Now I get some shit done, promote myself a little, read a book (and feeling good while reading it, not thinking that I should be working), make some plans etc.

crn nahrbtnik z rozicami 3 Ptice (Large)

5. Do something new, damn it. You know how you feel when you have a lot of orders, all the time, like “please slow down a bit, I want to work on new products”. Now is the time to work on new products.

6. Know that money will come again. Haha, I’m sometimes like this: I have a month when I sell things all the time. And then comes five days when I don’t sell a thing and I’m like “Will I ever get another order? What if I got lost on the internet and no search engine will ever find my things again? Maybe they’re right, I should get a job.” But sooner or later there’s another order. Don’t worry, believe me.

3 Ptice backpack drawstring blue violet flower of life (2)

7. Laugh. Loose the tension. Say fuck it. Elizabeth Gilbert talks about shit sandwiches here (12:35). No stable income, slow months… Well, that’s a shit sandwich you gotta eat, if you want to be your own boss. Eat it and go forward.

crn nahrbtnik 3 Ptice nor art print (Large)

P.S.: If you have a friend who runs their own little creative biz, share this with them (‘cuz we creative outsiders tend to feel alone sometimes). And check out my shop. Will also be very happy, if you share it with your friend 😉

How to live a dream life

lifestylefun anita puksic I did a visualisation of my dream life today. Of my perfect lifestyle. How would I feel, if I had what I wanted, how would I act… Happy, at peace with myself, aware of the moment and confident. It made me realise, how many things I have now in my life, that I once thought would make me feel like this. The life I’m living now was my dream once. So I kinda already leave my dream life! After that I was working in my studio. Having a place to work outside of my home, where can I be more productive, that was my dream once! Driving back home in my own car… Having my own car was a dream years ago! Making myself a delicious tomato soup (with ingredients I prepared during a year – tomato souce and dried tomatoes, all homegrown and wild garlic pesto) for a dinner… Then drinking green tea and reading Murakami. This is a dream life! Writing a post on a blog that people still read… Wow! Feeling happy, at peace with myself, aware of the moment and confident for a whole day already! That was a dream of mine back in the times when I had constant mood swings. And when I post this I will make myself a hot bath. What a dream!rain boots with flowers

Having cute rain boots was also dream of mine before it came to reality!

fog in wineyards

I’m wearing: secondhand hat and pants; vintage top and cardigan; H&M trench coat I bought in middle school; Boulevard boots

vintage top details

Trip to Zagreb, Croatia

How we went to Zagreb, Croatia


Going back to regular blogging is harder than I thought. I was not a lot on the internet during this summer.  And I really liked it!  Now I’m kinda scared of settling back into old habits when you plan on being productive and then you find yourself scrolling Facebook feed for more than one hour… Okay, now let’s go to Zagreb.  That’s where this summer of mine became interesting. I went there with my friend Tjaša Čuš. There was an exhibition of national European flags through eyes of the artists. And she made the dopest flag. I found some other flags really interesting or good looking as well, but her was so outstanding!

DSC05034 slovenska zastava by tjaša čuš

Well, about the trip 😀 The opening of the exhibition was at 7. We drove from Ptuj at the exact perfect time to arrive there at 7. But on the border we realised that Tjaša has no ID or passport with her. We drove back. Haha. Then we got a bit lost on the highway. But we find the way. Tjaša parked the car in one street in Zagreb and we went by the foot to tram stop. I was excited, my first time on the tram! But we figured out we forgot Kuna’s (Croation currency) in the car. And we couldn’t pay for the tickets for the tram. That’s why we didn’t, haha 😀 We just went on the tram and that was it. Even more exciting 😀 We came to gallery probably an hour late. But we did it. As we were walking there, I was a tiny bit afraid. What if her friends are gone already? She lived and studied art in Zagreb for a year and she came there after a very long time now.

galerija pm zagrebinternationart zagreb galerija pm

But then we got there and folks were still there and they were so excited to see her! I enjoyed watching these moments so much. I so much love watching those hugs, smiles, happy eyes, all this love when people are happy to see each other. Have you watched movie Love, Actually? The movie starts at the airport when people come from the planes and see their friends and family. All that hugging! I cry like a baby at the beginning of the movie. It’s so much love!!!

tjaša čuš zagrebTjaša Čuš paintergalerija pm zagreb stroptjaša čuš slovenian flag internationartzagreb pm art gallerytjaša čuš academic painter exhibition zagrebgallery pm zagreb

After the exhibition, we were chilling on the stairs of the gallery, drinking beer with artists from Zagreb, sharing stories from our artistic lives and views on art. It was nice. I got that exciting feeling in my chest on those stairs, that things will start to shift in my life… And they did!

nikolina pikaatelier

Another illegal drive with tram, some food and then a little party in the atelier of one painter. I really loved that Zagreb experience. The people are really nice. And good looking! I’m so happy that Tjaša took me with her. Thank you, Tjaša, I love you!